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No wordpress version yet?

Hi jason,

No not yet :) But I’ll release a Wordpress version soon.


Keren ;-)

Good luck with the sales!


Thanks bro :)

I like it! You should release a WordPress version! :)


Thank you… Wordpress version coming in the next months :)

thanks metrothemes :)

Yeah I really like the feel of this one, top design. saved for a future puchase.

Hi elephant2009,

Thank you, looking forward to your purchase :)


i love this item. I’ll buy it, but one question: Are the pictures in this template free to use ? Like the blog ┬┤picture ? Thanks a lot.

Hi joomsch,

Thank you! The pictures used in the template are not included, they are only used for the live preview page :)

But the picture on the blog page, that is an image with creative commons licence so you can use it later on your website. If you buy the template, I’ll give you the link to the image.

Thanks :)

I’ve purchased it :) Can you tell me the link please ? Thank you!

Hi joomsch,

Thank you for the purchase :) Please send me an email through my profile contact form, then I’ll send you the source of all images.

Thanks :)

Very nice work! Good luck with sales

Hi MatArt,

Thank you very much :)

Its super cool look forward to WP! Good luck

Thanks charlie4282! WP version is planned :)

Hi love the file still – is there an expected release date on Wordpress? Thanks

Hi love the file still – is there an expected release date on Wordpress? Thanks

Hi, thank you :)

I can’t really promise dates, but it won’t be too soon :(

thanks for letting us know!

Hi! Love it. Question: the changelog says the first version was released “10/03/2012”, but this template was uploaded this year. Which is which?

Thanks mate! My mistake, it should be 10/03/2013 :) I’ll change it soon.

Hello I am wondering if you happen to know a good mp3 player that will work with this theme? I have tried two of them and I can’t seem to get it to work. Any ideas? thanks

I bad another question how can I create a one time download for mp3s that we are selling and how can I add a different ribbon or another style that fits for my client?


sorry meant to say “I had” another question…

Hi uppereast,

Sorry for the delayed reply,

For the downloadable MP3s, you need to code your own backend that handle the logic of the selling, etc.

And for making different ribbon colors, you can just create your own color style. This can be done by compiling the included LESS file. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the documentation.

Thank you, if you’ve further questions just feel free to ask me.

Best Regards

i try to use the accent in french and didnt work even when downloading the bebas font from fontsquirrel with the frenh subset… can you help…

Hi kapture,

Maybe this might help:

See at the bottom for the fontsquirrel link, you need to make the font include not only the basic latin characters.

Maybe passing the font through the generator again with a wider range of character subset might help?

What character do you want to display on your site? Please let me try.

Thank you :)

Hi Nagaemas When you make BZ STUDIO for wordpress?? I want to buy it! Thank you!


Hi, maybe in June :)

Ok :) I wait you! :)

Another question what if I don’t want the color scheme selectors to show is there a way to take that code out? I didn’t see it in the document section. thanks

Hi again,

Yes, it can be removed easily :) Just remove these from the bottom of each page.

    <!-- Color Changer -->
    <script src="assets/js/bzstudio.colorchanger.js"></script>
        $( document ).ready(function() {
            $( '.section-wrap' ).colorchanger();



I was about to ask about a Wordpress version ….

I see I’m not the only one :-)

Great Theme …. Looking forward to the WP theme….

Hi Hilmon,

Yes, WP version coming around September :)


What font is BZSTUDIO?

I’m referring to logo.png in the demo folder

Thanks! Very nice font.

Hi I love the theme. Can I have more than one vimeo video on the page without the second one being huge? I tried but that didn’t seem to work. The first video displays perfectly. In the second the width expands 100%?

Hi pdouglass,

Yes, actually you can have as many videos as you want. Just make sure that the video is contained in the correct container element.

If you can’t get it to display correctly, let me see your site ;)


I tried….div class=”clearfix”

Nice template, is it possible to slow down the slider? it seems to move to the next one before I can finish reading it.


Hi markessex,

Thank you :)

But please use your purchased account to ask questions about the template.

Thank you!

I haven’t purchased it yet, which is fine as long as it’s changeable?

Yes, it’s changeable. Just changing one line of code will do the job ;)