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Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

thx m8

This is fantastic landing page!

Thanks navigator ;)

Hi, love it! How can I import this into Word Press ? I need it to be in WB so i can edit it and add plug ins etc

This is not a wordpress theme my friend. Its a html/css landing page. When you need to edit it you need to do this throus css and html code

Not working with the latest Jquery, is there a way to fix this? please help.

Why did you replaced the jquery? We will check this tomorrow and see if we get this to work with the latest jQuery

Beautiful landing page but how much Mo ? Thank you

What you mean by Mo?

thanks m8

I would like to buy it but I want to know if there’s a easy way to change the player to autoscroll, not good with JS/jQuery so need to know that for sure.. Thanks!

After you purchased it just shoot as an email and we provide you the code for it.


I am thinking of buying this theme. Is there a working contact form?

Nope, you need to include your own functionality. This css template is just html/css and nothing more and noting less. Sorry

Hi, I’m just a buyer and cannot to modify it, if I buy it and need to use with a database is it support? Can you modify it for me?

The file seems to be corrupted, I’m getting a blank file.

Is this fully customizable in terms of fonts, background image, animations etc? I want something more tuned to Cabs, Taxis and Limousines services. Also, Is there a way to add a teaser description?

When you have the proper html/css and javascript skills you can modify this to anything you need. It’s not a wordpress theme however so css, html and javascript knowledge is a must to edit it.

I’ll like to purchase this for a small taxi business.I’ll like to know if the purchase will come with the taxi booking theme.Thanks

PSD version comes as a bonus with the theme


Is it possible to book a reservation?

Hi, is the free app an working application or just design pages?

Design pages only m8.

Does anyone knows how to upload this into my hosting? Will Dreamweaver works?

You can add the files with an ftp application or through your hosting c panel

Hello The explanatory document as index does not work.

Can you be a bit more precise as i am not sure what you mean by explanatory


We have a slight problem with the header slider.

It only appears to cycle through 2 slides. Can’t see why it does this. Seems to be something to do with the way it sees the slides in the small slider class. When we change the count to 5 manually in the app.js it cycles through the 5 slides but doesn’t show slides three four or five.

Here is a link to the page http://pairtradefinder.com/index2.html

Probably something simple we are overlooking. Any help would be appreciated.


Can you submit this issue at http://support.wptitans.com so our support staff can help you out from there.

Great looking project!! Thanks!


Very good work!;

thanks :)

Can you give a preview link of the iOS and Android designs?

They are displayed in the details page, 3 screens with a yellow bonus sticker on top