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Lovely theme, pity about the support.

Since youre clearly not going to reply to me there-

the live editor appear to not work for me, and im having trouble getting a logo onto the page. Is there any other way of doing this?

Sorted this one, now having trouble resizing it. Again- live editor: logo does not work..

blk2011 Purchased


I posted some questions in your support portal a few days ago but still have had no reply.

The theme has a lot of sales, are you still actively supporting this theme? I have sen some comments here about lack of support.

Best Regards, Blkdoc

blk2011 Purchased

still not reply to my support questions. Can you please respond.

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I have translated your theme into german ;) Feel free to use the files for your project. And if you like add me as translator to your credits and the link to the translation files to your theme page ;)


Kind regards, Black_op

I need to change the colour of the social icons at the top of the page, what is the CSS for that?

Where is the documentation to be found for this theme????

PURCHASED THEME need support please! Page Builder just quit working completely for me – it’s only showing a blank page now. Our site was supposed to be launched 3 Days Ago. PLEASE HELP