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Looks good – could you maybe show us the other colors with some screenshots? I´m curious! ;-)

Already in the screenshots folder ;) Number 6. There are two main variations, basically Dark and Light, and each have 3 colour variations which affect links and certain highlight details.

Thanks for the fast reply, I obviously didn´t get the meaning of “color schemes”.... lol

hey d4v1d … great theme. is there a way to have dropdowns in the menu? is this a feature of your template?

Hey. Thanks, really appreciate it!

At the moment there isn’t support for sub pages in the main navigation. Perhaps in a future update I’ll add it. Great suggestion! :)

Hello I recently referred a client to themeforest to choose and purchase a template for a Wordpress app that they wanted me to set up for them they ended up choosing one of yours (Cadmus Business Portfolio 1.0 ) after I set it up and included there header I found that it works ok in Firefox but the menu brakes in internet explorer (go figure) you can see what I am talking about at this link http://www.wealthtraingacademy.com I would appreciate it if you would check into this and let me know how to fix this either by sending me a patch or letting me know what part of the code I need to change to fix it also what do i need to do to get the sidebar to work my email is scott@rsmadden.com.


Because of the width of your logo image, the nav bar is being covered in IE7 , and not being pushed down as it should be. Strange considering even IE6 is complying to that standard but IE7 isn’t.

What you need to do is play around with the positioning of the ”.lavalamp” class. If you need more help with that, please get the original purchaser to send me a message through my profile page.

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im having problems with my banner images. i have added 5 images in the Cadmus Theme Option Page in my WordPress Admin Panel, but only 3 of the 5 images appear. The other 2 are all white and just say the title of my website in the top right hand corner. what have i done wrong?

Hmm, that’s strange indeed. Get in touch with me through the contact form on my profile page and send me the link so I can see what’s going on. Thanks.

Wow very good looking theme. Well done!

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Hi, I have used your theme for www.timpritchard.com

I would have preferred to have a Books Page where I included both of Tim’s books as Posts rather than creating separate pages for Ambush Alley and Street Boys.

In other similar themes I have used, they have included the ability to separate out portfolio/blog pages so, for example, all Production posts can be on a Production page and all Book posts can be on a Book page. Is this something you could include?

Alternately, or additionally, it would also be an improvement if your theme supported secondary menus so that I could have had Ambush Alley and Street Boys pages under a Books page.

regards, Scott

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Hello, as per my above post, can you update your code so blog posts can be categorised in to different pages.

Your menus do not work in IE7 – see www.timpritchard.com – can you please fix this asap.

I’m also getting weird extra ///s added to the Homepage text. there appears to be an issue in your code.

Please respond.

Unfortunately the catagorised menus are an extra feature, not an issue, and are not supported by this theme. If you would like me to add this custom bit of code to your theme, I’d be more than happy to at my standard rate.

Please let me know which part of the menu does not work in IE7 through my contact page, as I do not check the comments regularly due to a busy schedule and ThemeForest does not notify me of new posts. You’re probably having the same issue as was addressed earlier though – Your logo image is beyond the original size and therefore the menu is underneath it in IE7 . You will need to add the height of your logo to the height of the header div in order to fix this.

The ///s I do believe are added by WordPress to the Google Analytics code. This is an issue with wordpress’ sanitization for custom fields, not my code. I am, however, working on a way to overcome this, and the theme will be updated duly.

Theme has been updated to fix the sanitization problem (///s) and a few other minor bug fixes.

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Thanks for fixing the ///s problem.

I did your suggested workaround for the IE7 header issue. Unfortunately what you suggest also makes the area reserved for the header bigger in other browsers which means more blank space between the header and the menus… a better solution would be to rejig your code. Other themes I have used don’t have the same problem.

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I have used the Cadmus template to develop the site at http://www.tcully/brinkster.net. Great looking template! My problem is that I have developed more pages than will fit in the top menu bar. That menu seems to be limited to 1 line of menu choices. In addition, my page names are necessarily long, further complicating space problem in that top menu. I would like for only some of my page names to appear in the menu bar, but still keep the pages viewable by linking from pages that are shown in the menu bar. I don’t see a way to do that within the WordPress / Cadmus Control Panel. I don’t know whether this is a WordPress problem, or a Cadmus problem. Can I publish a page without it appearing in the menu bar?

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Also, in IE7 , the items listed in the Making News section on the front page are not left justified, as they are when I view them in IE8 , Firefox, Chrome, etc. Is there anyway to get these items to left justify in IE7 ?

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Additional comments. 1. In IE7 , links on the Default Template show the same problem. Can we get them to left justify? 2. In IE7 only, the background on the first entry in the Blog / News template “chops off” part of the entry. You can see that even in the Themeforest.net sample when viewed in IE7 . Is there anyway to fix that?

Thank you for the help.

I will address these issues shortly, as I am currently busy with client work. Your issues with the top menu items is neither a wordpress problem nor a cadmus problem, it’s just how the theme was intended to be used. I will post a workaround, however, to enable you to exclude pages from the top navigation.

The IE7 bugs have been noted, and an update is in the pipeline to sort these out.

This might sound ridiculous, but I have noticed some wonkiness when there is just two images in the jquery slider. It takes a long time for the site to load. With 3 images, it works perfect, though.

Great theme. I like the dropdown option for the future, too. But, my compliments on the theme so far. Simple and awesome.