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Hi, How can i slide the sidebar text?

Regards Marco

Sorry you can’t make different sliders and there isn’t autoplay option for carousel

Ok, only I miss a box to fill with bookings time in the contactform and on my iphone I see the different dates but not on my PC. How can I improve it?

It is a simple date input field. Each browser provides different date select box with different design. This is a browser feature not a theme feature…

Hi, Can you help me, i try to change logo background color. How can i do this? other problem, i try to add Facebook link to sidebar slider but nothing happen.

and for check:

Thank you!

Is there any sample data available that can be imported into this template so i can test the menu function, I just bought it.


Please send me an email via contact form on my profile page

Any plans to add yelp, foursquare or opentable to the social media section of the contact pages and template options?

I know i can hardcode it in the php but id prefer not having to redo it each time you release an upgrade to the template


I added your request to my update list but I don’t have an update plan for cafemio soon… So if you don’t want to wait, sorry but you should do it by yourself…

No worries, I’ll make a child theme and copy that php over

Is there anyway to do multi tiered pricing on menu items without having to list the item more than once?

Example: Chicken Salad Small $6.95 / Large $8.95

I know i can make one line for each item but most modern restaurants consolidate this to a single line.


Sorry but no,you can’t do this with that shortcode. There is only one price circle on each line. Maybe you can find a plugin. If you can’t, customization service is the only solution;

Hi, how can i make the logo bigger then 230 × 100 pixels?

Regards Marco

Sorry but this don’t work, and how about the slider?

Regards Marco

You can’t change the logo size.

This code is about slider.. it removes zoom effect. I’m not sure that I understand your question but if you want to create “fade effect” on slider following screenshot may help you. Change 100 with 1000 or any other bigger number (1000=1 second) and click update file button;

Thanks, works great!


Great theme ! thx for you work. Question ! In post, event or page, i insert pics but he’s not responsive :( how to make it responsive?

And i would like create another slider image, it’s possible ? and how ?

Thx & sorry for my bad english ;)

Hi again,

For responsive image with wordpress 3.9.2 doesn’t work…or it’s me ? ^^

Thank !!! Great job ! :)

Selamlar adresine kurulumu yapt?m fakat menü alt?ndaki slider otomatik dönmüyor, manuelde kalm??. Ayn? ?ekilde müzi?inde otomatik çalmas?n? istiyorum ne yapmam laz?m?

How to activate autoplay for music player?

Sorry but there isn’t any option like that for audio player.

For the slider;


A-M-G Purchased

Hi, Great theme.

I am wondering how I can change the page background on each page to an image or color etc.. Currently each page has a white backgound. I would like to change that.

Thank you.

Sorry but there isn’t any feature like that…

If you need customization;


A-M-G Purchased

Is there somewhere I could add it into the code? Im not familiar with this code, but if you could tell me where or how to add it in I could do it myself?

There isn’t easy way to do this. Only a web developer can add this feature to the theme.

I really want to get this theme but the background is blank when displayed mobile…the only time you see the background is on a tablet or desktop…can this be fixed?

This is not a bug. There is no need to use background slider on mobile phones. It was disabled for better site loading performance.

is that optional? Can I enable it?

It is not hard to do.If you send me an email after purchasing I can help you.

Hi Egemen,

I bought your Cafemio theme but I don’t install your default appearance. Please, Can you assistance us?

Regards, M.A.

Hi, I replied to your email.

Sorry, I don’t see them. Please, Can you say me, you send which e-mail address?

Thank you for your assistance

Hi, I am interested in buying this… But only if that menu can be changed. Is it possible to have the menu across the top like most other themes or is it permanently on that left side…

Hi, There isn’t any feature like that. It is permanently on that left side.

Merhaba Egemen, Ellerine sa?l?k çok güzel tema yapm??s?n. Sorum ?u: bu tema da neden sidebar widget için kullanam?yorum. Kapal? m?? Wordpress te de gözükmüyor Görünümlerin alt?nda..

Merhaba, maalesef bu temada widget alan? yok. Bu bilgiyi urun sayfas?nda da gorebilirsiniz;

peki bana logonun alt?nda bir yer laz?m. türkçe ingilizce buton koymam gerekiyor. bulamad?m bir türlü o alan?.

edit: gerek kalmad? buldum :D