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Just a couple of questions, after purchasing can you say me how to change a logo instead the name and how to replace the lobster font; it would be appreciated.

Thanks. Good luck with sales!

Sure , after purchasing send me an e-mail via contact form on my profile page ;)

Right off, thanks for an interesting and sleek, full-width theme. This should work great for what I need it for.

One question I have, which doesn’t seem to be fully covered. The menu button. When I click the button, the menu does not drop down on it’s own until I move the mouse closer to the bottom of the boxed area. I have the theme loaded up on a server for proper testing and have noticed that there is a slight delay (~2-3secs) before the menu opens up in Chrome. I have tested this in Firefox and it works fine. Any suggestions or tweaks that would fix this?


Menu is working properly on my Chrome… Please try on another computer, it may be an issue with your PC or Chrome…

I’ve checked another PC with Chrome and the problem appears to be in my PC/Chrome install. Thanks for the help.

You’re welcome :)

Hi Eg,

Got another general question about page loads and Google analytics. When a person clicks on a menu option and the Ajax/jQuery code changes the page #right-column section is this triggering a new page load or would Google analytics still consider this the index/home page?


I’m not using Google analystics but I think it still consider this is the homepage… You can test it on your Google Analystics account..


wonderful job ! it seems perfect for the facebook page of my radio !

please does the mp3 player works with shoutcast streams ? (

have a nice day

michael from france


Sorry but it is a simple mp3 player and it plays only a single mp3 file.

too bad, because the player don’t reload when we change the page. thanks for your answer. I found a way to convert my stream into an mp3;stream.mp3

if i wanted to CC multiple people on the contact form how would I do that?

Try to add comma between emails like the following;

define( "RECIPIENT_EMAIL", "," );

Hello there, I bought this template and it doesn’t work, I haven’t changed anything but when I try open menu sections it doesn’t open anything. I mean when i click on about us for example, nothing happens, I only see the loading circle and that;s it. Please let me know how to make this work thank you


It is made with ajax. So it may not work on some browsers like chrome on your computer (security settings).It will work properly on all browsers when you upload it to a server. You can try another browser like explorer or you can edit it on a server.

ok I am going to try it

hello there, I have a question can you please tell me how can I make the song autoplay when the website loads

thank you