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Remove slide

Hi, is it possible to remove some slides form the events block?

Thank you Raffaele


Please, use the support forum for your issues – Thanks.

Hi, I need to remove or change some slides in the event block, can you help me with this, than the website will be finished :)

P.S. I also asked in the support forum

Thank you Raffaele

Hi, please use the support forum. Be patient and wait a reply to your issue. Thanks.

Remove a block from the home page

Hi, is there a way to remove a block from the front page?

I would like to remove the block with the prices on the background.

Thank you Raffaele

Hi, Please, use the support forum for your issues – Thanks.

Dear Sir, I used the support forum, but nobody answer. Thanks Raffaele

I will check it in a short time and reply you on our support forum. Thanks and sorry for the delay.

I keep seeing comments about people not getting the dummy data to work properly. Can anyone verify that the latest version or update on this product has a successful xml & dat file outcome? Id love to know if it works properly like the rest of the themes on TF do, before I spend $48

Thats exactly what I was hoping to see and hear! Thanks for the update and Thanks for building great themes into our community!

We have also a dedicated support forum, so if you will have any issues with our themes – feel free to contact me on forum.


I posted a question in the support forum two weeks ago and got still no answer. Please check the forum.

Please, use the support forum – for support.

its been four days since the error 404 during XML file upload, today when i checked the box (Download and import file attachments)it says that all media,Theme Options…ect already exists???? i am not sure what i am doing wrong,i also contacted my web hoster (Godaddy)and couldn’t find any thing wrong.I also deleted the theme and re-downloaded it also imported theme option and widget but nothing happened. your advise is a great deal to me.

Hi, use the support forum please – Have a good day.

Hi guys,

Can i use visual composer with the theme?


You can purchase the plugin and use it with our theme. The plugin is not included by default with theme files.

Hi Guys, please does the theme comes with a dummy data?

Hi, yes the theme comes with Demo Content included.

Hello, I need help! I have done the download like it is shown in the video tutorial. But the slider isn’t working. And I can’t install the slider myself, because I can’t find the url which ist shown in the tutorial. And then I have a question because of the pictures what are used in the demo content. Can I use all of these or do I have to change all pictures, because of a copyright?

Hi, images are not included in the download archive. All images are free from google images with free filter enabled.

What do you mean about “download”? do you mean import demo data? Did you do like it is shown in our video tutorial step by step?

Yes, I mean the import demo data, I did it step by step, but she slider and the picture behind do not work. And I can’t get it work with the tutorial! I do something wrong. In the tutorial you insert a link and I don’t know, what I have to insert in.

I hope you can understand and help me!

Thanks Erika

To create a slider you should use the Sliders section. What link do you mean? Any screenshots?

hi found error in your demo Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::nonce_field() in /home2/crik0va/public_html/wordpress/cafeteria/wp-content/themes/cafeteria/woocommerce/cart/shipping-calculator.php on line 87

can you advise me how to solve before we purchase this theme


Hi, i will check and fix it. Thanks.

Hi Alexandr!

I purchased your theme a couple of weeks ago and have installed the theme successfully and ingested content already. The site can be reached at

However, I need to modify the theme slightly, resp. have some problem with the Menu page:

1. After changing the permalink + site-title from „menu“ to bakery-products, the filterable portfolio view with the elements doesn’t appear anymore. What do I need to do to fix this (currently we have set it back to „menu“)

2. On the home-page we would like to add a headline (h2) before and a „view more“ link after the elements in the menu and gallery section.

3. On the gallery and menu filterable portfolio page we would like to add a text between the page-title/headline and the elements of the portfolio.

I sent already a mail directly to you but haven’t heard back. Your help and support on this is really appreciated.

Thanks, mobiz-at

Hi, i’m sorry for the delay. We were on a long vacation. We are going to answer all tickets on our forum, so if you have any tickets wait please a reply, or you can reopen a new ticket and get a reply. One more time sorry for the delay.

I’m having issues with my social media link. I’m trying to connect my social media through my site. I see where I’m supposed to place my info in theme options, but it list my domain name, then my social address if you hover over the social media icons on the home page. If I click on the icon, I get redirected to an error 404 on my website page. It’s not redirecting to the social media site. How do I fix that?

Hi, any live link examples? or any screenshots?

I figured it out


Can it use WPBakery Visual Composer ?

This theme doesn’t comes with Visual Composer. But you can make it compatible with this plugin with some small customizations.

How can I edit the right and left menu where after a certain amount of tabs, it doesn’t move below? I want all my tabs even across, not some under others on the home page. Is that a coding issue?

Thank you

Hi, in this case you can make the wrapper bigger and all items will be in one line. Add this code in custom css field in theme options panel:

header .center-align { width: 1300px;} where 1300px is the size of the wrapper


pejaa Purchased

useful information for user : This template is compatible with the latest version of php = php 7.0 . So you can keep SEVERAL years this template php before he becomes obsolete. (For information : the classic sites operate at the moment with PHP 5.6)


pejaa Purchased

I am very happy with this template really responsive full . With several graphic design and coding changes (I am a web designer and graphic artist ) , my site is very glamorous ! thank you … A lot of time saved thanks to this pretty basic . If you wish CRIK0VA you can go see the results at this address :

Thank you!

hey grate template are the psd included?

Hi, yes. it is included


Charana Purchased

What is the single thumbnail dimension?

Hi, use our support forum please –


Presale questions :

- Can I simply manage the home page boxes? (up or down manually all boxes or just hide)

- Is it fully compatible with the last update of woocommerce and Wordpress?




Hi, it is compatible with current versions. And You can also easy manage the home page from a source file if you will ned it. We have a dedicated support forum, so all your issues can be posted on our forum.

Ok, thank’s :)


jxs714 Purchased

Hey guys,

How do we remove the text from in front of the slider? We would just like the image.

Please advise as soon as possible. thanks.

You are welcome. Rate the theme 5 stars, please. If you like it, of course. In the Download Section.


jxs714 Purchased

I sure will

Thank you very much.

i can’t edit or add prices to mi menu items

Hi, any screenshot examples?

On update it goes blank again. Older items cant be edited. found the records for price and icon in the DB for older items , for new – none

will i have any help on my question


topsix Purchased

upgrading the woocommerce Call to undefined method WooCommerce::nonce_field() in /home/scohen46/public_html/orens/wp-content/themes/cafeteria/woocommerce/cart/shipping-calculator.php on line 87