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good job.but because of lots of images loading at the same time; home page is kind of slow.


Thanks! My server is not very good, so maybe that’s the problem of slow pages.

Looks very nice , congrats on your first file ; good luck with your journey at the Forest :)


Many thanks. It was not easy to get my first item online, but here it is. Thanks to Ivor that helps me a lot on the improvements.

looks really good… but same here too slow. Ill keep checking back with you

Looks very nice but is very slow and that problem kill all navigation experience. Maybe you can try another server?

Buen trabajo. Un español :D

Thanks for your comments. I’m trying to make it work faster, decreasing some image sizes and using total cache plugin. Also in a few days I will be switching the site to a new hosting. I’m deciding what hosting company to use. Any suggestion?

Gracias virplay, pocos españoles por aquí de momento, a ver si esto se anima.

nice template ;-)

Fantastic template …. problem does not work correctly with NextGEN Gallery how can I do? I have in my portfolio galleries of photographs




About the NextGen, you can see the demo, it’s working perfectly. If you could give me your URL , I could take a look there to see what is happening. If you don’t want to post it here, send me a private.

about the footer, the left box is not a widget zone, is a menu, editable on wp-admin -> appearance -> menu

I don’t understand what you say about the portfolio section.


hello the pw-protected site and if you tell me where I can send the code, or mail@web-facile.it


just emailed you

both things are fixed in the latest version. Only need to wait until TF approve it, to download and install it again.

Great work! very clean, Good luck with sales ;)

where do you get this icon?


you have more? link please, thanks

theslim Purchased

Greetings, Cesar!

I just purchased this theme and installed it. I’m REALLY digging it!

However, I can’t figure out who to create it so that when the user first comes to the site, it shows the featured image with the logo in the center. This was one of the selling points for me, but now I can’t get it to work.

Thanks for your help. Awesome theme!!!


Many thanks!

The splash page with the fullsize background image and the logo in the center is automatically generated by the theme. It will take the logo selected on ‘site options’ and the images added to the homepage slider.

Anyway, the splash page is only showned on the first time you visit the homepage on the same session. That’s because it won’t be good to show the splash page everytime you go back to the homepage. What can you do if you want to see your splash page again? Close all windows of your browser, open the browser again and go to your website: you will see your splash page once.

I hope that this helps you.

RachaelP Purchased

Hello Cesar!

I am thoroughly enjoying this theme and it is exactly what I wanted.

I just have two questions: - How can i get rid of the two Standard buttons under the picture on the front page? I intend on using only one post (not a blog feed) and nothing else on the homepage, other than the scrolling pictures.

- And some of the pictures don’t seem to be resizing properly. I have them all set as a slider image but some are still bigger in the length than others…

Thank You Very Much.


Hello Rachel,

I’ve just uploaded a new theme version (3.8) in which I’ve added some site options that will allow you to enable / disable the portfolio and blog sections on the homepage. Also you can choose how many portfolio items and blog posts to show. This new version only needs to get approved and you can download it.

About the picture resize. The theme uses the WP built-in resize function and will only cut/decrease size of images (never increase). You need to be sure that your pics are at least 960×360 pixels.

Many thanks for buying the theme. Any question don’t hesitate to contact me.

Do the blog entries have to have the side bar?

Can the side bars be turned off?

I like your theme a lot but wanted to check with you.



I’ve just uploaded a new theme version (3.8), in which you can choose if to use or not to use sidebar individually on each blog entry. Only need to get approved and it will be available for you.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Can i turn off sidebar for all post with one button, instead of chosing no sidebar everytime when create a new post.


no, you need to choose ‘no sidebar’ on each post, but I will do in version 3.9

wizpia Purchased

help. this theme error message. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /www/imano_co_kr/wordpress/wp-content/themes/themeforest-2430738-caleta-responsive-portfolio-photography/caleta/functions.php on line 63


You didn’t upload the theme correctly, you need to upload the folder ‘caleta’ directly into the folder ‘themes’ of your wordpress installation.

It seems that you have uploaded the whole package downloaded from themeforest.

Try to reinstall and let me know.

Love your theme. Purchased it a couple days ago. Is there a way to replace the featured image on the actual portfolio page with an image slider? When someone clicks on either a recent project on the front page or an image on my portfolio page, when it goes to that particular portfolio I’d like a slideshow/slider to show so they can cycle through the rest of the pics for that project.

Also, how do we receive upgrades for the theme? I had to make some changes to the css file because none of the color options matched my color scheme.

I may have a couple other questions later on but I thank you in advance for your assistance and a great theme.


Hi, thanks for purchasing the theme. Currently there is no way to do that, but I will see if I can add it in a new version of the theme.

When I upgrade a theme I upload it on themeforest. You can see the ‘Change log’ section to check if any update is available.


that would be great if you can implement a image slider option for the individual portfolio pages. In the meantime, I will need to figure out something as one picture doesn’t provide enough info for potential clients or vendors.

I appreciate the quick response!


Surely I will implement it in v.4.0 Thanks for purchasing the theme!

nlambrou Purchased

Hi. Is there a way to turn that splash page off? I’d like to enter directly into the home page. Thanks!


Thanks for buying the theme. Currently is not possible. But I’m preparing v.3.9 of the theme, where I will include a site option to activate/deactivate it. Will be in a couple of days.

Hi, great work, i love the theme and purchased a few days ago. I want to use woo-commerce, all ist great, but when i put a product in the site it is shown in a lightbox. Is there a way to turn the lightbox off for some pictures?

I want to show the Products on a normal page and not in a lightbox. The lightbox ever close when the background slider is moving to a new picture. Thats not good:(


I’m working on a new version of the theme and I will include an option to disable the built-in lightbox. Thanks for purchasing the theme!

jane_sm Purchased

How do you create a page with no banner, but with a background image? You have a sample in your Demo, but no explanation.


Hi, thanks for purchasing the theme. If you don’t add the ‘featured image’, the page will auto-create a background slider using the portfolio images.