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2 Problems – Please Help.

Here is my staging site: http://mm.adagencynh.com/

1. The social media icons are located in the header, but the icon themself are black. Is there a way to make them white?

2. I cannot seem to figure out how to get the Galleries to work on the homepage, or on my Gallery Page. I have one image, but I’d like the lighbox to come up and rotate between what I’ve chosen to have in the gallery.

Please advise.

I’m using version 2.2.0 should that matter.

Thank you, Jamie


It’s now been over four days, and I’ve yet to hear anything back from this theme designer. I suspect they even deleted my previous comment scalding them from a day ago. I’d steer clear of this theme if support is important to you. Other than that, AVA Themes, please respond, and Theme Forest, please review these designers.


10 days now, and still no response – what should I do at this point?

Does this theme support Child Theme?


bkwwa Purchased

on the menu i dont have background ( the menu is transparent ) help


What browser do you use? Also, can you please send an email to our support staff at support@avathemes.com?


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The menu is not working properly under IE. What about bug fix?

Hi, Awesome theme, I would like to know if the theme is already translation ready!


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It’s a great theme thanks for your hard work!

I have a couple of questions:

1. I see some people asked before:

In the food menu it always shows a V before each item…

How do you remove that v before each menu item? This means all items are for veggies?

2. How do you remove the “See the recipe” link on a menu item?

3. Do you have any plans to make it possible to change the order of the homepage elements?

Demo site is http://launch.kathys.lu


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Any response to this question?

lieblk Purchased

Also, Do you have any plan to allow to use different revolution sliders so they don’t need to be called “california_vegies” for it to work…?

lieblk Purchased

Almost a month and no answer…..!


I have an issue with the slideshow homepage. I have created a revolution slider template for the Home Page. I have entered the Template in the home page. But i see :

“Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias california_vegies not found. Maybe you mean: ‘home-page’”

Where can i change this ? Thanks for your answer

Website is here : http://betaresto.epimalin.fr/

Can you tell me what css i have to put in the theme options to give the submenu a background color?


You gave me the solution .. it seemed.. but it only works on the homepage…. does the Custom Theme CSS work on all pages.. it doen’t seems that way..

Hi, Very nice and impressive template.

Some questions before buying

1/ is there a way to fix menu when we scroll the page, to have it on top of the page and the content scrolling under the menu bar?

2/Is there a way to easily change background page?

3/Can we add a slideshow when in home page?

Thx by advance

Easy question, and the last thing I need to do before I go live. Here is the site: mm.adagencynh.com

Question – how do I get the carousel to autoplay? If you can provide the code I can drop it in wherever it needs to go. Just please let me know ASAP.

Thank you, Jamie

Hi, Metabox is sending huge amount of spam mails. when i deactivate metabox, site is not working.. what should i do?


4 days and nor reply????

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Hi, When will you do the update to wordpress 4.0.1 ? URGENT PLEASE.. I’ve made the wordpress update and since then everything is a mess. Thanks for your QUICK reply !

kbocom Purchased

Hello!!!!!! still no answer as usual…thanks a lot for your help! can you please give me a reply!

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Hi AVA Themes, Love your theme and I am about to go live with the site but I have a few minor issues I need help with.

- The share buttons for news/blog stories don’t grab the information it only brings through AVA Themes story to share can you help on this?

- Also one of my buttons for my gallery – Open Gallery is not the same as the rest.

- On larger screens my floating images on the homepage do not appear?

If you could assist as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated!


For all of you looking to purchase this theme… The theme itself is terrific, but the customer support is bad… very bad. I’ve purchased a handful of themes in the past for both Joomla and WordPress, and some of the designers were very good at getting back to me, and some were very bad. These guys are by far the worst. Initially I posted a presale question just to gauge the theme designers response time, and this was the only response they ever provide, and it took a long time for them to respond. Fortunately any issues I did have with the theme I was able to either figure out myself, or I had to use a work around. If you do not feel comfortable touching the PHP/HTML/CSS files I would not recommend this theme. Typically I do not bash on theme designers, but I felt the need this time since only one of my questions were not responded to. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the comments. The theme designers do not respond. Once again, I do not work for any other theme designers, and my interest is just to protect you the person looking to purchase this theme. Take what you want from it, but this has been my experience.

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Question – how do I get the carousel to autoplay? If you can provide the code I can drop it in wherever it needs to go. Just please let me know ASAP.

Did you get an answer? I have the same issue.

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Wow incrdible fast responses to my questions. Thanks AVA support team!

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We have actually enough people, grounds, and reasonable expectation of winning to start a class action lawsuit against both the developers and Envato for misrepresentation (cross-browser compatibility (ie: with Internet Explorer and for the support which has now been inexistent for almost two months))

Who’s in? Doesn’t have to be a class-action, we can request full refund to Envato through a collective demand letter…

gnim2014 Purchased

I actually sent 3 e-mails to support@avathemes.com which went unresponded and it has been 2 months and a half since my first e-mail to that address.

gnim2014 Purchased

764 sales x $58 = $44,000 I think we deserve better support than this.

Hi… anybody there. I want to activate the custom html also on other pages than the Home page…


well.. i added this code below to header.php to work with the custom_styles on all pages for now.. but this isn’t nice..

<?php wp_head(); ?>
    //add to work with custom_styles on all pages -> not the way to go ... but... 
        global $smof_data;
          $menu_texture = $smof_data['menu-texture'];
          $custom_styles = (isset($smof_data['custom-styles']) ? $smof_data['custom-styles'] : null);
        echo $custom_styles; ?>
    //end bugfix