Cameo - Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template

Cameo - Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template

Cameo is a flat themed responsive admin template powered by the awesome Twitter bootstrap 3 front-end framework. It comes packed with a plethora of ready to use components and plugins and can be used in the creation of admin dashboards, CRM or CMS panels. It is clean, fully responsive, well documented and is easy to modify or style to meet your needs.

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  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • Detailed documentation and free updates
  • Color Skins
  • Font Skins
  • Huge set of components
  • Various layout configurations
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS3
  • Flat and clean design
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Datepicker
  • Bootstrap Select inputs
  • Jquery Datatables
  • Dropzone file upload
  • Bootstrap FuelUX
  • Fullcalendar
  • Masonry
  • Easy Pie Chart
  • Flot Charts
  • Chartjs
  • Jvector Maps
  • Google maps
  • Medium Editor
  • Morris Charts
  • Jquery Sparkline charts
  • display online/offline indication
  • Bootstrap Sliders
  • Toastr notifications
  • Sortable Tables
  • Bootstrap WYSIWYG editor
  • Videojs player
  • Audio Player
  • Nivo Lightbox
  • Masked inputs
  • Nestable and sortable lists
  • SlimScroll scrollbar
  • Momentjs
  • Parsley form validation
  • Switchery iOS switches
  • Responsive tables
  • Skycons weather icons
  • FontAwesome fonts

All image, video and audio files are used for preview purposes only and not included in the final purchase download.

Change Log


-Added fastclick plugin

-Refactored off-canvas.js
-Removed modernizr mobile tests


-Off screen sidebar isuues
-Fixed google map controls

Upgrades and Additions
-Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.2.0
-Upgrade Fontawesome to 4.2.0
-Added chosen plugin

-Refactored Less folder structure
-Refactored color and font skins
-Refactored boxed and right sidebar layout structure
-Refactored 404 page, 500 page, lockscreen page, signin page, signup page, subscribe page structure
-Redesigned fullcalendar buttons


-Prevent Offline.js from Intercepting ajax requests (gallery.html)
-Rearranged stylesheet order so that skins come first in the hierachy
-Fixed portfolio error notification centering


New Stuff
-Added Color skins. making it easier to change colors
-Added Font skins. making it easier to change font faces
-Added Bxslider
-Added timepicker input field
-Added new layout ( Page with fixed footer)
-Added animation on menu collapse toggle
-Replaced Gallery with an Ajax powered alternative
-Replaced Masonry feed with isotope animated filterable elements

-HTML and CSS changes

Plugin Updates

-Updated Bootstrap-Select to v1.5.4
-Updated Datatables to v1.10.0
-Updated Fullcalendar to v2.0.2
-Updated Jquery to v1.11.1
-Updated Parsley to v 2.0.2
-Updated Momentjs to v2.7.0
-Updated Gmaps to v0.4.13
-Updated Videojs to v4.6.2
-Updated Toastr to v2.0.3
-Updated Switchery to v0.6.0
-Updated Pace to v0.5.4


-Added: New page, pricing.html
-Added: New responsive table method(No More Tables)


-Added Pace plugin
-Added: HTML5 Placeholder jQuery Plugin
-Update: FontAwesome to 4.1
-Fix: FuelUX spinner class conflict
-Fix: table-bordered issue
-Fix: Sidebar scrolling issue
-Fix: Content header overlapping offline bar issue


- Minor tweaks and improvements


- Initial Release