Camilla - Horizontal Fullscreen Photography Theme!

Camilla - Horizontal Fullscreen Photography Theme!

Camilla – Photographers Wordpress Portfolio Theme

Camilla is a modern, minimal, horizontal canvas to display your Photography work in! We wanted to create something astounding and simple at the same time and this is what we came up with a minimalistic design that shifts the focus to your work, at the same time glaring with modern features – including one-page layout principles, horizontal scroll, distraction free fullscreen galleries. This is your chance to express yourself even further personalizing the design with your fonts, layouts and colors easily.


Full Feature List:

  • WordPress 4.1 support
  • Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Horizontal Layout
  • Unique One-Page Layout
  • Optimized Specially For Tablet Devices
  • SEO Optimized
  • Full Keyboard Arrow Navigation
  • Swipe Navigation on Smartphones and Tablets
  • Shortcodes
    • Messages
    • Pricing Tables
    • Buttons
    • Horizontal Rules
    • Columns
    • Highlighters
    • Batch Icons
  • Slider with Custom Transitions
  • Vertical Scroll Sections in Horizontal Layout
  • Fullscreen, Video-Ready Gallery
  • Full Color Control
    • Header Color and Opacity
    • Page Background Color
    • Link Color
    • Button Color
    • Pricing Table Colors
    • Gallery Background Color
    • Portfolio Thumbnail Overlay Color and Opacity
    • Title and Text Colors
    • Footer Colors
    • Social Icon Colors
  • Blog with Sidebar
  • Fullwidth Blog
  • Custom “About Me” Sidebar Widget
  • Widget Area Above Navigation
  • Custom Logo Upload
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Portfolio Thumbnails with Custom Widths
  • Sample Content Included
  • Horizontal Content Block with Custom Sizes and Backgrounds
  • Simple Page Builder for Easy One Page Layout Building
  • Portfolio / Gallery
  • Sticky Social Icons
  • Built With HTML5 and CSS3
  • Custom Background Images for Pages
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Support Forum and Knowledge Base
  • Video Tutorials


The images used in Camilla demos are not included in the download. All images belong to their rightful owners:


 == Camilla 1.8.6, Apr 26, 2015: 
    - Fix: Expose Gallery to Camilla_Theme global.
    - Fix: Wordpress Vulnerability Patch
    - Update: Remove outdated gallery graphics options
    - Fix: Mobile content top border
    - Update: Close the menu on responsive navigation

 == Camilla-1.8.5
    - Fix: Don't crash the site if Redux Plugin isn't installed.

 == Camilla-1.8.4
    - Fix: Apostrophes in Gallery descriptions

 == Camilla-1.8.3
    - Update: Remove ReduxFramework Fallback files
    - Fix: First slide in slider
    - Update: Add optional "Page: Plain" block for Advanced Usage
    - Fix: Links in gallery image descriptions
    - Fix: Links now work properly in menu dropdowns
    - Update: Page Builder buttons

 == Camilla-1.8.2
    - Update: Ion Icons
    - Fix: Fully responsive slider
    - Update: Respect DropDown style in responsive menu
    - Update: Instantly go to selected page on page load
    - Fix: Toggle Header Area button options
    - Update: Rename "Footer Widgets" to "Header Widget Area" to improve theme intuitiveness
    - Update: Change JS Hook namespace from "app." to "theme." 

 == Camilla-1.8.1
     - Update: Added loading screen

 == Camilla-1.8.0
    - Fix: Improve footer widget area animation
    - Fix: Layout in iOS Facebook Browser
    - Update: Add option to stretch portfolio instead of horizontal scroll
    - Fixed: Slider starts with the correct image
    - Update: Fix responsive layout
    - Update: Remove Rich-Text block from Editor ( buggy, not supported )
    - Update: Improve Page Builder UI
    - Update: Improve Section Style naming ( Section Style changed to Section Scroll Direction )
    - Fix: Adding new page builder block

== Camilla-1.7.2
    - Update: Remove Developer Mode from Theme Options
    - Update: Add function to get current_index from Page_Mover
    - Fix: Scrollbars on initial page load

== Camilla-1.7.1
    - Fix: Respond to direct links to gallery from menu
    - Update: Optimize One-Page Performance
    - Update: Add 'Page.move_cancel' hook for detecting when a move is canceled.
    - Update: Add options to customize gallery close button colors
    - Update: Add Option "Page Animation Duration" 
    - Fix: Transitions when Sequential Page is Off
    - Fix: Safari 8 Form width

 == Camilla-1.7.0
    - Update: Village Portfolio 1.3.0
    - Fix: Don't show Scroll notification when gallery is open
    - Fixed: Correct URLs after Scroll Notification popup
    - Fixed: Potential issues with theme color customizer
    - Fixed: Don't display outline when clicking menu links
    - Updated: Improve Location #hash handling
    - Fixed: Compitability with Google Maps plugins and other plugins that require that their parent element is visible on page load

 == Camilla-1.6.9
    - Updated: Added option to choose transition duration ( between 50ms and 3000ms )
    - Updated: Added option to select thumbnails fit style
    - Fixed: Scroll when Comments are submitted
    - Updated: Possible to open gallery from the Menu
    - Fixed: Gallery sized properly after resizing browser
    - Fixed: Remove error that occurs when scrollbar indicators are hidden

 == Camilla-1.6.8
    - Fixed: Layout on Tablet devices
    - Updated: Don't use transforms on Mobile when opening galleries
    - Updated: Prevent window from scrolling on mobile after closing gallery

 == Camilla-1.6.7
    - Developer: Added WP-JS-Hooks Filter for Fotorama Initialization: "fotorama.settings" 
    - Fixed: Gallery resizing properly on window resize
    - Fixed: Visual arrow snapping
    - Fixed: Arrow navigation
    - Fixed: Some PHP Notice messages
    - Updated: Share the proper image in Facebook Thumbnails!
    - Updated: Remove canonical links from single portfolio entries
    - Updated: Added support for periodical scrollbar refresh for pages and posts with Embedded content ( for example when using Facebook or Disqus comments )
    - Updated: Added controls to disable/customize scroll refresh timeout
    - Fixed: Adjustable scroll speeds
    - Fixed: Scrolling works properly for slowly-loading pages ( like when many are used or poor internet connection )
    - Fixed: Active Menu Item color customization

 == Camilla-1.6.6
    - Updated: Improved button color customization
    - Fixed: Scroll in IE9

 == Camilla-1.6.5
    - Updated: Footer improvements
    - Fixed: Scrolling with arrows
    - Fixed: Pricing table spacing
    - Updated: Smoother Gallery and some bug fixes

 == Camilla-1.6.4
    - Updated: Added .aglincenter--small to align smaller images to center in posts

 == Camilla-1.6.3
    - Updated: Proper spacing for regular pages
    - Updated: Sidebar is optional for regular Pages

 == Camilla-1.6.2
    - Updated: Added Fullwidth Tempalte to be used as a separate page
    - Updated: Enabled Page Comments to fit WP Standards

 == Camilla-1.6.1
    - Updated: Support for Contact Form HTML5 Input types
    - Updated: Custom button styles appear throughout the design
    - Fixed: Restored Hiding gallery controls when mouse not moving
    - Fixed: Allow ampersands in Link Blocks
    - Updated: Social Icons in Theme Options panel
    - Updated: Go to correct image in gallery based on URL
    - Fixed: Gallery open sidebar if content is present
    - Updated: Fotorama Gallery
    - Updated: Various Form fixes
    - Updated: Linking to regular HTML Anchors now possible
    - Updated: Better Contact Form Styling

 == Camilla-1.6.0
    - Fixed: White Screen error on Theme Options

 == Camilla-1.5.9
    - Fixed: Header Background Color

 == Camilla-1.5.8
    - Fixed: Proper input width in Safari and FireFox
    - Updated: Added Gallery Option to force sidebar and/or thumbnails
    - Fixed: Admin panel errors
    - Fixed: Gallery navigation with keyboard restored
    - Updated: Added option to change menu item background color on Hover
    - Updated: New Controls for Color and Opacity customization 

 == Camilla-1.5.7
    - Fixed: Show #sticky-bottom-area after closing the gallery
    - Fixed: Arrows disappear when they're not needed

 == Camilla-1.5.6
    - Fixed: Create Horizontally scrollable pages only when necessary
    - Fixed: Arrows for horizontal scroll when multiple horizontal scrolling pages exist
    - Updated: Better move_to options

 == Camilla-1.5.5
    - Fixed: Removed options that made the slider flicker
    - Fixed: Restored sequential page transitions
    - Fixed: Village_Bock_Link error
    - Updated: Arrows now can optionally Scroll Horizontally!
    - Updated: Reorganized One-Page Settings Admin Panel

 == Camilla-1.5.4
    - Updated: Added option to re-enable snapping for people who enjoyed it.
    - Fixed: Horizontal Scroll areas only created when needed
    - Updated: Improved Keyboard Scrolling by 1000%
    - Fixed: Restore ability to link to a gallery from anywhere

 == Camilla-1.5.3
    - Fixed: is_plugin_active error doesn't pop-up anymore

 == Camilla-1.5.2
    - Fixed: JavaScript Config Enqueue order
    - Updated: Remove Redux Framework Demo mode

 == Camilla-1.5.1
    - Fixed: Gallery doesn't break when using quotes
    - Updated: Redux Options Panel

 == Camilla-1.5.0
    - Added: Horizontal Link Block for Page Builder
    - Updated: Brand New Gallery!
    - Added: Scroll Notifications
    - Fixed: Linking to regular posts/pages with hashtags no longer breaks the scroll
    - Updated: JavaScript Options method
    - Added: layout--responsive, layout--regular classes for responsive mode detection

 == Camilla-1.4.8
    - Fixed: Correct scrollbar position on pages with background
    - Fixed: Don't display an empty large border on responsive layout
    - Fixed: Portfolio Layout is working even when not enough portfolio items
    - Fixed: Slider Transition speed
    - Updated: Cleaned up JavaScript a bit
    - Updated: Slider is now fast, responsive and loads properly across devices!
    - Reduced theme size by 0.9MB

 == Camilla-1.4.7
    - Updated: Add support for trackpad horizontal scrolling
    - Updated: Decent styles for input[type=date]
    - Added: Option to set font color of active menu item
    - Updated: Consistent button colors
    - Updated: Improved color customization
    - Added: Option to disable menu re-generation
    - Updated: Improved menu generator ability to preserve the menu when generating a new one

 == Camilla-1.4.6
    - Fixed: Critical Gallery Performance issues

 == Camilla-1.4.5
    - Added: Options to choose dark & light graphics for Galleries and page navigation arrows.
    - Updated: Smooth & Quick page fade in on website load instead of a flicker
    - Updated: Changed the default responsive header position to sticky
    - Updated: Animated Navigation on Mobile devices
    - Updated: Mobile devices now respond to hashes better
    - Fixed: Responsive horizontal content entries
    - Fixed: The slider is now fully responsive
    - Updated: Possible to add multiple sliders
    - Fixed: Slider is automatically stopped when only 1 slide is used
    - Fixed: Comment Bubble doesn't appear when comments are disabled
    - Fixed: Child theme uses the same options as Parent theme now
    - Fixed: Navigation Arrows

 == Camilla-1.4.4
    - Fixed: Portfolio Column Width bug introduced in Camilla 1.4.3

 == Camilla-1.4.3
    - Fixed: Portfolio in Old Webkit Browsers ( like Safari 5.1 )
    - Fixed: "Instant" page move option
    - Fixed: Fade Transitions between pages & much more stable page mover
    - Updated: Menu is now updating properly after updating Templates
    - Added: Option to add anchors to vertically scrolling pages by appending anchor=ID to the URL ( For example: would scroll to an HTML element <div id="bio" /> in #about-me page )

 == Camilla-1.4.2
    - Fixed: a tiny PHP notice in the footer
    - Updated: You can instantly open a gallery with a link from the Presentation Page

 == Camilla-1.4.1
    - Fixed: No more infinite loops caused by dragging sections on sections

 == Camilla-1.4.0
    - Added: Option to enable full post contents instead of excerpts in blog ( and utilize the <!--more --> tag )
    - Updated: Copy correct links when using Secondary Click to Portfolio Galleries
    - Added: Dynamic Titles ( Browser title is changed when navigating presentation page )
    - Updated: Options Panel Framework

== Camilla-1.3.7
    - Fixed: Page Builder breaking other plugins

 == Camilla-1.3.6
    - Fixed: Footer works even when there is no navigation
    - Added: .PO/.MO Files for translation compatibility
    - Updated: Completely rebuilt the slider block in Page Builder
    - Updated: Prevent user from picking wrong page in page builder when possible
    - Fixed: "Media Library" images are now available from the Slider Page Builder Block

 == Camilla-1.3.5
    - Fixed: Menu not regenerating if left empty
    - Fixed: Scrollbars properly sizing on resize
    - Updated: Clean up JavaScript
    - Added: Global JS Variable "Camilla_Theme" to expose various JavaScript methods
    - Fixed: Scrollbar refreshing properly after navigating
    - Fixed: Correct the determination of whether a scrollbar should be shown
    - Updated: Minor Page Builder UI Tweak
    - Added: Packaged theme options settings JSON file for all 3 demo sites

 == Camilla-1.3.4
    - Fixed: Serious Aqua Page Builder issues
    - Updated: "Blue Cog" now works instantly in page builder

 == Camilla-1.3.3
    - Fixed: Page Transition Options
    - Fixed: Scrollbar sometimes disappeared
    - Updated: Red Camilla demo file
    - Updated: A bit of Phone-sized device optimization

 == Camilla-1.3.2
    - Fixed: Portfolio opening properly for both Desktops and Tablets

 == Camilla-1.3.1
    - Fixed: Restored portfolio clickability on iPad devices

 == Camilla-1.3.0
    - Updated: Moved One Page Settings to a separate options tab
    - Updated: Make Camilla prettier for FireFox users
    - Added: Option to change page transitions
    - Added: Option to disable sequential page transitions
    - Updated: Refactored Scrolling to improve mobile device performance
    - Fixed: Responsive Menu breaking layouts

 == Camilla-1.2.6
    - Fixed: Color Customization

 == Camilla-1.2.5
    - Updated: SEO Optimization
    - Fixed: Keyboard Navigation now functioning properly
    - Fixed: Social icon shadows
    - Updated: Better description of core theme options
    - Fixed: Menu is now properly regenerated on Theme Options save

 == Camilla-1.2.4
    - Added: scroll:refresh event listener for the ability to refresh the scrollbars from other scripts
    - Updated: Reverted to the previous gallery style which turned out to be much, much faster.

 == Camilla-1.2.3
    - Fixed: Portfolio entries with no visible links had no galleries

 == Camilla-1.2.2
    - Fixed: "Share Button" Appearing when it isn't supposed to

 == Camilla-1.2.1
    - Fixed: Dark Font color when customizing the theme
    - Fixed: Scroll Speed Options
    - Added: Optional Keyboard Scroll
    - Fixed: Wheel Scroll in FireFox (hotfix)
    - Updated: ReduxFramework
    - Fixed: Some graphics not showing up with certain hosting providers
    - Fixed: Proper Endpoints for AJAX Portfolio

 == Camilla-1.2.0
    - Added: Custom Slug Option for Sections
    - Added: Optional "Project Types" Taxonomy for portfolio entry grouping.
    - Added: Ability to share galleries on Social Networks ( Thanks to jQuery sharrre plugin ).
    - Updated: Added code styling for the CSS editor
    - Updated: Galleries are now completely AJAX Based with graceful JavaScript
    - Updated: A lot nicer portfolio gallery URLs
    - Fixed: "Responsive Header" hiding properly
    - Fixed: In some instances background covered portfolio on Mobile sized browsers
    - Fixed: Remove excess space from portfolio entries

 == Camilla-1.1.9
    - Fixed: Portfolio Warrning that broke portfolio in some environments
    - Fixed: Sometimes clicking sub-menu one-page pages didn't work
    - Fixed: Unwanted scrolling on iPad
    - Added: Dynamic Links for Portfolio Galleries
    - Fixed: Responsive One-page navigation
    - Added: Gallery thumbnails are now optional
    - Fixed: Allow "Greater Than" Symbol in Custom CSS
    - Fixed: Custom CSS Field is now working again

 == Camilla-1.1.0
    - Added: Dark Camilla Sample Content
    - Added: Option to disable horizontal scrollbar
    - Added: Horizontal Scrollbar
    - Added: Videos to Portfolio Gallery
    - Fixed: Better Image alignment in Posts
    - Fixed: Menu Item Width
    - Added: Recommendation to install Simple Social Icons plugin
    - Fixed: Message that asks to update Village Shortcodes removed ( they are up to date already )

== Camilla 1.0.0
    - Initial Release