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Good luck with sales!

Thanks AJ :)

Great theme! Very clean..

Thanks joefrey

Nice gan, good luck with sales

Thanks gan

Nice one , Friend :)

Thanks Toan :)


I get 404 error trying to view just created and published portfilio page. What do I do wrong?


weird, now it works for me too.. sorry for the false alarm )

The problem was on your cache plugin :) just clear cache

I’ve just figured it out )) Thanks.

Clean work, looks wonderful.
Wish you the best with this one. Congrats ! :)

Thanks Bedros :) good luck to you

Great theme, good luck, i have a question about the blog section?

Is there supported a “view full story” or will every post have “read more”

great work!

Every post will have ‘read more’, but we can edit the code to show ‘view full story’

Nice work. Really clean and nice. :)

Thank you :)

Good Luck with Sales…

Thanks, good luck to you!

I use the filterable Portfolio, but can’t link to the Article. What am i doing wrong? I just can click and open the featured Image, but i want the Article to come.

Please Help, thank you.

Please send your wp-admin access via our profile contact form http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio


you don’t have purchased badge

I buy it the owner of the dominion, I update the Web to him

After I upload the theme into Filezilla, I keep getting this in my wordpress themes sections:

“The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Don’t upload whole downloaded package, you need extract it and find the theme in ‘Theme’ folder. If you need some help on installation please send email via our profile contact form http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio

Worked perfectly, and thank you for the quick response. One more thing. For the slider images, what would you recommend for the dimensions?

more than 928px in width and 400px in height for better looks

Hey iWeb, another question.

When I am uploading images to the slider, it is "zooming in."  What I mean is that portions of the top and bottom of the photo are being taken out.  Is there something that I can do to fix this and get the whole image showing in the slider?  I tried the settings small medium large and actual, but the same thing happened.
Also, what are the dimensions for a background image? I know that the image itself needs to be a certain size, and then the visible part needs to be a certain size on either side.  Can you please tell me the width of these two parts, as well as if there is a way to make the background image scroll as the user scrolls?


The theme uses image resizer and resize uploaded slider image to 890×374 (width-height). For faster assist please send your wp-admin access via our profile contact form so I can check it directly

Hello, I want to tun the description off on the slider, how can i do this?


actually, forget my last post, i did it with css



I want to make the bullet points on an unordered list within the page body fall inline with the rest of the text (at the moment they are to the left of the text)

How can I do this?

Best regards

by default unordered list from wordpress editor works like that, if you need the list inline with the rest of text so you need to customize the unordered list style

Hi there! I purchased Camouflet a few days ago and am loving it so far! I do have one problem that has popped up though… I have added some custom css to the my installation of Camouflet, but it is being overridden by the default css. I have included my custom css in the custom css box in the theme options, and i have also tried simply inserting it as an external style, but neither works. Viewing it in Firebug, it is showing up as is written correctly (i am simply trying to change a couple simple things about the headings) but is definitely being overwritten by the default styles.

Is there something i have maybe missed doing for activating the custom css? I would rather avoid just putting !important after every little customization i want to make…

Thanks for your help!


Please send your wp-admin access via our profile contact form http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio so I can give assit

Thank you! I have just sent a message :-)

Actually, I figured out what i did wrong with using an external stylesheet (i just needed to link it right before the /head tag instead of nearer to the top). I never did figure out why the custom css box wasn’t working, but the external stylesheet works fine so it’s ok :-)

I do have another problem that i can’t figure out though… I can’t seem to make a comment boxes appear on an individual page. When i started the site i had disabled all comments, but now the client wants one page with comments, so i have enabled them. Here is what i have done: - I have enabled them in both the Wordpress Discussion area - I have enabled them in the Theme Options page - After doing this, i created a new page and allowed comments ... but no comments box is showing up. I have tried emptying my cache but it is still not working. Can you let me know if i missed anything? The page where i have set up comments is here: http://summerlandbeachrv.com/home/?page_id=135

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it! I emailed you this message a few days ago, but i thought i would post it here in case you’ve missed it! :-)

The WordPress visual editor no longer works since WordPress was updated, the HTML text editor still works fine. Are you going to create an update for the Camouflet theme to fix this?

@suesdesign have you been able to fix the problem with the visual editor tab in the posts and pages? I have the same issue with this theme. I have sent a email to iWebStudio no response so far.