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I love the look and feel of this theme and have purchased it for a client as an eCommerce site. I have another client who I might use this theme for as well…I assume it’s pretty easy to strip away all of the eCommerce functionality and just make it into a Magazine style theme?


Yeah, Camp is built on our fully-featured Theme framework with eCommerce on top. You can easily use the theme without the eCommerce portion and still have a fully functioning WordPress site. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Great theme, so far so good except for one issue I’m having. I have several products the are tall and skinny so the product photo on the individual product page and on the store/catalog page is cropped. In other words, the top and bottom are cut off. I have tried changing the settings of the image crops in woocommerce and then regenerating my thumbnails but nothing fixes the problem.

I really just need that main product image to remain in the same aspect ratio as the original photo I’m importing. I hope there is a way to make this happen (without adjusting the image in photoshop) or the theme is kind of useless to me. Is there a simple why to fix this?


Yes, easy way to fix this. Please join our support forums and post your question there. Also, this is noted in the documentation under the “Customizations” heading and “Adjusting Image Sizes”.

Just a couple of questions before buying..

1/ Is it possible to add categories to products that are “new”, “coming” or “on sale” so that the pics of that products have a matching symbol somewhere in the corner?

2/Are there any other options for browsing the gallery of a selected product except the lightbox view (when a user want’s to see additional pics of a product) – let’s say if I click on a thumbnail image it shows in the larger view and if I click on the larger view it shows in the lightbox or even better in the mega jumbo lightbox view :)?

3/This is not a question but a compliment – A very good template ProgressionStudios!


1) The only built-in tag is a “sale” tag that is automated. There is no other tag that is added to the products.

2) All images are grouped in the Lightbox automatically on the product post page. So you have next/previous and navigation buttons. As far as opening the images in a lightbox on the product index page instead of going to the product page, this is possible but would require minor customization on your part.

3) :-)


I think I missed your second question. Feel free to ask your second question again as I didn’t quite understand.


Thank you for a quick reply I will ask the 2st question again and 1st also, sorry :)

1/I have some products that are NEW and some SALE or COMING or SOLD and I want 4 categories for them:
- Category NEW : all pictures of products automatically get an icon NEW
- Category SALE : all pictures of products get an icon SALE
- ...
In this example they have SALE icon on products that are on sale http://www.westfield.com.au/au/products#super_cat=bags-luggage In your reply you say SALE “TAG” – is it something like this example? Sorry if i am not clear :(

2/ This example has a product page with a big image of the product and a few more pictures of the same product as thumbs, when you click on the thumb – the big image is replaced


Can you please tell me does the gallery have any other options besides this one in the example http://camp.progressionstudios.com/shop/fancy-womens-ring/ I would like your additional images to open like the big image above them first.

Best regards


1) Yes, the sale tag is just like your example :-). As I mentioned above we have a “Sale” icon built-in but no New, Coming soon or Sold.

2) Nope, the only option is the example in the live preview. We decided to just open the images in a lightbox rather than moving to the larger box first. This is mostly because it works better on mobile and tablet devices.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

When I buy is it possible for you to implement that feature with few more tags?

That is it, thank you

You would be responsible for adding/hiring a developer for any customizations. Feel free to send me a private e-mail and I can provide you a quote for any customizations:

hey again,

Just a quick question about the flexibility of the template.

1. Can menu text be changed? 2. Can the height of the menu bar be adjusted


1) Yeah, the menu text can easily be changed. This is using WordPress’s built in menu system:

2) The height adjustment would require adjusting two lines of CSS and the background image.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I have a Shopping CartQuestion.

My client is wanting to have 3 forms of shipping associated with Domestic and International shipping.

They would be able to choose between three options of shipping at different prices.

For example:

Domestic: Texas Rate A: Overnight – $12.00 fee Rate B: 4 Day Shipping – $4.00 Rate C: 12 Day Shipping – $2.00

Is this possible using this Shopping Cart?

Also – he is asking about SSL for the shopping cart pages – how does this theme handle this?

Thank you in advance


Three Shipping Methods/Prices: Yes this is possible. It is called “Shipping Classes” and it is built-in to WooCommerce.

SSL : Yes SLL is supported. Here is documentation on how to set this up with our theme:

Also you can check-out a list of additional (for pay) extentions that WooCommerce offers here: http://www.woothemes.com/extensions/woocommerce-extensions/


Thanks for the quick response!

I will check out the links you provided.

Appreciate it.

Hi, in single product view, if I click other image, the main image does not change? instead, it opens lightbox window?


Yep, that’s how we have it set. We decided it made more sense to full-view the image automatically with the next/previous button in the Lightbox. You could add a tiny bit of javascript to have the images replace the main one if it’s an issue for you but we found it to be much better to just open straight into a lightbox.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey there,

Can you download and install other widgets in the template and will the adapt to the design automatically?



Widgets will always fit automatically in the sidebar. The design won’t adapt to all widgets as most widgets come with custom styling. No theme can adapt to all third party widgets as there are hundreds of thousands in all variations.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi. We are thinking about buying this theme. It looks really great. But we have pre purchase questions: 1. Is there a possibility of using custom google fonts directly from the admin panel? 2. Is it possible to have a sliding down shopping cart when you scroll/click over the cart symbol in the header?

Thank you for your answers Regards Julian


1) Yes we have a spot to change fonts in the theme options panel. Note: You still would have to drop the embed code in the header.php file if using a custom font.

2) Nope, but you could add the cart as a widget in the sidebar. This will show the content of the cart in the sidebar while shopping.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


1. Is it possible to get a complete list of widgets available in the theme 2. Can you add the widgets from woocommerce to the theme



1) All default WordPress and WooCommerce Widgets along with Twitter, Flickr, Homepage Latest Posts, Homepage Latest Portfolio Posts, Homepage Product Posts, Homepage Featured Product Posts and a Homepage Featured Text Widget. This adds up to a TON of widgets :-)

2) Yes, all widgets included from WooCommerce come with our theme and are styled properly.

I am specially looking for:

1. Other users who bought this product also bought….... 2. Subscribe to newsletter

Also on the productcard can you hide the field for coupon codes?



1) This is not built into WooCommerce. You can only recommend products manually or automatically let it choose for you as shown in the live preview.

2) I suggest using MailChimp for a newsletter.

3) Yes, you can hide any fields.

alsamaza Purchased

Problem solved.


Glad to hear! If you have any questions in the future, feel free to post them in our support forums:


Sorry if you’ve already answered this question somewhere.. Is it possible to make the slider on the homepage a full-width slider? Would I need to use the 3rd party plugin for it? If, so do you have any you would recommend? (I don’t mind paying for one). I’m wanting to do something like this.

Thanks in advance!


Yeah, I could help you in our support forums with adjusting the menu spacing. We don’t help with customizations but something basic like that is no problem.

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Awesome, feel free to post any questions in our support forums:

We are always happy to help.

I think I am having a communication error with the homepage and the widgets. I created a homepage per your instructions but now none of the widgets that I add are showing up. What could be wrong? link – http://untuckedaway.com/

Additionally, my social media icons are not like the ones shown in the live preview. I read your answer that you linked to someone elses question but after following the instructions, the social icons remain the same.

Thanks in advance.

Please post any questions in our support forums:

can the shop category have any sub category’s also can the shop menu be on the left and not the right


Yeah, Camp supports multi-level categories. Do you want to move the sidebar to the left instead of the right? If so, then yes that is possible with one line of css. You can jump on our support forums after purchase if you need any help with that.

Let me know if you have any other pre-purchase questions.

hello i install the themes with wordpress 3.4.2 install setting but there no WooCommerce Shop Ready check your email ive sent my details

I haven’t received an e-mail from you. Also, you don’t have a purchased badge. Make sure you have indeed purchased this theme. Then send me an e-mail via the contact form on the bottom right of this page:

First, let me say that this a beautiful, clean theme!

I have a couple of pre-purchase questions:

1.) Is it possible to change the portfolio to more of a ‘gallery’ of sorts, so that if I set it up to a four column ‘gallery’, people could click on the images and it would take them to a custom (full width) page I’ve put together?

2.) I’m assuming there should be no issues with embedding videos – or anything else for that matter?

3.) I’ve already visited your great forum and perused some of the other questions left, and see that it’s possible to change the dimensions of the images (great!!), but is it also possible to change the blog post image dimensions to something much smaller (more square)?

4.) Can the width of the homepage slider be changed to about half the current size, then add a text frame right next to it? (Homepage slider on the left with static description text located to the right?)

Thanks so much, Mike!!


1) You can adjust the portfolio to a four column easily as shown in the live preview. We include two portfolio single templates, one that is full-width and another that has the image on the side of the text as shown in the live preview.

2) Portfolios can easily embed videos. The eCommerce doesn’t support embeded videos though.

3) Yeah, you can easily change the blog post as well. I can assist you with that in the forum if you have any questions.

4) This would be a customization but it shouldn’t be difficult. Right now we support a basic caption but it just runs at the bottom of the slider. The good thing is you would already have the code for pulling content in setup in the slider. It would then just be resizing the image and some CSS .

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Before I buy your item I would like to know if I can add options to an item (and each option has an unique price). My product looks like this: PRODUCT A : -choose quantity -choose size -choose quality -choose shipping

Can I make this with you ecommerce theme? Thanks!

Yes, this is supported. You can have unique prices per attribute. Here is some information on this if you are curious:

Hi guys,

I just bought the theme: but I do notice a small problem. On my iPhone 4S, your demo site isn’t showing up too well. In the checkout, the buttons are all crammed over the top of each other, and things like that.

Will there be some type of better optimised version coming out in the future for mobile browsers?


We offer theme support via our support forum. Please post all support questions through our support forum. We reserve the item comments for pre-purchase questions.

Visit the Support Forum here