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I also happen to have view problems in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 (the three columns features don’t get side by side). On yahoo, i also get an ugly mobile version of this theme.

I wrote two support emails to on 11th July and 23th July without answers.

I’m getting really disappointed now.

Well more than a month has passed without any answer except from your “we’re replying” comments, which you obviously didn’t. I’ve mailed you 3 times and commented 3 times because you didn’t answer. Don’t bother anymore, i bought another template which works great with Outlook and Yahoo. I just want your customers to know you DON’T PROVIDE ANY SUPPORT for your product.

Hi service_itmv

We are very sure that we have replied to your message, we have 0 unread message in our inbox, we reply to all message in a short time and we can’t ignore any of them..

Please check your Spam folder.

We are really sorry about that, but we are certain that we have replied to your message.

We are always ready to give support, please contact us.

No you have not replied, the last email i got from you is dated from 27th July, asking for html source which i sent you per mail (twice). Nothing in the spam folder either. You even asked me to send you a reminder which i did on 13th August. Search for your reply, transfer it to my email address and i’ll be happy to apologize. But for now, i keep saying that you didn’t provide any support.

What do we need to do to make this work with Mailchimp RSS?

Hi Davhad

Here is Tutorial made by Mailchimp

Thank you.

Hi I am having issues with the portfolio grid in layout 9 rendering on phone. The images align left, then right, then left and so on. This look messy.

It is stated that the email template is responsive.

I have sent an email to the support email address.



Hi greypocket

Please contact us at support(@) and we will help you in everything.

Thank you


I have, just before posting on here. Please check your inbox from 11 hours ago.


A reply was sent to you, please check your inbox.

I am also having issue with template #4 it is not displaying properly in yahoo mail and really is not responsive on my phone. I put together and email using our photos and then sent out the as is template and had the same problems.

We have sent you an email !

Thanks! Everything was resolved to our complete satisfaction :)

We are so glad to hear that, if you need anything else please let us know.

Good luck !

Customised Email template for my HSE company, Mann Associates Nigeria (RC 312340). Web address I’m on +2348073118801 Skype mrs oyofo Cheers

We will contact you right now , Thank you

I am somewhat new to html emails and wondering if I am able to just edit this in a text editor and use google to send it out?

Hi fallingwatergardens

Yes you can absolutely do that.


I want to buy these emails, I need to know if I can change the html and replace the images freely with dreamweaver. Then I can send these emails with Safari? Or please let you know a way to send html email with gmail or other browsers. thanks

Hi iwebsite2014

Yes you can edit HTML as you like, you have just to respect image sizes and everything should work fine.

There are many ways to send your email, you can use gmail or any other email services like maiclhimp or campaign monitor.

If you need more help please contact us at support(@)

Thank you


Nukezm Purchased

I am also having issue with template not displaying properly in yahoo mail and really is not responsive on my phone. Please help. Thanks

We just sent you a reply

Please note that we reply to all emails in the order in which they are received, in your case you receive a reply within 24 hours from your request.



Nukezm Purchased

never got a reply

Please check your Spam folder, we have sent a reply to this email address craigc(@)

Templates looks great! We’re considering purchase. Would you mind sharing the song you play in your Vimeo demo video?

Thanks, Matt

Thank you Modern8583

The song is : Inspirational Piano Music – Dare to Dream Big

if you need anything else let us know ;)

We are still seeing errors in the Template not rendering well in Outlook 2007-2010, our client is NOT happy. I see that this is not uncommon either from the above posts. Can you help with a solution please via email?

Please contact us at support(@) and we will help you in everything.


I’m using the template ‘layout1>white>red’ template for Mailchimp. The images i upload to use in the newsletter, look fine at desktop. But on tablet and mobile the images are blown up so the result is very pixelated images. Is there a way to upload bigger images so on mobile devices the images do look sharp?

Best regards

Please contact us at support(@) and we will help you with everything.

Awesome email, looks nice. Have you tested this on with their 40 email clients?

We have tested the template with email on acid, it has more than 40 email clients :)

Is is possible for this email template to work with any drag and drop editors like what is on themeforest or codecanyon already?? I know they work with campaign manager etc but are there any drag and drop editors like this

No, every builder has its own templates but you contact the author of the builder and ask him if he can do it for you for extra charges .. Thank you

this doesn’t seem to work well in yahoo, how do I fix the yahoo display? the layout seems to shift to the left cutting off some of the content. I only have this issue in yahoo, everywhere else looks good, unfortunately my client only uses yahoo…any help greatly be appreciated!!! thanks

Yes please contact us trough and we will assist you in everything ..


There is no Drag and drop functionality in Mail Chimp as advertised. In this photo you show being able to add different layout sections:

There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this?

please check this video tutorial and follow it step by step:

Does the theme come with buttons? All the buttons are images. I would appreciate direction here. I’m using just the HTML and not using it for Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor

Please contact us at support(@) and we will help you


mailfed Purchased


I’m interested to buy this package. I’ve 2 questions before moving ahead. Hope you will be happy to help me here.

1. Are these 288 templates in zip format that I just need to upload to my campaign manager ? Or, these are just basic style sheets that I need to work on and create new new templates ?

2. Will there be an online editor available with this ? like a website builder ?

I’ve been sending a couple of emails for past few days. But you seems to have missed all those.

Hi mailfed, thanks for your comment

1 – You can use any template you want and customize it as you like, all templates are fully compatible with mailchimp and compaign monitor

2 – Unfortunately campaigner is our first email template and it doesn’t come with a new builder, if we update the product we will notify you

Thanks and sorry for the late reply

hi, there are 9 color schemes, but do i can edit all colors at mailchimp? thanks for the info. best, matthias

You can import any file you want to mailchimp and customize it as you like, but mailchimp doesn’t allow you to edit background colors, you have to do it throw HTML code or contact us to help you with this

Hi bro,

On Template 8 (Mailchimp) have problem with Readmore button (2 column vertical). It’s direct same link

Hi There, Great looking templates. Quick question, is the responsive nature of this template acheived through css found within the head tag. Cause if so than it cannot be used in gmail to send outwards since gmail does not accept any head info. Or is the responsiveness achieved through inline

the responsive version was tested on Gmail too and it’s working via inline. Thanks a lot