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Is this theme compatible with Disqus? I’d like to use it for the comments section instead because I already have accounts for it. (It can be installed as a widget)

Hi dannyr1,

Thanks for the question. I haven’t personally tried this with Disqus – but if you run into an issue with it, feel free to let me know at our dedicated support forum and I can add it to our notes.

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It appears to be working okay, but once people start commenting then we will get a better idea.

Hello , how can I remove the header that appears in posts, I mean the file icon, username, date, category and No comments. I’d like to remove all of them.


Hi palacin,

Try adding this snippet to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS:
.single .entry-meta, .single .sub-meta-hr {
  display: none;
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No worries, let me know if you run into any other issues, or questions.

Good day, I have just updated visual composer but it seems to have stopped working on the theme. Is this a known error? Do i have to update campus theme as well? currently on Version: I have emailed them as well but i was hoping it would be a quick fix and you guys have always been awesome in support. regards Mark White

Hi markvwhite,

Thanks for the question! If you’re on Campus v. and are having issues with the latest release of Visual Composer, then I definitely recommend updating the theme as well. This should clear up any issues that might be coming from this older version. You can find all of the updates at our update log.

From there, I recommend running through our Standard Troubleshooting Steps.

For more information on updating, check out this article.

If you are still having issues after that, please let me know by filing a bug report at our dedicated support forum :)

Cheers! Charlie

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report filed. thanks


How can I disable the option to post a comment after the end of every page and posts?

thanks in advance

Hi palacin,

Thanks for the question. This theme uses the native WordPress option for this, so you can manage this quickly via the Quick Edit option in the All Posts panel: or you can reveal the Discussion section via the Screen Options on the actual post and manage this there.

I can also add this to our feature request list and roll out a global option for this, but the ways mentioned are currently the best options.

You can also hide the Comments section by adding a quick snippet like this to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS:
#comments {
  display: none;

If you run into any other issues, feel free to file a support request or bug report at our dedicated support forum.

Cheers! Charlie

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Is it possible to change the colour of this theme from blue to red? If so is it quite straight forward?

Many Thanks

Yep, the Primary and Secondary color options manage the default colors across the site – then the rest of the panel provides additional control:

Hope that helps!


I have a problem with the progress bar. I don’t know why it doesn’t work. A couple of days ago it was fine. mi site: http://bit.ly/1IqwIQ2 (the only change that i made is delete the category names for the entries)

Thanks for the help. Regards

Hi msltda,

Thanks for the question. If you are having issues, I recommend running through our Standard Troubleshooting Steps. For more information regarding the latest update, please refer to the update log.

Cheers! Charlie

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In Safari and Chrome my website looks great, but in Firefox and Explorer the title/logo image is far too large and not responsive. It won’t change size even if I resize the browser, but it will in Safari and Chrome. Is there a way I can fix this? Here is the website if you would like to take a look for yourself: http://www.scifhigheredu.org

Hi dannyr1,

Thanks for the question!

01 – Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS and add this snippet:
.site-title > img {
  width: 100%;

02 – There’s lots of information out there on this subject, but not theme specific to my knowledge. Take a quick look at this link: http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/take-control-of-how-your-posts-look-when-shared-in-social-media/

I also recommend doing a plugin search to see if you can find something that would provide some custom feature to control this.

Finally, you can use their tool to debug this: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/

Hope that helps!

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Cheers, Charlie


dannyr1 Purchased

1. All fixed! Yay! Thank you! 2. First I messed with Jetpack and it seems there is some code you can enter to fix it but I don’t know where to enter the code (http://jetpack.me/tag/open-graph/). Then I tried one of the suggested pluggins from the first link and it didn’t work. After that I tried the second suggested plugin (NextGEN Facebook) and it said to wait 24 hours before it will work. The first plugin may have created a few issues but hopefully it will all work fine by tomorrow. Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the update! Keep me posted with what ends up working for you. The FB stuff gets beyond the scope of our support, but I’m always game to offer information if I have it and love to hear about new workarounds. The 24 hour wait time is probably to allow for propagation or something similar to occur. You might also want to purge your server cache, clear browser history, and flush any cache from plugins (if applicable) just in case too.

Good luck!

I really like this theme but before i move forward i have a couple of questions. I had a bad experience with a previous theme so i’m being a little more thorough this time :)

I want to use this theme for a regular ol blog, and I also want to use it to build a services website for myself. How easy is it to just set up a basic blog with a header, menu, right side bar and posts?

the last theme made it very difficult to remove sliders. I don’t like sliders, don’t want them don’t need them. Does your theme make it easy to remove them? In previous themes there would always been some snippet of code showing where the slider would go.


Hi Englandborn1,

Thanks for the question and I apologize about the delay over the weekend.

I’ve tried to make this theme as easy to use as possible while maintaining native functionality and adding our own custom functionality. To take this a step further, we’re including Visual Composer to give you ultimate control over your content: http://vcpreview.com/

The blog page is built by assigning the Blog page template, setting the number of posts per page, and assigning categories to filter posts based on the categories assigned to them. Here’s a basic video that I put together on the relationship between posts and the portfolio (which is the same as the blog minus the actual output):

For example, here are the page options for this link: http://campus.themeisland.net/blog-classic-style/

You’ll see that there are some options below that you can use that are included with the theme – or you can just leave these blank and add content via the Content Editor.

I’m even planning on rolling this new set of global post options in the next update for those who have requested additional control:

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Cheers! Charlie

I’m evaluating your template. Its’ possible to have two columns (two widgets) with articles in home page ?


Hi sscriboni,

Thanks for the question. I’m not exactly sure of the specifics regarding your endgoal, but I can tell you that you can pretty much have anything on your home page. We’ve coded this so that you can use any page as your home page by navigating to Settings > Reading > Front page > Static front page (and selecting any published page from the dropdown).

This means, that if you can build it, it can be your front page. We’re also including the Visual Composer page builder to provide additional help for building pages without needing to know any code :)

Finally, you can use a VC module to display your articles or you can use the Blog page template or Post Grid template (included). All content in the content editor/built with VC will display before the posts when using this template.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, I have to develop a school website and I need almost two columns with article news and events.

Thank you.

this is for a high school site. i would like to be able to upload student results, and have the students create an account and login to view results. is that something I can do with this theme

duplicate ;)

this is for a high school site. i would like to be able to upload student results, and have the students create an account and login to view results. is that something I can do with this theme

Hi gabby3467,

Thanks for the question.

The Campus theme isn’t doing anything in regards to user roles or user permissions. With that said, we’ve coded this theme to take on any additional plugins or functionality that you might want to add.

For example, if you wanted to use this theme as a system for providing test scores, grades, and other read only content – you have a couple options – but this is not theme specific, so the decision/work is up to you. Here are some options/things to consider:

01 – You could use the native WordPress Content Visibility functionality: https://codex.wordpress.org/Content_Visibility

02 – From there, you can use a plugin to extend this functionality.

03 – As the admin – you can upload files to your media library and display them on the front end using the native Add Media button in the content area. You can also use something like Shortcodes Ultimate to display a document reader – and assign, for example, a pdf.

04 – Beyond that, if you’d like users to only have access to their content, you’ll need to consider adding a dedicated post/page for each student (as private) and manage these individually (along with user passcodes) OR look into using a plugin that can provide a better alternative.

05 – Further, there are LMS plugins like Sensei that provide this type of functionality, along with lots of other things. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive plugin, this will be a more all-in-one option.

Finally, everything that we include in the theme is provided in the theme-demo. Anything beyond that would be up to you ;)

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other theme related questions.


Thank you for your response. I think I have a found a plugin that I can use. I am ready to get started. However I am trying to decide between your two – themes Campus and Polytechnic. What is the main difference in functionality between the two themes or do they essentially do the same thing? Which is the more robust theme?

Hi gabby3467,

Polytechnic is going to be the more robust of the two. In my humble view, it really comes down to the project and where you want your starting place to be.

There are some similarities, for example, both themes include a Blog page template (which can be added to any page), a Post Grid template (again, usable however many times you might want), and both include a Tophat Dropdown Area.

From there, though, Polytechnic starts to focus on advanced features – for example, it’s own Polytechnic Courses plugin, which is a simple/lite plugin per-integrated to offer a free option for our users.

It also includes a Faculty Grid page template that can filter Faulty users by the categories assigned to their courses (like a Faculty page for the whole Bio staff, or a Faculty page for just the AP Bio teachers – by simply selecting the Bio or AP & Bio categories).

It also offers out of the gate support for the Max Mega Menu plugin, the Responsive Menu plugin, the Sensei LMS plugin, The Events Calendar plugin, a custom user login, a dropdown header, a frontend customizer, a custom built Visual Composer Hover Image extension, and I just released our beta WPML supported version.

Hope that helps a bit. Charlie


ntnu Purchased

Hello, I bought the Campus theme and really like building our website with it. I have a question about the search bar in the tophat section. I would like it to display as the full width search bar, but cannot figure out how to turn off the action that closes it. Could you assist me with this? Thanks!

Hi ntnu,

This is beyond our basic scope of support, but I can offer you some quick css that should help keep this open regardless of the focus state of the element. For example, you might try adding something like this to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS:
#section-tophat .search input.field {
  background-color: #fff;
  width: 200px;
Adding !important to anything that you think might be overridden by a higher value rule.

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mjemma18 Purchased

How do you update the already installed theme of Campus??


jremley Purchased

Purchased and installed theme today, and was immediately notified that the WPBakery Visual Composer plugin needs to be updated to 4.5.3. How do I get this update? Thank you.

Rolling an update out as soon as I can. Should be out by the end of the month ;)


jremley Purchased

Thank you, I found that article after I posted this. Thank you for the prompt and thorough reply to the ticket I submitted as well!

Hi, I can’t view the live preview of this theme. I am getting a “too many redirects” error.

Hi stencel, Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t had any other reports of this, and don’t seem to have anything in my error logs. If you are still having issues, you might try the hard link for the live demo: http://campus.themeisland.net/ and/or clearing your browser cache.

Let me know if you’re still having issues with viewing the demo.