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rbozsan Purchased

what slider are you using on the demo site? I tried 5 different ones and no luck

Hi rbozsan,

The zip that you’ll want to import for the Home Page is the homepage_slider.zip file found in Resources/Sliders/Theme-Zips:

You can find additional information regarding this in part 6.2 of the documentation included. If you still have any other questions not covered in the documentation, feel free to let me know at our dedicated support forum.

Cheers! Charlie

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I would like to know if its possible to set a specific width for a widget. When I use only 1 sidebar option, the widget area is too wide. So i would like to know how to set the widget area to 1/4 size of the full width for the content area

in reference to the above comment – I meant sidebar. i would like to know how to set the sidebar area to 1/4 size of the full width for the content area I would like to know if its possible to set a specific width for the sidebar. When I use only 1 sidebar option, the sidebar area is too wide. So i would like to know how to set the sidebar area to 1/4 size of the full width for the content area

Also, when I place text over a colored background in a content row, the text color shows as gray, but I want the text color to be white. How do I change that? I have looked in the theme options under the skin builder, but I am unsure which option to change.

Hi gabby3467,

Thanks for the questions. To help, though, I may need some clarification. Specifically, some additional details regarding the elements in question including: an active link to the element in question, a screenshot of the element in question (so that we can confirm that we are focused on the same thing), and the engoal.

You can also file this at our dedicated support forum if you like :)

Cheers! Charlie

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Hello. I am experiencing major issues with adding the tab ID’s into the Navagation menu as they DO NOT WORK.. I am putting the tab IDs (ex: tab ID=”1437104658570-2-4) into the Nav menu (ex: url: #tab-45ee243f-e04f-0) and it only works for the first tab. I even tried the ui-id-1 and nothing works. I need the navigation menu to open the tab it’s related to. I do not want to have build extra pages. Thanks for your help in advance.

Am I really the first person to ask this? Well, since I did not buy VC from them directly they will not offer me support (see below) Hi, it seems you purchased VC within a theme – in such case you should either ask your theme author to provide support or consider purchasing direct license for VC as our support is available for direct customers only with direct license key of VC.

Am I really the first person to ask this? Well, since I did not buy VC from them directly they will not offer me support (see below) Hi, it seems you purchased VC within a theme – in such case you should either ask your theme author to provide support or consider purchasing direct license for VC as our support is available for direct customers only with direct license key of VC.

I completely understand your frustrations.

Again, I am happy to help with anything that they support natively, but if they don’t support deeplinking (ie. don’t advertise it, and don’t have anything in their documentation that addresses it) I don’t have any additional information on how to make it do something that it doesn’t do out of the box.

As I mentioned before, if you want some additional help with some functionality not advertised in our demo – or if you want hands on technical support regarding a specific plugin, you are always welcome to pick up a stand alone license.

To clarify, the scope of our support is limited to bug reports and issues that arise from the stock theme. That means, we are happy to help out with anything, and I mean anything advertised on the demo. As for customizations, building custom content, and other server/user specific situations, though, you can file a Requests with us that we can consider (90 % of the time I will help requests that are even outside of our support), but we do not officially support anything beyond the stock theme files.

Again, I am here if you run into an issue, and you can file a private request with any necessary information.

I hope that help clear the air a bit, and again I apologize about any frustration that you ran into in regards to this. I seriously do try to help all of you guys out, and when the approach is clear and amicable – I’ll usually go a bit further than I would otherwise ;)


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drbilal Purchased


I have asked this in the support forum but did not receive a proper response. Simple question – I want to remove the “leave a reply” option that shows on the bottom of every page from all pages. There must be a simple one step fix to remove it completly from the site. Please let me know.


Hi drbilal,

I apologize if we’ve overlooked something in one of your support requests. Do you have a ticket number that I can reference?

Here are some notes that should help out:

You have a couple options here for pages:

01 – WP Options – First, you can use the native WP options to remove this from any page.

  • Via Quick Edit > by deselecting the Allow Comments radio button > and hit update
  • Via the Page > Screen Options > Enable Discussion (if it isn’t already) > Scroll Down to the Discussion Section > and de-select the Allow Comments button > and hit update

02 – Customize with CSS – Alternatively, if you’d like to handle this with a CSS, you can manage this on a more global level. For example, you could add a snippet to Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS like this:

.page #comments {
  display: none;

to remove all comments areas from all pages. This would negate the native WP options for the affected pages, but then you could just use some CSS per page to re-enable this.


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I am studying a solution to a online courses platform. There are a few things that we need: - charge a premium monthly subscription to all content; - charge a regular subscription to a part of the content; - have Free lessons, as a trial of each course; - great analytics, so that I can pay profit shares to the teachers with an intuitive and scalable solution. We need something like [minutes attended per class per month]/[total minutes attended on all platform per month] and a CSV file would be great; - the possibility to sell just one lesson (not really needed, but certainly a plus).

Thank you very much for your feedback.

Best regards.

Hi MauricioAHP,

Thanks for the question. Everything that you see in the demo for Campus is supported. Currently, we are not including a pre-integrated Learning Management System for this theme, but you are always welcome to integrate your own (like any 3rd party plugin) depending on your project. There are several out there, but for this theme – the integration would be up to you.

Hope that helps! Charlie

Charlie I know the Envato policies state that you don’t support 3rd party plugins but considering this theme is heavily reliant on the Visual Composer plugin, I was wondering if you might be able to offer suggestions with regard to load time issues. I am experiencing severely long load times with Visual Composer activated. When it’s de-activated the load times are normal.

Hi Iaduewebmaster,

Thanks for the question and I’m really sorry to hear about your issue. I am happy to help with this, though!

If you are having load time issues, first check out this article: Site Loading Slowly

Also, I recommend this article on our Standard Troubleshooting Steps.

From there, if you are still having issues – please let me know by filing a ticket with some additional information so that I can help out.

File a Support Request

Cheers! Charlie

Will there be future development to add a custom post type for “Staff”, this is one crucial feature missing from a “university, college, education” theme.


Hi wurzy05,

Thanks for the question and feature request. Can you provide some additional information regarding this? I’m not sure how a Staff CPT would be better than using Roles but I’d love to hear what you need is to see if I can help out.

There are also plugins out there that add CPT and custom Roles/permissions – so it may help to understand how you’d like this integrated into this theme specifically.

Cheers! Charlie

Sorry, I meant more of a forward facing “Staff” list one that you can add employees with contact info and brief bios that would be on the website.

Hi wurzy05,

Thanks for that additional info. I’m actually working on a plugin that might accomplish this, but nothing theme specific at the moment. If I have time, I’ll try to hit this during my next dev session with this theme.

Cheers! Charlie

I have a couple of questions before I buy: 1. What is the exact size of the image we need to have in the header area? I am wanting to make sure my entire image is on the slider and not cropped out. 2. Is there a demo file to load the website like the demo?

Hi SilkSmoov,

Included in the files is a Documentation folder and Resources folder that includes everything needed to copy the demo. I’m also including the PSDs used for the Logo image that you mentioned and the Flag image used for the Tophat Dropdown Trigger:

01 – The exact size of the logo/header image is 690×50px. In case you’re interested in the slider image bg size, the home page slider is using 1120×300.

02 – Yep, there’s actual a step-by-step guide/pdf included along with the resources needed.

Hope that helps! Charlie

Hi. I tried to post a support ticket but it says my purchase code is not valid? Here is my issue: ??Hi. We are about to launch the site on Tuesday and I updated the theme to the most recent and my homepage images and text lost their formatting. The site is vthsboys.org. The images are huge and the text is also much bigger than it was. It seems to only be a homepage issue. Please advise. Thank you. ?I am happy to post in the support forum but it is not working for me.

Hi ejones,

Thanks for letting me know. I still have support tickets coming through, so I’m not sure why your having that issue with the forum. That said, I have some recommendations. They may or may not work, but I’m working a bit blind since I don’t have any other reports of this:

I recommend running through these Standard Troubleshooting Steps.

From there, if you’re still having issues – I’ll need a login to take a quick look (with all STSs followed). Please try to file a private ticket again, and if that’s still not working – shoot me a DM.

Beyond that, though, you may want to restore your site from your backup.


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Hello, i am having trouble with the navigation bar, i’v loaded many pages and they dont seem to display. domain: http://glenhavensecondary.co.za, please can you assist as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

Hi JasonDeepchund,

Thanks for the question but this is password protected. If you still need help:

01 – First, try running through our Standard Troubleshooting Steps to see if that clears this up for you.

02 – From there, if you are still having issues – please provide some additional information including 01 – 05 in that article: File a Support Request


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bolaoni Purchased

I love this theme at first sight and I am already using it but I need to have a photo gallery for my website. What gallery/portfolio plugin works with this theme and how can I add it to the home page if I have to.

Awaiting your esteemed response asap.

Keep up the great work

Hi bolaoni,

Thanks for the question and for being patient over the weekend. The theme comes with a “Portfolio” page template (which display’s post featured images, etc.): http://polytechnic.themeisland.net/portfolio/

From there, you could use the native WP gallery by using either the standard content editor or within a Visual Composer Text module.

You could also use the included Visual Composer plugin specifically to build this type of page. They have some basic examples demoed here: Creative Portfolio Example Basic Portfolio Full Width Portfolio

Hope that helps! Charlie

Visual Composer needs an update to 4.7?

Guys, seriously, can you give better support? 19 hours ago I posted a question. I need the updated VC plugin. I would purchase it outright, but you “baked it” into the theme which was a really bad idea. I also do not like having outdated plugins, leaving the website vulnerable to hackers, etc. The update also fixes slow loading animations which is an issue with my current site. I really need to have this fixed.

Thanks guys! Take a look of what I just received: Where is your update?

We have recently scanned one or more users on your DreamHost account for potential security threats.

The following files/directories had insecure permissions (777), which have been remediated.


IMPORTANT NOTE: One or more of your users has been found to have a file or directory with fully open ‘777’ permissions. This allows full read, write, and execute access to everyone on the server. This makes your site vulnerable because if there is another user on your server that is hacked or malicious they could be looking to exploit other users with improper permissions. You should always use the default ‘755’ permissions setting for directories, and ‘644’ for files. The directories/files listed below have been reset to these values, but you must keep this in mind going forward in case this was a point of intrusion.

The above are potential indications that your website may be compromised, especially if there are files/directories with global read, write, and execute access.

An exploited hosting account is rarely fun and we empathize with this potentially frustrating and stressful problem. This notification is meant to help prevent more serious exploit. We’re here to help, but need your assistance in taking actions that involve updating web application versions, password changes and modification of files under your hosting account. The following recommendations will aid in mitigating against further attacks.

- Check your website(s) files for any 777 directories, (e.g. a directory that allows anyone on the server to write or edit the files in the directory; these permissions will look like rwxrwxrwx via the command line). Command Line Example: find . -perm 777

- Use a complex (8+ character) password, or even better, a passphrase with a mix of case, numbers and symbols. Test how long it take to crack on a modern PC: https://howsecureismypassword.net/

- Change your users password(s) by clicking under the Action Column for that user in our Web Panel:


If you have any questions, please reply to this email and we will be more than happy to assist you with securing your sites.

Please also see http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Security .


DreamHost Security Bot

Hi dcgraphics1,

Thanks. I have this time-lined for this week :)

Simply put, the new 4.7 version uses some new markup and has several changes for legacy and new users – so I’m working on a full theme update to accompany when I roll this included plugin update out.

As for the permissions issue that you’ve been informed of, I appreciate you sharing that. I personally haven’t heard of any permission or security issues with the provided 4.6.2 version of Visual Composer from customers or ThemeForest. If you’re running an older version than 4.6.2, then you can find the updated version in the theme-download-package/Resources/Plugins folder – which will include 4.7 in the coming update.

If you would like the opportunity to get the first available update (while still in moderation), feel free to shoot me a private support request and I’ll be happy to provide it there when it’s ready.

Just a quick note, per your feedback, Visual Composer will be updated to recommended in the coming update (as opposed to required). I appreciate the feedback.

Further, feel free to include any additional notes that you would like to see in up coming updates. The best way for me to help you guys out is if I’m aware of what you guys want :)


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How do i change the menu color blue to custom

Hi rahulnahata,

You can manage the background color of the primary navigation via Appearance > Theme Options > Skin Builder > Background Stripes > Navigation Color.

Note: You can use the Primary Color and Secondary Color in that panel as “quick colors” to change/set the fallbacks for these colors across the site. These are provided as the “base colors”, and the additional color options with override these for specific items (like navigation).

Let me know if that helps, and if you need additional help – please include some additional information (screenshot, url, endgoal, walkthrough).


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Hi, very good theme.

I find that the title tag gets duplicated when I use yoast plugin.

I followed this article, it fixed the issue. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/wordpress-seo-yoast-duplicate-site-title

<title><?php wp_title(''); ?></title>

And also on header.php, you use h1 for both class “site-title” and “page-title”. This makes two h1 tags for all pages. (Not good for SEO)

Hi technibits,

Thanks for the heads up! I’m currently working on an update for this theme and I’ve added this to my notes to take a look at. If it is something that makes sense on our end, I can include this update.

To be clear, we are following the Codex for wp_title(https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_title).

As for the H1 v. H2 – I’ll dig into this and see if I can fit this into the next update.

Cheers! Charlie

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