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simonben Purchased

Your fix worked perfectly. The countdown has now begun!

Many thanks for your quick support. Excellent service and an excellent theme too.

simonben Purchased

And I promise not to blame the theme if he fails to win his election, haha!


Maybe if he wins he can say that theme brought him election? :D

Purchased this theme then noticed the Q on here asking if it was responsive, and your response of ‘no’. Any chance you’re working on making it responsive? If not, I can’t use it.


Hi ministersisland,

this version isn’t responsive. However, we plan to make it responsive. To be honest, our priority in next couple of weeks will be two other themes, but as soon as time permits we will deal with this.

Can you please contact me via email and I will let you know as soon as we start working on Candidate update.

Thank you :)

Downloaded and activated the theme. You’ve done some really great work.

Two things: Could you share the fix on the countdown? Mine isn’t working either.

And, I need a search bar. There’s a conflict with the WP search widget. Any ideas?


Q1) I presume that you have problems with Easy WordPress Donations plugin. During our development we used one of old versions and that’s why there is a small conflict with new version. So, here is a quick fix:

1. go to includes/help/tb_enqueue.php

2. remove these lines:

if (wp_script_is('ewd-admin-scripts')) { wp_dequeue_script('ewd-admin-scripts'); wp_enqueue_script('ewd-admin-scripts', EWD_PLUGIN_DIR . 'includes/js/admin-scripts.js', array('jquery'), '1', false); } if (wp_script_is('ewd-scripts')) { wp_dequeue_script('ewd-scripts'); wp_enqueue_script('ewd-scripts', EWD_PLUGIN_DIR . 'includes/js/scripts.js', array('jquery'), '1', false); } if (wp_script_is('ewd-progress-bar')) { wp_dequeue_script('ewd-progress-bar'); wp_enqueue_script('ewd-progress-bar', EWD_PLUGIN_DIR . 'includes/js/progress-bar.js', array('jquery'), '1', false); }

...and that should help.


1. add this to style.css:

form#searchform input[type=text] {width: 130px; height: 22px; float: left; margin: 0 10px 10px 0;} form#searchform label {display: none;}

2. add this to js/themeblossom.js:

$(document).ready(function() { $(‘form#searchform #searchsubmit’).addClass(‘button’).addClass(‘roundButton’); });

NOTE : if you want extra rounded button, instead roundButton you should add roundButtonX

Please, let me know if that helps…

One more quick question: The header and footer in green are different greens. Is this intentional?


Yes, this is intentional :)

You can send by email what kind of change you want and we will try to help you.

Footer event timeline isn’t working either. I’m getting a PHP error. What is the format for entering the date? Maybe that’s the problem.

Also, how to do you get the word layover on the event photo? On your demo, your event photo has “Chicago (Hotel Candidate)” and “October 03, 2012”.


You are doing something wrong. In documentation, everything is explained. However, if you like, you can send me login details for your WordPress installation, or at least URL to check that PHP error.


Do you have the xml file with dummy data to setup the site exactly like you have in your demo? This would make the roll out much quicker.


Hi contivision,

thank you for your purchase :)

Can you please contact me via email and I will send demo data to you?

Thanks again :)

great theme currently using

i was wandering do you know a fix for the compatibility of the website as i looked at it in firefox browser but the website looks like its shifted over

my domain is



Site is tested in all major browsers and it is compatible with FF. However problem on your page exists and it is caused by height of your logo.

There are several options that can help to fix layout problem. Choose one of following:

1. change logo image :)

2. set #logo margin to 0 and line-height for h1 on 20px:

#logo {margin: 0; float: left; overflow: hidden;} h1 {line-height: 20px;}

3. change top margin of #contentHolder (margin: -345px 0 -135px 0)

I hope that this was helpful :)

ah yes it was logo …sorry lol…very little knowledge myself lol

Amanda09 Purchased

I seem to have some information missing from the documentation folder as there are no directions or file that indicates instruction on how to setup the donations section of the website. Anyway I could get that forwarded to me? Thanks in advance.


Hi Amanda,

thank you for your purchase.

In documentation exists two sections dedicated to donations page (one for WooCommerce and one for Easy WordPress Donations Plugin). What plugin do you want to use, and I will try to explain via email (so please contact us through contact form on our profile page)

Misam Purchased

Bonjour j ai téléchargé le thème mais il ne fonctionne pas que c que je dois faire ?

Misam Purchased

have bought this theme and I happen to run I need help


Hi Misam,

thank you for your purchase.

Can you send your questions via email, please?

Thanks :)

Didoz Purchased


are you able to send the logo in PSD ?

Thank you!


Hi Didoz,

PSD files are included.


I want to modify categories "Latest News" and "The Issues" of the home page.

I am french and would like translate this into “Actualités”.

Same for “featuring videos” to “Vidéos”

Can you help me ?


Thancks !


Hi adamouadah,

can you, please, contact us via email and we will try to help you.

Thanks :)

shugert Purchased

How can i get the xml with dummy data?

shugert Purchased

how can i get the xml dummy file for the theme i just purchased?


Hi shugert,

contact us via email form on our profile page and we will sent you demo data.

Oh yes, thank you for your purchase :)

shugert Purchased

cant find your email anywhere, i added you to twitter, my user name is the same as in this profile, please add me and send me pm. thanks!


Hi shugert,

just go to our profile page http://themeforest.net/user/themeblossom. Contact form is in sidebar (on bottom of it).

So you see it?

Hy. Congratulations for the work. So, need some help. Why my Slides dosen’t work.



thank you for your kind words and of course on your purchase.

I need more details. Can you, please, send me URL of your site via email (there is a contact form on our TF profile page)

Thanks again :)


In the homepage, I don’t see the image of FEATURED Videos.


What’s the configuration for viewing it ?

Thanks !


You need to add it as featured image on the edit page of video.

I hope that this make sense :)

Thank you for your purchase :)

srouvier Purchased

Hi! Great theme! How can I remove login and donate buttons? Thanks.


Hi srouvier,

thanks you for your purchase :)

jrsmith1279 gave a pretty good solution for removing donate button. Exactly the same approach you need if you want to remove login line. Just put this in style.css:

topNav {display: none !important;}

and this will solve your “problem” :)


I, too, would like to remove the donate buttons, but how?

EDIT Spoke too soon. I was able to remove the donate button by editing the stylesheet and adding display:none; to the donate identifier.

Go to Appearance—> Editor, select stylesheet (right side, bottom), find #donate and change it to match what’s below:

”#donate {float: right; margin: 30px 0 0 0; max-width: 240px; display:none;}”