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I love this theme, I use it with CakePHP. I feel bad for you dealing with morons who are clueless about simple development issues. See previous posters.

Hello. I’m glad you like it but I didn’t really understand your comment :) If you have any questions, please submit a ticket on


macscr Purchased

I like the look of this theme until all the animations start happening. Ended up not using the theme as it was just to much of a pain to turn them all all. Makes it look tacky and very slow to load. =(

Hi, if you see site locally then browsers block ajax scripts. I advice to use Firefox for local testing. If you want to remove animation – open a ticket please

I was pleased that I bought this theme. The markup is excellently done and each type of component is very clearly delineated so you can add or remove components.

I pointed out some things that were not working on mad_v’s preview site and he promptly fixed them so it works well.

Great product thank you. Very happy.

Thanks for your words, you can rate our support here

Hi, I’m having trouble with the Donate Banner Widget. Is there a way to link the ‘Donate’ button to a default page with a set amount? As of now, if the user lands on the page and hits the Donate button without selecting an amount, it goes to an error page in paypal. Thanks for the help!

I looked at my download section and I do not have wordpress files only. My other themes have the choice but it is not giving me the option and can’t load the theme. Help

Hi, if you have problems – open a ticket please


Nice theme :)

How can I change flash images from home page? and how to fix Calendar to 2015 as month wise automatically?


If you have HTML knowledge it can’t be a roblem. If you don’t know basic HTML, I don’t advice to buy HTML template

I have fair understanding of HTML but I want to know how this calendar can be updated to 2015 and month automatically…

hey, I have purchased this wordpress theme but facing issue with “universefunder” plugin.. whenever I try to activate it gives statement “Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files. If you notice an issue on your site, this could be the reason. Please contact your theme developer for further assistance”

Can you please with this?


Hi, universefunder plugin is installed and you can use it. Dismiss the notice. Woocommerce files are updated and next week will be an update