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Awesome work, good luck!


Hi csspress,

Thanks a lot ;)

Great work! I would hope big sales for this one!


Hi Mike,

Thanks a lot. Really sad that I missed the bounty :(

this is nice as hell


Thanks a lot DadoD1 :)

Very useful.


Hi, Thanks silver530 :)

vroden Purchased

Is there a way to change the navigation links at the top to a different color than white? Thank you! I love this theme!


Hi vroden,

Thanks for purchase :) Glad you love it… To change the navigation color, find this line in the stylesheet part on the theme .txt file:

#main-header ul#main-nav li a, #main-header ul#main-nav li span

There you’ll see color: #fff, change this to whatever color you want :)

Thank you

skuggan Purchased

Like it a lot. Can you, please, add Instagram to the social parts as well and perhaps a little widget? :)

Just a request I can do without it but it would be even nicer with it :)


Hi skuggan,

Thanks for your purchase :) really appreciate it… About the instagram icon, I’ll try adding it later on the theme as an update :) Soon in March :)

Best Regards

criche34 Purchased

hi, good job but I feel pics in photosets, when enlarged, are blurry. What is the optimum size for pics with Candy ? thanks



Verry sorry for the late reply :(

There isn’t actually any optimum size for a photoset, but if they are blurry maybe it’s just too small. I recommend uploading pics which are greater than the column widths on this template (which is around 450kb)

Thanks for purchase anyway :) Have a great day.

Hello, will this template be i6 compatible???



No IE6 is not supported, the minimum version is IE8. IE6 will never be able to render all the advanced CSS3 and JS stuffs in this template :)

Thank you :)


ok thanks great job :D

fadamakis Purchased

Wonderful and well coded theme. Unfortunately latest tweets and infinite scrolling are not working.


Hi fadamakis,

Yes, Twitter Feeds aren’t working right now because Twitter has updated their API to v1.1. This change doesn’t allow anonymous connections. To get it working again would be a little difficult for Tumblr Themes, but I’ll look into a solution for this.

What doesn’t work with the infinite scrolling? I’ll help you with it.

Thanks :)

Hey dude, amazing theme. Just one question though before going ahead, can google crawl this theme? I know this has infinite scrolling, but is it loading the first set of posts asynchronously? When i load without javascript, I see nothing.

Thanks! Ricky


Hi Ricky,

Thanks for the kind words :) But unfortunately, please don’t purchase this theme as it’s outdated and I won’t be providing much support for it. It will be deleted soon next year.

And yes, Google can’t crawl this theme :(