Candy - Responsive Timeline Tumblr Theme

Candy - Responsive Timeline Tumblr Theme - Blog Tumblr

Candy is a responsive, timeline inspired tumblr theme build exclusively for sale at ThemeForest.

By using this theme, you can show your posts elegantly with a facebook like style. This theme provides support for all tumblr post types, custom pages, disqus commenting, twitter widget and many more!

If you got any questions or feedback, feel free to contact me via email or the comments section and I will get back at you as fast as possible. Support is available mainly on Mon-Fri, but you can always expect my replies everyday 24/7 :)


Responsive Layout

Candy is responsive, meaning on wherever device you view your tumblr blog on, it will always displays perfectly!

Custom Pages Supported

Candy supports tumblr custom pages, so you can always add any custom page that you need on your tumblr blog.

All Post Types Supported

Candy supports all tumblr post types; text, photo, quote, chat, answer, video and audio. So you can always post anything that tumblr allows you to post without any worries!

Custom CSS Supported

For PRO tumbler, this feature is a must so you can always customize your theme the way you want without touching the base code

Infinity scrolling

Infinity scrolling allows you to browse your tumblr blog without conventional pagination. Just scroll down and the page will load by itself.

With customizable logo, changing the logo image of your tumblr blog can be done laughably easy. Just upload the logo image you want, and this theme will display it directly on top of the page.

Customizable background image

If you don’t like the shipped backround image, you can always try to change the background to suit your need.

Disqus Comments

Disqus comments allows your tumblr blog visitors to leave comments and notes on your posts.


JavaScript Libraries

  • jQuery
  • Infinite Scroll
  • FlexSlider
  • imagesLoaded
  • FitVid

Photodune Images

Audio Files

  • Envato assets library

Video Files

  • Envato assets library
  • YouTube

Icons and Images

  • GLYPHICONS Monochrome Icons
  • Yummygum Sweet16’s Color Icons
  • Social Icons from PremiumPixels
  • iOS linen texture from PremiumPixels


  • Arial
  • Logo is using Courgette, you can find it on Google Web Fonts