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hello there when i am putting table in details area its not showing tables at the page load but the content inside the table is being shown how can i fix this ?


Hi, In order to display your table you have to keep several simple rules: 1) use correct table’s syntax
<table class=”data-table”>
<thead> ... </thead>
<td> ... </td>
<tbody> ... </tbody>

2) Remove attributes nowrap=”nowrap” from table’s tags

We just tried to add sample of table in product description of Candybox theme and get correct result see screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rkx7qt8nacciuee/Candybox-table.png

gomggo1 Purchased

I like this work really and i already purchased. My question is How can i add a link for Full View for mobile devices . I just want to ask before i play with code. Thank you.


Hello. Sent you an email.

hello, I sent a email. please check inbox.


Sent you the asnwer


Sent you a email

We always try doing our best so decided to launch support ticket system to be closer to every buyer we got! Feel free to create a ticket if you have any troubles related to our themes Create a ticket

Please post in comments only presale questions

Hi, I like the theme but I have a question. Can we change the header section? The part with opening like accordion, is hard to find by the customer. Espeacially the serach box, the search box normally hided. This is not good.

The search box is used by customers very often.

Can we arrange a header not with accordion?



Hello. Just create a ticket after purchase with this question and we will send you the fix to disable this option for free.

Hello there!

Does it have a pt-BR translation? I really need a brazilian location for this theme.


Vitor Mozer

Hello Friend possible include a video highlight of the home. and it is also possible to add the button to pay MercadoLibre thanks Friend


Youtube or vimeo videos can be added on header slider besides you also can include vids into content of pages or static blocks. Concerning the button: you can add button, but unfortunately we do not provide any customization service for now, so you have to do that by yourself.

With best regards, Dylan.

Can you please tell me how to setup our tweeter to display bottom of page. I started selling but tweeter still displays meigee team’s account :)


To add your latest tweets in the footer go to CMS -> Static blocks open static block with ID custom_footer click on the button “Insert widget” and choose Meigee/Latest Tweets. You will see widget options popup with several configurable fields. Fill them with appropriate data and insert widget. Save changes, flush the cache and refresh your browser: the widget with your latest tweets will appear in the footer. By the way, from now we provide support only via ticket system. Please send your further request through that form Don’t forget to provide your purchase code

With best regards, Dylan