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Hello, First of all l would like to thank you for making such a beautiful theme.

I am very very very new to this so l just had a couple a question l would like to ask and hopefully you can explain them in a term l can understand haha!

How do you separate in the body of your webpage News, Photos, Trending Topics etc. instead of having it post your full post. In other words how do you do excerpts etc.

Sorry if my questions are really silly still new to this!

Kind Regards

Hello, you need to set magazine homepage (using ‘Homepage’ template) – process is described in documentation, and set Home widgets in Appearance > Widgets – in doces too. All excerpts, images … will be shown automatically. Thanks

The theme is great! Looks beautiful and everything works :-)

Thank you very much!

Hello. First let me say, I really love your layout, not just here but on your other templates. I’ve worked Dreamweaver for years, HTML code, etc., and honestly, I’m over it (LOL).

This may be dumb question, but can the left book cover margin be removed? Not that I necessarily want to, but was wondering.

Best regards

Hello, you can set the same BG color for body and container and turn off shadow.

Is the theme SEO compatible ?

Yes theme is SEO ready

In future updates – would it be possible to use widgets on page content other than “homepage”? for instance flexslider at the bottom of the blog-posts.. or an ad on the bottom of a category archive..

I will be think of it… Thanks

Absolutely Brilliant Theme. I hope you continually develop and update this theme.

I’m planning to use this a while. A few questions though.

1. Is it possible to add a big title insider of the slider on top of the description box? Like http://www.thedailybeast.com/ ( I know theres the title on the side, but I’d like to have the title really stick out from left to right )

2. Does your theme support a blog pagination on the home page. like I can add a section on the home page. Another part to this question if your theme supports endless blog posts loading. It would be prettttty nice to have that on the blog post pages and also on the home page.

3. Also, would you consider adding a large image section on your theme? Similar to http://www.thedailybeast.com/ ... scroll down and you’ll see Arts Section or Photo of day. It has a large text overlay on it, which loooooks very nice.

Thanks much. Will purchase soon.


Hello Andy, 1. which slider are you using?
2. there is blog template available – but no infinite loading..
3. this is not possible
Thank you

Coinslider Slider


Another gorgeous theme. I am a loyal fan of your work and dedication.

David, thank you very much! :)


Thanks for the wonderful theme. Looks great. One question, how do I replace flikr images with instagram in the footer area?

Thanks for your help!

I guess this is what you are looking for: faed8df0-a22d-4793-b6e1-1cfafa9f5a05

Hello Danci, Do you need anything else from me?

No it is enough, thank you!
Flickr widget can display only flickr images so there are two ways how to get instagram images:
- you will use some kind of Instagram plugin (3rd party) or
- Instagram can “send” images to flickr account – use this account in widget (like me: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dannci/)

Very elegant theme and works great. One question: how do I get the little icons for the social media networks in the navigation menu?

Any help is appreciated.

Thakn you!
In documentation is chapter ‘Theme Icons’ – there is described how to add icons – thanks

hello. How i need setup facebook box?

Hello, you need to ads URL of facebook page. And width of box

Hello, any way to add a custom sidebar for specific pages/posts? Thanks!

Hello, no sorry this is not available.

No problem, I’ll figure out something

Chrome displays the icons for view, date and comments properly. However on Safari and Firefox it does not display the icons only small boxes. Is this fixable, otherwise this was a waste for me.

Hello, can you send me a link of your webite? Thanks

Please disregard, it was my fault. Thanks, for a great theme.

OK, no problem.. :)

Hi ! I bought this theme and it is awesome and the support is AWESOME as well. I had a question about the Coinslider on the main page. Im trying to “shrink” the entire size of this slider (the main box and the tabs to the right…I started going into the CSS but it just through everything off… I want it to shrink by 50%... Any tips ? tricks ? Also, no images show from my posts in the slider….. Thanks in advance

Thank you for the reply ! Where would i be able to find this code in theme editor ? im a little nervous to touch something i shouldnt :P ! Thank you very much !

Hello, coin.php file is located in includes\sliders folder

Thank you Dannci ! I tried wrapping it around a div and giving it a width of 50% except it just through everything else off big time for some reason. I have it adjusted to the size i want and using firebug, it shows that it clears enough room for the sidebar(home)to appear except the sidebar still appears underneath the main section on the homepage…Is their a way that the sidebar can come up and sit beside the main section ?

When attempting to change Primary Background Color in Primary Styling I can’t select any colors on the wheel, and the vertical slider does not work either.

Also, when I uploaded a custom logo the entire look of the theme changed, and the logo was not placed on the main page. I deleted the logo but the changes remain.

Hello, send me a link to your website please – or if you want to send me to my email your login info. I will look at it. Thanks

Loving the theme! Someone asked my question earlier, but the solution doesn’t seem to work for me. I want to tighten the spacing between lines, on posts and widgets. I entered these in the bottom of style.css:

.entry p { line-height:XXXpx} p.teaser{ line-height:XXXpx}

but nothing changed. Can you give me a number to put instead of the XXX, in case what I entered was wrong? And any other advice on how to get the line-height smaller? Thanks so much!

I still have the problem, would love to get help. Thanks!

Hello, can you give me link of your website? Thanks

I sent it via messaging on your profile page here. Thanks!~

Hello, I encountered some problems while modifying your theme. You can find it on workspace.bg/blog/ 1. I change the “article in a feed” in the reading settings from full text to summery ,but it did not reflect the homepage appearance 2. Is there any way to include page navigation on the top of the post feed. Currently there is one on the bottom of the page. 3. The inbuilt gallery seems to misplace the full sized image. I was forced to replace it with an alternative gallery… 4. I am using post categories as the header menu, but I can’t really change the order that they appear in. For instance I want to move “campaigns” at the end of the list after “technology”.

Is there an easy fix for these issues?

1. this native option is not relevant for homepage,
2. in single-s-right.php file find this code and copy it where you want to appear page navigation,
3. sorry, I don’t understand this point,
4. the easiest and most flexible way to “manage” menu is create custom menu.

Hello, I like this theme but the Submit button is missing from the comments form. How do I fix this?

Hello, thank you for this! New theme version will be submited. You can contact me via email – I can send corrected file right now. Thank you!

Hi I have already purchased this theme. As I am very new to wp I hope you can help me with my inquiry.

1.) How do I set up Featured Post, News, Photos, or whatever I wish to put on my homepage?

2.) Can I choose which post to put in the featured slider in the homepage?

Hello, I ‘ve answered via email. Thanks