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Hi, I have what seems like a very simple question but for some reason i am not able to do this. On the right side of the template, how would i simply switch this color to match that of the left side ?!!? Thanks!!

I do not want to remove this. I would simply like this to match the far left side background…

Sorry I overlooked your comment..
Layout is created using 3 nested container divs (with special positions). And is really big modification (css, php and responsive mode) to remove and rearrange these divs to have GB on the right side.

Hello Dannci, The theme looks awesome. Just have a quick preorder question. Can I show the slider / sidebar on PC browser only? I would like to get rid of some contents on mobile device. Thanks!

Hello and thank you for interest – it needs only small edit of mobile.css

I’m new to WP. I read the docs for the theme but can’t seem to figure out how to add a photo in the coin slider. Help is greatly appreciated.

Hello, use “Set featured image” feature to show image (in slider, in widgets, posts…). Thanks

This is a great work; thanks a lot. I have one question. Do you have more instructions on how to create a “picture gallery on a page”? When I create one, I do see the thumbnails on the page, but when I click one, I get an error: “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.”

Thanks, regards.

Hello, can you send me an email. Thanks

Hello Dannci, I think I figured it out already. After deleting the images and uploading them again, I have it working. I think my site was not fully propagated yet at the time of uploading the first time. Thanks for helping. Kind regards, Robert

I’m thankful too!

hi Dannci-

great theme, just purchased it! got most of it up and running but have 2 quick questions: When I create a new page it doesn’t show up on the menu bar. tried everything (except for going into code which I know nothing about). please advise on this. and second, I can’t find how to change the color of the “read more” button.

thanks for your help!

figured out the menu. still need to know how to change color of “read more” as it is barely visible. also, is there a way to hide the “leave a reply” box? we are probably not going to allow comments. thanks again!

Hello, there was css bug. But new version (with fix) is available in download section. Thanks

What e-commerce plugin could work best with this theme (using short codes to create a few products on a page)? I realize this is not an e-commerce theme, but would appreciate your opinion. Thanks so much!

I think that WooCommerce will be good choice.

this is going to sound silly but I am a first-timer at this. I just lost my homepage and cant seem to turn it back on. please help?

Can you send me a link of your website? Thank you

hey Dannci- I would really appreciate a response to my email. thanks.

Email answered. Thanks

5 minutes ago, I posted a question. But I can solve it now.

Thank you very much for your great design theme :)

OK and thanks

Hi Dannci, I just bought your theme and love it, but I’m having a little trouble setting it up. I’m relatively new to Wordpress (only using Joomla and Drupal in the past)...but switched over when I saw how gorgeous your theme was.

I have been trying to figure out how to see up the right-hand menu (the one with the latest, popular, random, tags). Also trying to set up the main body of the page to have a magazine-like theme that I saw, and to know which widgets you used in the footer, (and which footer to place them in). thanks

Hello and thank you!
- please use ‘Themnific – Tabs’ widget in Sidebar and Home Sidebar,
- in documentation is described how to set up ‘Homepage’ and how to use ‘Home’ widgets,
- in footer are used Flickr | Twitter | Recent post | Author + Social Networks widgets.

Hey another question, what widget was used for the top text: “Cannal is a clean theme… etc;”

Hi, you need to add some Tagline in Settings and Grid menu needs to be selected in Admin panel. THX

Hello and thanks for such a beautiful theme! Just one question…

The contact form send button is almost invisible, can this be adjusted?

Thank you

Do you mean the link to my Downloads? if you mean my contact page that is http://oncologynews.com.au/contact/ and the version that I downloaded was the “Installable Wordpress File” 1.1

Thanks for this notice!
you can find ‘a.mainbutton,#submit,...’ section in style.css and delete ‘background: #f5f5f5;’ line
or wait for new version – will be available soon. Sorry for this…

No worries, thanks for the info. We think your work is great and look forward to using more of your themes!

The logo seems to be limited to be only 180px wide. My logo needs to be much bigger than that because of how long the words in it are – about 260 pixels wide at least. How can I insert a logo that size without it being cut off? I’m using the “normal” navigation.

you can use this to stretch bg image: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/376253/stretch-and-scale-css-background , or you can use bigger image.
you can add “own” color into style.css for
’.nav li ul li a’

Thanks for all these helpful answers. Current issue is small but can’t figure it out: on om3.aboutmeditation.com, the first widget is a slider plugin with the four images with texts on them (LEARN, GROW…) – how to move this widget (and perhaps the whole front page content) higher so it’s even with the sidebar on the right? Now there’s a gap on the top. Thanks so much!

Hello, adjust top padding for ’#homecontent’ or add nagative top margin for your slider.

Hey there, Dannci!

I’m trying to set up Google Authorship on my site, and I’ve got everything all linked up correctly, but when I check it via Google’s rich snippet tool, I’m getting a few errors that seem to deal with how microdata is listed in the theme. Here’re the errors I’m getting:

Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”. Warning: Missing required field “updated”. Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.

It appears what I need to do is find the php that designates title, date and author, but I’m not sure where to look in Cannal. Most sites I’ve found recommend looking in single.php, but I can’t find any corresponding code there. Any suggestions about this? The website is http://www.quarkmagazine.com, if that helps ya.

Thanks a ton! -Ryan

Hello, I’m sorry but I have no experience this this – but I found this: http://r-rwebdesign.com/blog/?p=2307

Ah, no worries. Looks like it’ll just take time to propagate throughout Google. Thanks!

Hi, I would like to paginate my posts, is there a function for this?

Hi, use ’<!-nextpage->’ shorttag in text view – works like a charm!

Thanks! Is there a way of adding horizontal lines above and below the Pages: 1 2 3 4 ? and also have the font size a bit bigger?

In style.css add
.page-link{ font-size: 18px} 
in single-s-right.php file add before page-link code
<div class="hrline"><span /></div>  


Hopefully ONE last question for ya! :P

Is there any way to add a Full-Width format option to my Posts? Ideally, what I’d like it the option to make a blog post that looks similar to the full-width page template, for special, longer-form articles.


Hello, it is no problem to re-code single post to full-width layout – but then all your posts will be full-width..

Your theme looks amazing! I have a question before purchasing this theme, which I think is gorgeous- we are photography-centric and one of my partners is concerned about a theme that cuts off a featured image when it is previewed on a blog list.

So here’s my question: will I be able to enable a single-column blog-style homepage, with the featured images resized and not cropped thumbnails, so no portion of the image is cut off? I would need this for the blog as well.

Sorry for the extreme specificity, I just want to make sure of capabilities before making a purchase :)

Thanks! Gabriella

Hello, thank you for your interest! But without coding (bigger modification) is not possible to have one-column layout. Thanks

Hi Danci,

This is a great theme. I am seriously thinking of buying it, but i would like to ask first if it is possible to change the tabs in the tabbed widget.

I would like to have a tab with recent comments, a tab with custom text and a tab with a upcoming events widget (this is from an events manager plugin).

Also please tell me what post formats do you have in theme.

Thanks in advance

Hello and thank you for your interest!
But your request is not possible, sorry.
Theme offers these formats: standard, video, audio, gallery, image, link, quote.
Thank you


Hi, How can I categorize pages/assign categories to pages? As I inquired earlier, I am using your Cannal and Forwards themes as a literary journals/magazines not a blog and need to use pages instead of posts. Please get back to me soon. Is there an easy way to do this, a plug in or do I need to get some code written for it to work? I bought Forward because of the Magazine component shown on the demo.



Hello, I’m sorry but is not possible to use pages in the same way as posts. Pages are different post types and cannot be sorted into categories and pages content cannot be managed via ‘Home’ widgets. Thank you

Hi Dannci,

I’m having a struggle with layout/using shortcode within shortcode.

What I’d like to is to have a post with three colums, and a one-column gallery in one of these columns. And all the text to the right..

This code doesn’t work, but you might understand better what I want to achieve;

(threecol_one) (gallery columns=”1” link=”file” ids=”1022,1021,1020,1019”) (/threecol_one) (threecol_two_last) All the text goes here!(/threecol_two_last)

Is there some way to make this work? Would be really nice for my layout :-)

Hello, please contact me via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci Thank you

Really enjoying the theme, still need to make a few tweaks to our site DiscoverTravelog.com but really happy with the results.

Thank you! Nicely done website :)