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How are you? I have a question, I bought the bolid theme and I like this but wanted to know what you have added that was a bit different from Bolid? Asides from the extra column? I am curious because I see that you are quite helpful, listed as an expert author, and I am currently running into a few coding issues on my theme, and would love to know the differences?

Hello, I’m not sure what do you mean. You need to contact theme author if you have questions or issues regarding other theme. Thank you


I purchased this theme and would like to remove the following from the homepage, but cant find it anywhere in the code..

1. Read More ( for every post on the homepage ) 2. Meta: Author, Date, Category etc etc ( also for the homepage )

Could you let me know where it´s located the text and code..

PS. How can I make the menu and sidebar fixed so that only the content loads and not the whole site all over again, it´s a bit frustrating when the whole site loads when you switch articles or pages.. Menu, Sidebar, .. everything loads all over again..

PLS I need you to assist me with this..


Hello and thank you!
1. – 2. this can be changed (deleted) in ’ medpost.php ’ file in …includes\post-types folder,
It is not possible to load pages/posts without reloading – this is how WordPress works.
Thank you

Hey there. This is a great site. A client got it and I am updating it. For some reason the icons don’t show up (like the meta icons). Any idea why that might be? i re-installed font-awesome and all the icon files. Could it be a plugin conflict? Site: http://the403.ca/

Hello, you need to upload icon font files – all is described in documentation. Thank you

Hello Dannci, I’m using your Cannal them (love it). I now try to implement the contact form 7 plug-in, but it shows up all mixed up. With the twenty twelve theme all looks good. Any suggestions of what I could do to fix it? Thanks a lot.

Kind regards, Robert

Hello and thank you.

Please contact me via profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Dannci I have ready styling for this plugin.

Hi, I’ve been using this theme since it first came out. Has there been any updates since 1.0? If so, how do I download?


Hello, now is available 1.1 – From http://themeforest.net/downloads download ‘Installable Wordpress file only’ file, it is latest version. Thank you

Hi, I’m helping my friend to setup this page and he’s keep telling me he can’t see the ad image on the right sidebar. I have no problem view it but he only sees the title and not the image. What can I do to help him to view it? it’s sfnuac.com

Hello, you need to remove ‘comments’ codes:
                        <i class="icon-comments-alt" /> <?php comments_number('No Comments', '1 Comment', '% Comments'); ?>

in all ‘home’ and ‘featured’ widget files in …functions\widgets folder.

Thank you

THANK YOU!! :) one after the another. How can I help people who can’t view the video? I used shortcode to insert the video. I had no problem playing it but some people said they can only hear sound.. not the video. I’ve tried to embed video from YouTub or Vimeo and none of them shows up. >.<


Hello, I recommend to generate iframe video codes. In posts are ‘video’ fields where can be this code pasted. Thanks


I can’t get thumbnails for video post to appear in homepage.

Hello, is necessary to add featured images (thumbs) for video posts too. Thank you

Ok, thanks.

On individual post pages, the author bio box is cut off on the right side. How to fix that? Thanks. site: www.aboutmeditation.com

Never mind – changed the default -25 to -0px in the middle of this:

.postauthor { overflow:hidden; margin:20px -0px 30px 0; padding:0;}


I have troubles using the default wordpress listing. Listing and indent. I cant make it work, I just want a default dot. It is not available with the listing generator.

<li>Grillet oksefilet eller nakkekam. <ul> <li>Oksefilet med Rødvinssauce eller nakkekam med persillesovs</li> <li>Bagte senneps marinerede rodfrugter.</li> <li>Langtids bagte tomater.</li> <li>Sæsonsalat og brød.</li> </ul> </li>

thanks, I will try it tomorrow. Please find my mail a have troubles with the social sidebar widget, the link doesn’t work.

Hi, these changes interfered with the design of several widgets. Can I make this limited css page specific or how to solve this.

Hello, no, these are only ‘post content’ (entry) related changes.

Hello Dannci

When I use the Homepost 2 widget for posts – it includes this code under the headline [slb_exclude] before the text.. is there a fix for this?

Also, I’m curious how the ‘related posts’ are calculated – I’m using both key wording and categories, yet they doesn’t always seem the most relevant.


I assume that it is some plugin shortcode – because theme doesn’t come with shortcode like this. Can you send me link to your page?

Related posts are based on used ‘tags’ – posts with the same tags are displayed.



I cannot find contact template and gallery template in this theme. Could you help me to find these templates


I haven’t received your email…

Theme will be updated this week. Thank you

I see that the update is released but what’s new ? Only Shortcode Generator ?

Hi, new shortcode generator and minor css changes.

Hi can you tell me if this theme is Wordpress 4 compatible? Thank you Graham


yes, you can update to the WP 4.0