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Hi I purchased this theme a while ago and I’m wondering how to get the slider back on my site for somereason it disappeared when I deleted the home page by accident.. um is there any way to reset it like default?? even when i do restore default “settings’ the slider still isn’t coming back up.. How can I redo it? uninstall and re install?? let me know

Can you please login with the account you used to purchase the theme?

my partner purchased this one I just now purchased the promola theme and it won’t install beause it said the theme is missing the css style sheet can you help me with that one


Bought your theme earlier today and really like it so far!

I need to install a forum plugin and I normally use bbPress as it’s easily the best forum plugin out there, however I’m having issues with it together with this theme.

I’m not sure what the reason of the issue is, but what is happening is that I post a topic in a forum and the topic posts (I can see it in the backend) but it doesn’t show in the front-end. I get the following text if I am in the forum where I just posted a topic:

“This forum contains 2 topics, and was last updated by admin XX minutes ago.”

but then however, I get this message right under it: “Oh bother! No topics were found here!” and the topic list doesn’t show at all.

I created several topics and I browsed in incognito mode and with browser caching turned off, but no change.

I then tried to activate the TwentyFourteen theme and test it, then everything works fine. I changed back to Cape Town theme and the problem appears again.

I have no other plugins installed other than the ones that the theme required/recommended and then bbPress.

Do you have any good ideas as to what this can be and how I fix it? Really sad if bbPress won’t work with this theme as that really is the only perfect forum plugin out there.

Thank you for the reply, I disabled all widgets but no change :(

Open functions.php and remove the following lines of code located at the bottom of the file:

include 'lib/widgets/popular-posts.php';
include 'lib/widgets/recent-posts.php';

I removed the two lines, still the same.

Hello, i’m the webmaster of somone who bought your theme, and beside the plugin contact form 7 is a recommanded plugin for this theme, we cannot make it work properly.

When wee try to send a message all seem ok (we see the green text saying the email was send) but we see no mail in our mailboxes.

The mail is not in the spams if you ask ^^

Here is the concerned website :


Hi there.

You will have to login with the account that was used to purchase the theme to get support.

Thank you.


Is there any short code for this theme please? :crying:

Hi there.

You can find shortcodes here:

Thank you :)

Great thanks


On this logo what is the font used on it ?

I liked it too much and wanna use it, may I ?

Hi there.

Here is the font:

Enjoy :)

Hi Promola, I need your help about the responsive capabilities, how (and where in CSS?) to not auto-unroll the main menu on mobile view? It’s a problem for me because I’ve so many items in (about 30!). Thanks a lot and best wishes for 2k15! ;)

Hi there.

1. In the css folder you will find a file named media-queries, This is the file that controls all the responsiveness of the theme.

2. Open js folder and find a file named custom open this file and remove the following line of code:


Thank you :)


1. It’s not exactly what I wanted to do

2. but it solves my problem.

3. Never 2 without 3 (French idiom ^^) Thank you for your help !


ismaild Purchased

I would like to use a static custom page with my own content that but that has all the sliders and featured functionality of a front page. Is this possible??

Hi there.

That will require some coding, But if you’re familiar with php it shouldn’t be a problem. Just use full-width.php as your starting point.


ismaild Purchased

ok what if i don’t know how to code it lol any options?

Maybe if you use shortcodes to build the layout using the full width page template. This might not look like the homepage but it’s the closest you can get without coding.

Hi Promola,

hope you’re fine! I need your support about featured area and CSS. After several months, I realized that many things in this area are not really important for me (not enought posts and cathegories…) So, I started by modificate homepage.php to keep only the Slider and remove all the rest, also the “Favorites” area on the top of the sidebar widgets area. Now I try to adjust style.css file, first I’ve done deletation of past things. I need your help for the last thing, if you can at least give me the way to follow; where in CSS file can I change the top of the sidebar, I mean, how to make start my sidebar in place of the old Favorites area? (and not as now it is, there’s a free hole on right of my slider).

I know it’s not a “regular” ask but if you can help me, I’ll be really grateful!

Best regards,


Hi there.

This is a bit more complicated, You will have to create a new widgetized area for that “hole”. You can’t move the sidebar up there because of the carousel.

Hi, ok thank you! It don’t exactly know how to do it, but i’ll try… New challenge! ^^ Cheers!

How do I upload a logo? There is no place to upload a logo at all. There is also no way to add the header advertisement either or any theme options at all. Am I missing something?

Hi there.

Did you install the Options Framework plugin?. When you install the theme you are prompted to install it as well. After this go to Appearance > Theme Options.

Thank you.

How to upload the update version for WP 4.2 Please guide. Since I tried in the morning. It said failed to upload theme :(


1. Switch to any other theme.
2. Delete the old Cape Town theme.
3. Upload and activate the new Cape Town theme.

Follow the above steps if you never edited the original theme files, If you edited the files then you will have to use FTP to upload only the files you don’t want replaced.



Mike250 Purchased

G’day mate,

Long time user and fan of your great theme. Lately though I have been noticing some issues with the styling; article previews in the list sometimes do not place themselves appropriately, bleeding over each other or bleeding into the footer. I find if I refresh once or twice, it eventually gets there.

I am attaching two screenshots to show what I mean:

CWC15 – Australia v England article bleeds down into the footer.

Create a custom sort order in SSRS does not appropriately place below Twenty20 Big Bash – Last Ball Thriller

Any thoughts on what I can do? Thanks!

Hi there.

Which browser are you using?.


Hi! I love your theme a lots. I don’t know how to enable slider as it doesn’t appear on my home page. Can you give me an advice, please?

I can fix it now. Thanks :)

Hi! I have a new question. The facebook like box is blank. Did I do anything wrong?

already fixed. thanks :)

Hi! I have some questions. Can you help me, pls?

1. How can I add more featured contents on homepage? I want to have 4 featured contents.

2. Can I decrease the excerpt of each content?

3. Can I add banner on the homepage? I mean in the middle of content list area.

Sorry for my bad English and thank you in advance for your help.

1. Yes :D that’s what I mean. Can you please tell me how to add them?

2-3 Thank you very much

Can I ask one more question?

How can I add more contents shown under the carousel?

1. This requires some coding and styling. Unfortunately theme customization is not part of the support I provide.

2. In the options panel’s basics tab enter the number of home page posts you would like to display.

Thank you.

Thank you very much __


You’re theme is very beautiful, but i have two questions :

In the page “Blog”, currently there are 2 columns + 1 sidebar, it’s possible to have just 1 column + 1 sidebar ?

In the same page, it’s possible to delete the picture of author in the news ?

Thank you


Hi there.

1. The answer for this one is no, But you can achieve this if you edit the code yourself.

2. Yes you can disable the author picture using the options panel.

Thank you.


jko5er Purchased

Hello, how do I use page templates? As soon as I activated your theme, it removes the ability to assign templates to pages and posts.

You can select a full width template in the page attributes section.


jko5er Purchased

No, there is not a page attributes section for posts…only for pages. It used to be there prior to activating Cape Town theme.

Can you switch back to Twenty Fifteen and take a screenshot of the section you’re talking about?. If you can, do it and send it to me. I have never seen it before.

Hi I have been setting up my website with sidebars. Now when I go into appearance/widgets it is telling me that the sidebars are inactive and no longer available. Please can you let me know how to activate the sidebars as the info on them is quite crucial to the business.

Many thanks

No, I’m not using any sidebar plug ins, and the only editing I have done is colour changes across the whole site, so some css but not any files

Have you tried disabling your plugins one by one to see if one of them is causing the problem?. If yes then you will have to give me access to your admin, You can send me the login details using the contact form here:

Thanks, it was a plugin – a pdf viewer one, so I’ll have to try a different option for that.