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Blox Purchased

videos from instagram show up cut off. any chance there’s a css tweak you could provide to allow the whole video to be seen?

check out videos here on mine: jhtitus.tubmlr.com

Blox Purchased

sorry, broken link… http://www.jhtitus.tumblr.com


Hey there Blox,

Thank you for your purchase!

Unfortunately Tumblr is limited when it concerns different video sources.

Here is a work around that should work great for you:

Add this code to the Custom CSS field on Tumblr.com/customize:

#index-page .large.instagram .post .video iframe { height: 612px !important; width: 512px !important; } #index-page .instagram .post .video iframe { width: 242px; height: 346px; }

Next, just tag any instagram post with the tag #instagram.

Blox Purchased

I pasted the code in but nothing appears different

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sinna1983 Purchased

Hi there

ive purchased this theme 1 week ago , i would like to change the column’s to 3 instead of 4 . please tell me how can i do that ?

also is there anyway i can add a link icon next to the like and reblog icon when users hover the mouse on the images ?

ive already sent 2 emails but didnt get any replies yet

Many Thanks