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Awesome theme. How can we select a Date in DatePicker which is greater than a specific date.


Hi. I bought this theme to use it to create one Dashboard + UI for my production system. Can you please help me to fix one bug regarding the performance from your template. What is all about: if I run a query in a table with ~6000 records (very small table) I get the result displayed outside your template, in a table in 1.2 sec, but if I run same query and display the results on one of your table in your template, it takes 30.1 sec. I think is beause of the pagination. Can you please tell me how I can speed up this? Thank you!

Hi, you can try datatable with ajax call http://caplet.zicedemo.com/tableDynamic.html

    $('#youtable').dataTable( {
        "ajax": "youdata.php" // or json
    } );

more http://www.datatables.net/examples/ajax/simple.html

Thank You.


I have a problem in the login and register page. When i enter the details, it does not login, nothing happens on the page. only the checking loads. please fix error for me.

comming updates?

Are you planning to release an RTL version of this theme ?


poseso Purchased

i dont think there will be any update this year since he is busy at work and dont have time to update or assist us


cceea Purchased

hi , I would like to know how to validate an input file (image preview [ resize ] and single full width ) with parsley -required

Hello. I am trying to implement infinite scroll in this theme for a client, but am unable to do so as the scrolltop() jquery function keeps returning 0. http://api.jquery.com/scrolltop/

Is there a way out of this bug?

Hello. i have error with your theme, in smartphones is not possible to navigate smoothly, pretty locks and takes too long to respond to a click. appreciate your attention.

this is dead


poseso Purchased

6 months no updates, this is dead

Will there ever be an update to this template????

5 months since purchasing this template and still there has never been an update. CAN I GET A REFUND!!!! It’s not worth it!

Hey! I love this Caplet Admin Template. Before I purchase, I just have 3 questions regarding product features: 1. Do you provide PHP Version of the template? 2. Does each page call common header file for menus? 3. Does menu style change is preserved across the pages?


Debakanta Das

I am not able to get the left profile panel to display on a mobile device. It works find on the pc. Please advise. thanks.