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Is it possible to remove the last (the fourth) widget in the footer and the center the three remaining widgets in the footer area?

Thanks, Anders


Regarding the image slider.

Is it possible to insert a link on the featured image, so that I can turn off the slider caption and instead click on the featured image to go to a specific page?

Kind regards – Anders

Fuwu Purchased

Hi Brainbuzz,

Thank u for the great theme! I’ve been spending lots of time on my website using the carbon theme. There is however a few questions that i have. I would really appreciate it if u could help me out. Website: www.kiwi-steadycam.nl

- Gzip won’t work, is this theme related or is it my webhost?
- Site seems to be a bit slow, maybe u have some tips? (i tried different cashing plugins but without any great result)
- Contact forum header is not shown, also i would like to change the language of the contact form is this possible?
- Can i change the slider height?
- Slider picture order is bound to publish date/time?

Thanks for the great theme i really like it!

Grtz, Kim

Hi There, I have just purchased your Carbon theme.

I have built upwards of 30 sites using different WP themes so am familiar with the wordpress setup, theme install and import process for xml files.

I have encountered problems with your theme for which id like some support.

1. I cannot get the xml file will not to import any of the data. The importer just hangs and I have left this for upwards of 20 mins, (I would like this as I personally find it easier to find my way round the theme rather than build from scratch.)

2. When I import with no data and set the menu, homepage and slider options as per your set up suggestions I cant edit the homepage and it is displaying no content, the rest of the pages seem OK (although no dummy data)

Thanks in advance, Lee

empix Purchased

Hi guys! How can I disable camera slider for smartphone and tablet? Thanks!

empix Purchased

Hi guys! How can I disable camera slider for smartphone and tablet? Thanks!

Hi, I have been trying to download the sample files from 2 different servers and I get a connection error all the time.

I went through the xml and tried to load one of the PNGs


and it said it doesn’t exist, in fact, the domain doesn’t exist when I checked. Can you provide a working import data XML?