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really amazing! congratulations- will be my next purchase

Hi Dream-Theme

It is an excellent theme. Is compatible with WPML for multilingual content?



To tell you the truth, we have not test it for compatibility. But I can see no technical reason why it can be incompatible, also we haven’t got such reports… Anyway if there will be any issues, you can submit a ticket via our online help desk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support staff will get back to you ASAP and assist with theme setup.


UPDATE : actually there IS an issue. seems like WPML cannot work with Cardamon custom post types adequately. We are now studding what can be done about that…

Got the “are you sure” error when installing even after unzipping initial file.. Do I need to install this theme manually, or is this a wp3.4 glitch…as I have seen alot of theme install errors on 3.4



Cardamon is 100% wp 3.4. compatible. This error is happening when theme is too big and hosting restricts the uploaded file size.

You may do the following:

1. Maybe you are trying to upload whole theme package (with PSDs, manual, etc). Check the name of the file that you are uploading. If it is something like “themeforest-2515342-cardamon-wp-multipurpose-wordpress-theme.zip” unzip it, find file called “dt-cardamon.zip” and try to install it to your WordPress.

2. If your host really restricts the size of upload size you will need to install theme manually via FTP : unzip “dt-cardamon.zip” file and upload “dt-cardamon” folder to your “site-name/wp-content/themes” folder.

3. If you need further assistance concerning this issue please do not hesitate to submit a ticket via our online help desk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support staff will get back to you ASAP and assist with theme setup.

Hi, guys!

Thank you all so much for your comments and feedback!

It’s been a long day after a release and now it’s late night in our country. If there will be any issues (since theme is new and there are lots of different hosting configurations in the wild) please do not hesitate to submit a ticket via our online help desk: http://support.dream-theme.com/ – our support guys will be on duty tommorow .

Last question – each portfolio item of mine has about 100 flickr photos, a youtube video, and an iframe (streaming responsive virtual tours).

1) Can I stream images from a flickr set to the slider?
2) Also have a youtube slide?
3) And have an iframe slide to stream the virtual tour?

I set each to 100% width and ”#” pixels as height to act responsive inside full, half & third portfolio page templates. All my media resizes from flickr, youtube and virtual tours perfectly so I don’t want to really re-load all the images into WP.

Thanks for your answers!



1) Images can be streamed from flickr only via small widget;

2) you CAN add video as one of the slides in the portfolio slider;

3) Iframe slides are technically possible, but not supported at this moment.

hello, im thinking about buying your theme. does this theme allow you to change the background to any color other than the available skins or upload your own background ?



YES , you can change colors and backgrounds of almost anything.

BTW , check out the video where our designer customizes site by uploading backgrounds in less than 5 minutes: http://www.screenr.com/NdG8

Hi very nice theme. I likely to see some screenshots of the admin, its possible?



You can check out screencasts:

layout builder: http://www.screenr.com/CMG8
appearance customization: http://www.screenr.com/NdG8

or download the manual: http://cardamon.dream-theme.com/downloads/wp-manual.zip

Does the contact form shortcode allow each to have a unique recipient email address OR does each have to use a master email address?

unique would be fantastic.


at this moment no, but we are considering implement this in one of updates

Hi, guys! Another great work.

Pre-purchase question. Are you using Cufons, or it is possible to use custom Google or Font-face fonts ? My friend purchased Parallax theme and had problems with using custom Cyrillic fonts. The first letters of headings were displayed like question marks. Your help desk advised him to generate own Cufon, but the problem was not solved. And one more question about fonts. Is it possible to use different fonts for headings, menu and main content font.

Good luck in sales and Euro 2012 :)

Kind Regards

Hi, thanks!

- you can disable cufon

- you can generate you cufon font and upload it to theme in couple of clicks or our support staff can help you with that

Very very great theme! I like it so much, GL with sales ;)

Awesome work, zemliak! You are wery cool! 8)

Any chance you could provide dummy.xml file ?

Thanks and Congrats!


hi, it will be avaliable on monday

His theme is exceptional! Fantastic work. Congrats!

Template is awesome, i have presale question: Is WooCommerce or Jigoshop supported? Waiting for you answer, thanks!


Hi it was not tested with plugins you’ve mentioned. I think we’ll have extensive compatibility test for ecommerce in upcoming week or two


Thank you

Hi there.

I have take a review in here cardamon wp multipurpose wordpress theme


Hi, thanks!

Wow, really nice!!...I bet if prices were still at 35, this would have 200 sales by now. lol Not to say that this and any of the other 50 dollar themes aren’t worth it, but this new atmosphere on TF of having to settle for less to get one for 35 is just wrecking the whole experience. This place was really rocking up until the increases….and I dont think the slow sales are summer related…the addiction to collecting themes is strong enough to go year round, none of us drop our puters because its summer. At the very least, envato could have warned us it was coming (like any other company does) and can you imagine the sales that week?..lol

anyways.. just my 2 useless cents on da matta :D Super nice job on this buddy, I will bookmark in case someone asks me to do a site..and gladly make THEM pay 50…. but at 35 this baby be already in me pocket! :(



I believe it is not the best place for such a discussions :D anyway, thanks for opinion and feedback!


there’s no need. I appreciate and partially share your point of view

Awesome theme and will buy it this week for a project. Is it possible to change the nav bar colour and fonts?



you can change the font-face and color via theme options.

Is it possible to change the nav bar colour

this is single image that can be changed manually with almost no efforts. Required PSDs are included to theme package.

Thanks for that.

Whats happend in your demo? (opera 12/win vista)


dunno. probably some new cool bug feature of Opera! we’ll investigate

Agaim, congratulations ona way cool theme. Your support and answering my previous questions was much appreciated.
I’ve now bought the theme and being “playing with it” and it is going to fit a new website that I am working on.