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I wanted to purchase the theme, have some confusion. Does the theme gives functionality to have to different profile for employee and recruiter, from front end? can we different between those two categories? can recruiter post the job from front end through his log in panel?

hello thank you for your interest. yes there are 2 sections one for candidates (what you call employee) and one for recruiters both of them have front end user pages so they dont need to access or see the wp console (only the admin accesses it)

so yes the recruiter posts jobs from the front end cheers uou

Is there any functionality for employer to search candidates based on different criteria??

Hi, Thanks for your interests in careers. It’s the HTML version. Try our wordpress version themeforest.net/item/careers-job-portal-candidates-wp-theme/10695174

You can search from the homepage search area: 431.da1.myftpupload.com

Also there is a candidate listing page: 431.da1.myftpupload.com/candidate-listing


Ok, Is this functionality present in wordpress version?? to search for candidate if recruiter is logged in??

well you can make the candidate search private (private = need to be registered) right now only registered recruiters can contact candidates


Can we delete the job postings and stuff?

*When a recruiter posts the job is it stored or just temporary?


what do you mean deleting the job postings and stuff ? the jobs are stored cheers uou

How to add another link beside the “Bookmark” link in the header? I am trying to add another but after saving it and viewing then the “login” & “register” appear twice and it stop working.

Not working above link to send [error msg : Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method.]

please give reply here or on info@shridhara.com

Hello I just informed the developer about your’re issues and asked him to revert to you via mail, he should be able to help you after the w.e but I’ve asked him to contact you on Sunday let me know how it goes Cheers UOU

Hello, does this Theme contain a blog function? Thanks

Hello this is a template, the wp version is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/careers-job-portal-candidates-wp-theme/10695174 and it has a blog feature Cheers UOU

TheEvil Purchased

Very good template!!! I have no problems!

Do you shedule some updates for theme soon?

Sorry for english.

Hello, thank you for your purchase and for your kind words, what kind of updates you have in mind ?

How to add another link beside the “Bookmark” link in the header? I am trying to add another but after saving it and viewing then the “login” & “register” appear twice and it stop working.

Hi shridara, sorry for the late reply. Can you please find the bookmark link and add another link behind the bookmark link. It should workd. Please let me know . Thanks UOU

Can I have the same in the Wordpress OR with backend support?

yes, thanks UOU

Thank You. Where can I buy the Wordpress theme for the same.


raeyzr Purchased

Hello, I previously purchased the WP version for this but it was taken down and I cannot download it. Please kindly resend the download link

Hello raeyzr,

As far as we have no control over the licenses & refund processes, you would need to open a ticket with Envato and check with them directly

Cheers UOU

Why can’t you just give me the new WP that you’re developing. Since I am sure Envato has paid you the money I use to buy the old WP which I didn’t even get to download. It’s still your company product no?

Hello please follow-up with Envato, if it’s about omega theme the theme is no longer available, if you paid for it then ask Envato to send you a copy of it or a refund. there is no new omega theme the new job portal theme is careers that’s all:


if you haven’t downloaded OMEGA theme when you purchased it then you are eligible to receive a refund from envato (they are the sellers not us we receive a partial commission from them) so they control the licenses legally speaking

cheers UOU

Hello, I bought your template and I’m wondering if you have less files of those css files?


We have to contact with front-end developer. If he has less file backup then we will revert to you

Cheers UOU

Hi i need to make the header sticky kindly help me in this regards

Salam Tariq this would require some custom work and the coder who worked on careers is no longer working in our team. so best would be to contract a third party dev for it . we only provide support for bugs or issues with the theme cheers UOU

Hello, I’ve made a mistake purchasing this theme. I was intending to purchase the wordpress theme instead. Would it be possible to upgrade to the wordpress theme through you? I have no problems with paying the difference in price.

Regards, Winsquare

Hello winsquare,

You can create a refund issue ticket to envato that you bought the html template not the theme. After the refund your money, you can buy our wp-theme version. :)

kind regards – shaad

I wanted to know if these theme can be used in word press or Drupal or any of that sort of software.


We already have the wordpress version of this template. You can check this demo link. http://themeforest.net/item/careers-job-portal-candidates-wp-theme/10695174

kind regards – shaad

I love the look of this job board template, however, I want a template that will be suitable for registering training organisations, candidates and employers. Where trainers can list their own jobs etc. and candidates respond by answering eligibility questions. Is it possible that this template can have an ACCESS database running with it?? My husband is an Access database guru and wants a template which we can run on his computer and load back by .ftp file. We do have a hosting place that allows databases of this type but just CANNOT find a template to use. Hoping you can be of some help. Thanks Robyn robyn@idlogical.com.au

Hello Robyn, hope all is well, I think it would make more sense for you to use a LMS theme: http://themeforest.net/item/wplms-learning-management-system/6780226?s_phrase=lms&s_rank=10 and customize it rather than doing it the other way around hope this helps Cheers UOU

if i buy this template, is this template can uploaded to cms Blogger?