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My co-worker downloaded this theme for me to work on as the Web Developer. Please note that I created a child theme as it is always prudent for anyone to create a child theme in the event that the parent theme is ever updated. I know you created a custom post type of Cars, but when I create a new “Car” two things don’t happen:

1) The fields under Car Equipment do not show up. 2) I am unable to publish the new Car post, perhaps because of #1 above.

Thanks in advance.


Actually, I figured out what I needed to do to get the new Car post published and it was because I had to make a list of Make and Models. I have another question though. On the front page of your demo, I see that on the homepage, six cars are listed with info about each car displayed such as year, mileage, etc. I am trying to do a similar thing, but I am not sure how because I used Visual Composer and used the “Latest Cars” element and I didn’t see which option to use in order for the year, mileage, etc. to show up for each car on the homepage.


Use our support forum please. Thanks.

Great works, just perfect. Is user frontend car submission possible?


Thank you. Not supported front end submission.

why am I getting this error code on the homepage?

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘css’ in /home/sdmotor/public_html/wp-content/themes/carell_v1.7/includes/vc_extend/row_fix.php on line 39

website url: http://delica.websitewelcome.com/~sdmotor/

Hi, can you please open topic on our forum. We will probably need wp-admin credentials to see what can cause that mistake. Thanks for purchase.

Hi, It is possible to use both at same time? I mean, I have a slanting page and I can select if the user want to find houses or cars.. this will work with the same wordpress install at same time in the same domain? thanks


Hi, no it is not possible. Thanks.


Can I use this theme for geolocation real estate website. ? i am going to create a website who can pit listing and register international agents + listings ?


Hi, we are not sure honestly what kind of website you would like. You have item description, promo video so you can have clear image what this WP Theme can do. We can;t guarantee something in advance. Thanks.

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How can I editing size of my cars images in “single-carellcars.php” ?

> Cars images aren’t in full sizes.

I would like to change that (css style?!): “background-size: cover;” By this: “background-size: contain;”

I can’t see where I can modify that, nothing in “single-carellcars.php”...

Thank you. regards.



Hi Nico,

All related to backround images are in css/layout.css. For image sizes you should use larger than box images and Carell WP will auto resize it to fit box. For more info please use our forum. Thanks a lot for purchase.

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I have a question… I have a site with dark background , and i need to have my blog posts with a white background and black fonts…

Its possible ? Many many thanks!

pebas Author

Hi, thanks for purchase. Yes it is possible just you need to edit css in few places probably and that is it. For further help please use our forum. Thanks for purchase.