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Hello, What happened to your “MIXER” WP theme? I purchased it and spend a great deal of time setting it up and it was pulled shortly after. Its “Carell” the theme that has replaced it?

Hi, no Carell is something completely different. Mixer become very old simple and outdated with style. Anyway I’m glad you remember Mixer. Thanks. :)

I purchased Carell and when installing it it gives me an error saying the style css sheet is not included. please send instraction on how to proceed [removed]

Hi, use our support forum please and do not show you email on public places please. :)


Nice theme! Can this theme be used for any type of dealership? for example boats, farm machinery etc?

Hi, yes of course. Make and model are only static fields so if boats or machines have make and model as must than no problem. Thanks.

The demo has a broke currency sign. it says “dollar” instead of the dollar sign ”$”. is that fixed when i download the original?

Hey thanks a lot for noticing this, it is fixed. In download item all is perfect, this was our typing mistake, so if you decide purchase it freely.


I need to disable the zoom option on the car page. When I upload the images they look too zoomed and is cutting the top and bottom of the page.

Please help.


Hi, sorry for delay. We working on it and we will notify you ASAP about your account on our forum, probably trough email. Thank you.


But I need answer to my questions.

Please help

But you are already registered, just use email to recreate your password trough this link: http://powerthemes.club/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword


I wood like to buy this theme, but I want to know if you can modified it a little.

Next to the logo I need a search bar that searches field responsible for “Aditional Info ” sections and remove the search next to Contact Page?

Thank you for your time!


We can help you with advices and tips trough our support forum after your purchase but we do not have time to do it for you.



I’m creating a site with 3 categories: Farm Machinery, Vehicles and Parts. these all need to be filterable. make, model, type, new, used I also want to have links to each category in the main navigation, that only show listings in each category, is this possible with your theme? Can I only show the listings I want on the home page, ie latest cars?


1. Yes by creating custom field

2. Yes you can show only latest cars


Pre-sale question about auto trader theme,

i really want to have my website similar to truecar website, so i want to ask you about search filter, can this theme have search filter like first, buyer need to select either brand or body type then if choose brand then model of that brand will come up, while choosing body type the brand that have that body type will come up and let the customer choose, something like this, , i want search filter to work step by step. because sometime it does not make sense in some case, for example ( assume that there is no convertible type in BMW) , when buyer click at brand BMW and there is convertible body type option for them to choose ( assume that there is no convertible type in BMW) just example

can this theme fix this or is there anyway for me to fix this if i use this theme , if it require any plugin to solve this please tell me thank

Sorry all this will require bigger customization. You should hire someone to do it for you. Thanks.

Pre-sale Question 1.do you have paid customization service?

2.if i would like to have bid and auction function in each car listing, can you do that?

3. how long would it take?

4. and can you estimate the price of the customize service?


1. No.

2. No.

3. Do not know.

4. Sorry no.



cestpolo Purchased

Hi, i have to transforme the visual composer extension “latest cars” into “for sale cars”. How can i get only posts (cars) with a custom field “sale = for_sale”. There are no documentation of your product … Thanks to your answer.


Sorry but please use our support forum and someone will help you.

Thanks a lot for purchase.

I’have no account on power theme because i’ve buy carell on themeforest … 49$ for the service ! It’s so expensive ! Reply here please.

We support Carell WP too of course. So please sue support forum freely. Our developers are there so we are unable to help you here. About price you should contact Envato directly, we are unable to pick prices for items. Thanks a lot.

Pre Sales Question: Good afternoon! I’m interested in your theme, but before i make a purchase I have to see the possibility of adjustments in the administrative section. Can you help me with this?


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No that are top levels related directly to edit and view custom posts, inside levels you can edit/delete/add unlimited but those two are by default there.

Thank you!


pebas Author

No probs. :)