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blawee Purchased

when you use the RTL version there is a scroll appears in the bottom of the page, how this can be fixed?

example: http://dhaferalani.com/

hi.There is no way to add widget in footer? or can you The next version will add you to our newsletter (shortcode,pagebuilder and widget area).It is a good idea.Good luck

celsito13 Purchased

Hello again, is there a way to include html code in the fancy tabs. Any html I insert turns into plain text.

thanks a lot

Hi Mostafa,

It has been weeks since I e-mailed you and I still haven’t gotten any reply. I understand that you have been busy, however I see on YouTube and facebook that you have had time to create tutorials for and post about AlYoum. Furthermore: before I purchased Carmen it usually took you less than 36 hours to respond when I was a still a prospective buyer… This is extremely unprofessional.

Please reply to my e-mail as soon as possible, because I would like to avoid taking other measures.


Still waiting…


And still waiting…


Seriously, why do I even bother?

You used to respond within 2 DAYS before I purchased your theme.

Right after I bought it I asked a few questions and it has now been 2 MONTHS, and I still haven’t heard from you…

ALRaMaDy Purchased

hi very nice theme but how i can change this title

????? ???? ???? ??????

very thanks

ALRaMaDy Purchased


i mean this title


hi Code125.when instaling Subscribe by Email ( http://premium.wpmudev.org/project/subscribe-by-email/ ),lighbox image of portfolio not wordking.why?

ALRaMaDy Purchased

Hi Can help me about working theme in ipad and iphone Now is not working in ipad and iphone ,just the background is Working . Thanks for helping me

Hello Code125 I just send you an email to info@code125.com, please respond ASAP, tanks


I didn’t recieve any email related to carmen the past 48 hours


The email was send by israelc@abburo.com. Resending right now

bpulcheri Purchased

No answer to my contact 20 days ago. Already send an e-mail for you guys. Really having problem with what the theme and support.


My Apologizes, Please resend the request and I will work on an update soon.

Hello Code125, nice work! I’ve recently bought your theme and I’m having no problems with it thus far however I do have a quick question. I’m customizing a little bit of the design layout and I have to ask, where exactly do you go to change the “Call An Action Banner?” Although the banner ribbon is nice, it won’t be best suited for my company concept. Please reply immediately.

asnanak Purchased

Dear sir,

I have downloaded the last version of CARMEN to upgrade the theme on my website which was using the first version of CARMEN.

I replaced all the file in the theme folder with the new one.

But now, my home page don’t have any content.

I cannot import the sample data now to check how the home page structure was, because the website has a lot pf pages.

Could you please advice.



Importing the data is the best option to start using the theme

asnanak Purchased

But the app is already running, and all pages working correctly but the home page. could you please send me the data or the instructions of the homepage alone.

gerardogi Purchased

How can i change the main slider size?


It is responsive … it should adjust it self

hi. can you add att to ‘3col_post’ and ‘1col_post’ shortcode,that Choose the one or more Category from portfolios and posts to show? it is very very important.Keep in mind that in the next version.

bongobong Purchased

Any idea how I take the grid background out of the contact form fields?


U can target it via custom css

can you fix this bug? http://carmen.code125.net/features/shortcodes/posts/

mouse hover in products,and do not show data.see this picture: http://up.lianportal.com/images/22233905808586243247.jpg

when you use the RTL-LTR version there is a scroll appears in the bottom of the page, how this can be fixed?


Please send me your link

Hello !!!!!!!!! ?

What is this !!! where is the Support

Code125. I’ve asked you a question over 2 months ago and you’ve failed to be the proper author for this website to communicate to your purchasers the proper way. I had to figure out most of the issues myself seeing that you hardly respond to anyone on here and I’m sure it no longer has to deal with your wedding.

Now I need for you to PLEASE respond to this comment of mine because I’m having an issue and this needs to be done by Friday. If you do not reply by then, I’ll have to report to Themeforest and ask for some type of refund and due to your lack of proper author participation for this site.

Here is my new question. I’m having a issue with the “flexsilder” My error is “Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/29/d211021945/htdocs/corp/wordpress/wp-content/themes/carmen/index.php on line 67.” I do not know if I need to re-install the theme or not (but I’ve tried this and it still didn’t work). The link to view this issue is: http://www.corp.psvnetwork.com/.

If you need the back-end in order to view the coding error I will send you a message with a login. I hope you can respond immediately and thank you in advance.


Hello, You didn’t assign any image or data to the slides, and for the warning you enabled the slider in page settings but didnt set any slides.

it is fixed now, and you should assign images and data to slider to show.

If you just had the slides with its data “which is normal thinking” you wouldn’t have been waiting for 2 months.

Anyway sorry for waiting too long.