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ipazy Purchased

Great work. Amazingly detailed template. Well done! I highly recommend it!


Thank you so much

Can the color be changed ?


Yes it can. Carpo comes in 4 different colours but you can always make it into whatever colour you like. All you have to do is edit the main CSS file.

zherman Purchased

I have been having trouble installing this theme (I am new to wordpress). I copied the zip to my wp-content/theme directory and extracted it to a folder carpo in wp-content/theme. Now it says Stylesheet is missing. What is the correct process in uploading this theme? Thank you

I also put the individual color folders (wood,blue,cyan,purple) in the wp-content/theme directory and it says Template is missing.


Carpo is an HTML theme so u cannot use it as a WordPress theme.

jeakidts Purchased

Great Theme! very detailed. It often takes 30 seconds or more to load a page, however. Any suggestions?


One suggestion I can give you is to reduce the quality and resolution of the images you’re using it might help.


I purchased this item today , and although I love the design- I also agree that it takes a very long time to load. I download the files into a folder and imported into Dreamweaver, and without making any changes at all- it takes a long time to load… Is there a fix for this?

I would appreciate any ideas.

Paul Gemme

Hi, I’d like to recant my previous inquiry about the slow page load. I uploaded to a test server and it worked fine live, so the slow speed must have just been when previewing in the browser from Dreamweaver…

Very satisfied with the template…

Paul R Gemme


So all good then. Thanks a lot for your feedback ;)

Working on a new template. Don’t forget to hit the follow button for further updates.

Thanks everyone

avillez Purchased

Hi. This template has an amazing sleek design, from the slider to the icons everything looks great. I just started working on it and found it really easy to configure which is a big plus for me.

Looking forward for your next template!


Velocio Moscoto


Thanks a million Velocio. The next template is coming very soon. Follow me for further updates. Cheers!

Amazing template!! very easy to use and it looks great!! Keep up the good work.

Thank you,

Chico Trico

mick33 Purchased

Hi there,

Please advise on how to assign each thumbnail in PORTFOLIO its own set of photos. The way it’s set up now, each thumb only has one photo and the next photo is the one from the next thumbnail.

Does the jquery.prettyPhoto.js file only allow one photo per thumbnail?

Thanks, P

mick33 Purchased

^Nevermind, just followed the script for portfolio_single.html and it’s all good


Alright then. Good luck with your new theme ;)