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Thank you for your great theme ! I love it !

I have a question regarding the brciklayer contact form. I’m not receiving any mail. Where could the problem be ?

And is there a way to send the mail as CC to the person contacting us ?

Thank you very much in advance

Thank you for your quick reply. I’m very impressed !

And as for sending the mail as CC to the person contacting us ?

I have yet another question : if I duplicate the 2 language files, rename the copy “bricklayer-fr_FR” and translate some of the strings, is there a way to choose these new language files ?

Thank you very much

Hello, please direct all your questions to that email address. Thanks.

Hello, Just a quick comment to say that my questions have been answered with the latest theme release. Thank you


Pinco83 Purchased

Hello, thank you for this wonderful theme.

My copy of Visual Composer does not work well , some elements are not seen, I also wrote in support .

Hello, we replied to your email. If you have further questions please direct them to aislin.themes@gmail.com


Pinco83 Purchased

Thank you, i see all :)


I am studying a solution to a online courses platform. There are a few things that we need: - charge a premium monthly subscription to all content; - charge a regular subscription to a part of the content; - have Free lessons, as a trial of each course; - great analytics, so that I can pay profit shares to the teachers with an intuitive and scalable solution. We need something like [minutes attended per class per month]/[total minutes attended on all platform per month] and a CSV file would be great; - the possibility to sell just one lesson (not really needed, but certainly a plus).

Can your Theme resolve all this? Thank you very much for your feedback.

Best regards.


PeterA Purchased

Finally! You got a rid with the most annoying, worst UI and buggy Bricklayer plugin. Thank you for Visual Composer!

Please tell me how you can turn off the “sticky menu” when you scroll a long page? I just don’t want that functionality. Can it be hidden with CSS perhaps?

Sorry, how can i change the footer composition also in 5 or 6 columns? The preset is in 4, can i change this part in theme?

This is my purchase code: f145a9fb-4d27-487c-9dc5-4e2bf675ec0b

Thank you very much

We sent a reply to your email

Header background image is not responsive. What code do I need to change?

Please contact us at aislin.dk@gmail.com for that

Hi there, I really like your Long page with classes homepage but don’t want to import all the demo content into my existing homepage.

Are you able to paste me the code from that long page with classes homepage as there are some bricks I’d like to use in my homepage but don’t know which one.

THanks MS

Please contact us at aislin.dk@gmail.com for that

Hi, great theme I have purchased and using it. Just one question, in the calendar section is there a way to make an event for a parents evening so the event can be for six teachers and parents can pick a time slot? Cheers

Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com with your question. Thanks.