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Hi there,

How to change link color on footer and in Visual composer? (I have tried change “Link color” at body, but nothing happened. )

Thank you.

Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi, nice Theme so far. If i try to set a new event, i get this Database-Error:

[Unknown column ‘event_author’ in ‘field list’ ....................and a lot errors more, after this main error.


Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com and send full error message in the mail.

Hi, I installed the theme to use on a very simple school site (ecole-pleinair.be). I have 2 issues: Color Presets doesn’t work at all Responsive view: seems broken :( Please advise.

Also what plugins I can remove? I didn’t install Contact Form 7 Ecwid Shopping Cart Events Made Easy Mail Poet (Wysija) cause I don’t need them, may be some other plugins can be removed?


Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com with additional information: Is this your first install or were you migrating to version 2x, were you making any changes to theme files, are you using a child theme.

What happens to my Blog. http://vyouth.psd2code.net/blog/

If this is your first installation you can remove that code from the page and set static blog page in Admin/Settings/Reading to Blog. If you have more questions please direct them to aislin.themes@gmail.com


Hi, its me again =) 1.) where i can change the image right above? i mean that transparent gif or png with stars and paperflyers as an overlay of rainbow.png

2.) On Blog Page i want to set the color of the “read more” buttons… i use “Post masonry grid for that! it is std. red but i don’t find that in Theme Options!


Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi! I have some problems with the theme, it doesn’t load, i can’t make any changes in the widgets, in the pages… also, the “Theme Options” doesn’t save my changes, for example, the logo doesn’t remove or it doesn’t change the colors. Thanks in advance.

Hello, please check your mail we sent you reply.

Hey, I have a problem with the single post. I want to display only the date, but not the meta tags and the author.

here is my site: http://www.schuleamdickenstein.de/index.php/neue-internetpraesenz/

I delete the meta-tag-line in the content.php, but then all is delete, the date too.

I hope anyone can help me?!

Thanks a lot! Best regards, Tammy

Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi, I just updated the theme to latest version and when I went to make changes to header, background, and footer color, It said that ,”There was a problem with your action, please try again later.”

Please help. Dara

Hello, please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi! Please help me. I can’t find where i can translate this “Read more”? i am using post grid VC //// Screen: http://shakarimschool.kz/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/post-grid.png

Hello, did you check in Admin/Visual Composer/Grid Builder? For any further questions please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi! What licence have kids in slides? Can i use it or it’s just demo to replace? Thanks

Hello, we advise you to replace them with your images.

Hello, I have problem “xml import” Error; Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

how can ? fix this ?

Not solved… I Send e-mail

I solved problem.. “my self”.. thank u..

Great to hear that.

Hi! This is a great them it works perfectly on my new proyect, I was wander if I can change de language of the site, I need it in English.

If you are talking on having multiple languages – this theme is WPML compatible. You can also try some free plugins.

Sorry, I need it in Spanish, Ill Try, thanks.

Hi Guys, love this theme and have already sold the idea to my client. Before I buy could you confirm a few points please? 1. Can I upload pdf documents on a page for people to download as they wish? 2. Is there an option to add a ticker tape style notification at the top of the site. For school closures etc? 3. Can the backend me de-cluttered to only include what is needed for the client? sometimes WP backends are confusing 4. and finally, can you have more than one event in the calendar? thanks in advance.


Hello, thank you for taking an interest in our theme. 1. take a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5wQ9p6d9xs 2. you would need to install a free plugin for that, something like this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cm-notification-bar/ 3. Backend will be less cluttered if the person has different role, like editor. 4. Yes you can have more than one event in the calendar.

Hi! We’ve recently inherited a client whose website was built on Carry Hill v1.2. We’re considering buying a new license and bringing the theme up-to-date, but noticed that v2 made a transition from Bricklayer to Visual Composer. How easy is the migration to VC? The site does not appear to be built on a child theme, not sure if that complicates matters any.


Bricklayer pages will work normally in CH 2x. If you want to have the pages built with VC the easiest way would be to import the new Visual Composer demo and adapt it.

Hi, I have problem from mobile versiyon.. please check this http://www.matematikbitmistir.com/ right side empty ? how can ? fix ?

Please contact us at aislin.themes@gmail.com

Hi, there is a way to put de images of the slider behind of menu?, I have a problem with te images, they cover the logos when they are higher.

Hello, please send a link to your site to aislin.themes@gmail.com


ilrado Purchased

The 2.1.1 version of the theme is compatible with WordPress 4.5?

We are pushing an update for WP 4.5. We expect it to be accepted very soon.


Quick presales question. Do you know if this theme is compatible with the Polylang wordpress plugin? I am looking for an educational theme but it has to be bilingual. Thanks

Not tested with Polylang but is WPML compatible.

I have suddenly started getting this message on the bricks and boxes section on the admin side of the pages “function (n){return o.call(this,n,m)}” any help please?

Please contact us for the latest version of Bricklayer at aislin.themes@gmail.com Please include your purchase code in the mail


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I am having this issue after following the migration video step by step. “Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() “

Can’t access the site at all. I have FTP access though. What should I do?

Hello, please send us access to aislin.themes@gmail.com