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Very Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Thanks a lot!

Great job!GLWS :)

Woot! Thanks!

Nice! Not a lot of cart66 themes out there (not nice ones at least) good luck!

Thanks AJ! Yeah, I have 3 of the 5 of them now :nerdy:

Great one, looks elegant ; congrats.
Kind Regards,

Quite impressive! Congrats and good luck with your sales!

Thanks REX!

Really great work!

Thanks co-Chicagolandian!

Awesome Theme! GLWS :)

hey why is there a :) in mobile footer -

That’s from a plugin, likely Jetpack.

is ti possible to connect with Easy Digital Downloads?

Not really. EDD would work, but it wouldn’t have the same layout.

However, this is something I was going to look into in the future (which I realize doesn’t help you right now). I did go through and build it out for EDD for a personal site of mine, but i haven’t integrated it into the main theme yet. I hope to have that done by end of summer… But don’t quote me on that ;)

Would it be possible to put a giant search bar where it says Cartful? and make the cartful logo small and above the search bar? If that is to much custom work I understand just wanted to ask to see…

Thanks! Theme really looks slick!

There’s not an option in the theme to do that, but it would just be flipping a few items in the code around, and maybe a bit of CSS. You can do this via a child theme.

Or I could quote it out or find a developer to handle it for you if you’d like someone else to customize it.

Cool… Well I think I will give it a go… I am fairly savvy and you guys look like you have a pretty sweet support forum :) Thanks

Sounds good. Let us know if you need anything! Thanks!

GLWS Dear designcrumbs

When you change the size of the shirt, the price should change automatically. Rather, the theme is currently setup so the only price showing is the default, and the price change is only visible on the cart and checkout pages.

That would be part of the Cart66 plugin, not part of the theme. It’s not something that they currently have set up.

When the search bar is open, the search icon should become an X. This can be done easily using CSS.

Not a bad idea! I’ll keep that in mind!

Hi Jake, awesome looking theme. When are you planning to have it support Cart66 Pro?

Hey man!

I’m not sure. I want to do it sooner than later but I’m honestly swamped right now. I have one project too many, so hopefully when I clear my plate a little bit I can kick out some of these bigger updates to my themes.

Cool cool. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Cool. Thanks Jet!

Hi there, i have this site but and i like Cart66. The company who make my site is no longer exist, so is difficult for me to find out more details if is possible to migrate. I like very, very much Cart66 theme! So if somebody can tell me that it will work.

I honestly don’t know if you can migrate it. You can check with the guys at

Thank you very much i will see the link. If somebody already instal the theme please let me know what is needed to make it work!

Sure thing!

If i buy this, can i do on russian language? and prices do not only dolars? or do on two language russian and english?

You’re uploading the wrong file. Unzip that file you downloaded from ThemeForest, and then upload, and if you’re going to make changes, I’d also suggest uploading and set that as your active theme.

Uploaded by thank you. Set Up Theme Like this I need my self? Or there is help in the setting free?

To set it up like the demo, install Cart66 Cloud, and then upload the included cartful.xml file under Tools > Import.

You can open a thread in my support forum and we can help there for free.

Will this work with cart66 pro yet?

Not yet, sorry! Cart66 Cloud recently got a HUGE update if you haven’t checked it out yet. Still waiting on them to add an inventory feature though ;)