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Hi Rifki. One simple question: How can I make progress bars apears when opening a page, and not when scrolling? TIA.

Love the theme. May I ask what font you used for the logo?

Is there a FIX now for the opening slider problem where the controls are stuck to the left-hand side of the page? AND I downloaded the video files – WAVES – to the assets/video/ folder and they don’t appear on the home page now after uploading them to my server. Any suggestions. Thank you.

The video section doesn’t work on iPad’s. The video doesn’t play and the image is small. Any suggestions?

simple and professional ever! good job;

Is it allowed to use the included pictures ?

Hi. I’ve purchased your theme and love it. I have two questions if I may:

1) How can I hyperlink to a specific tab when using the tabs? I wish to open the page via a hyperlink directly to a tab but I cannot seem to work out how.

2) How can I make the progress bars display instantly, rather than when I scroll the page?

Thank you! :)

Hello, I cant seem to install this theme on Wordpress. Is there some structure to the files I need. I cant just upload the zip as It cant find the CSS and when I unzip and upload it still doesnt work

Is it possible to make it boxed into a custom width? Thanks.

Anyone know the font used in the Casanova logo?

where is the info or how i set up the contact form?


Hi, For some reason the responsive menu isnt working for me in sub folders? I am putting ../ before the css links etc but noting is showing up? any idea what it could be?

Doesnt matter I found it in the footer! :)

No support? Cancel PSQ.

Not theme – pile of shit

Hi, i would know if slide module it adapts to different screen resolutions.

Hi! Is there any way to hide social icons from header without modifying css? Thank you!

I have purchased the casanova theme, I have question regarding the plugins… Do I need to buy visual composer along with theme? Or Without any other purchase I can work properly with the theme. Is there any guide how to use this theme… because i am facing some problem to do so…