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I want to use youtube video in home page background instead of loading videos on my site. It’s not practical to upload the videos on the site and also, I want to dynamically change videos for my user. You should have a fix for this. Lots of other themes have this feature.

I am really sorry currently the YouTube video background is not available. if i have a free time I will add the feature

It shouldnt be a big task, but it would be a great feature. I am expecting a quick solution.


jan_ Purchased

Hi! I have purchased your template twice because I simply love it! I was wondering if I could load the satellite view on contacts page instead of default map view. Thank you very much for your support! j a n

Sorry for late replie. please contact me through my profile page with details

Hi, how i can make a menu with 3 levels….

Services - option 1 —option 1.1 —option 1.2 - option 2 - option 3

Sorry, Third level menu is not availiable


HAMED1 Purchased

Hi, thank you for this great site!

I have really had great fun adjusting it to my needs.

But I can’t seem to find out how the share links function in the portfolio site need programing. I would like to share the project details with picture, and not just the picture.

Sorry, that’s option is not availiable


jaydul Purchased

Responsive menu Too bad.Need to fix.otherwise cannot work with that.

Please contact me through my profile page with details and link