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Good job! :)

And love the presentation!


Thank you very much GoodLayers that means much coming from an Elite WordPress developer! I’m very glad you like it! Many thanks again mate! :)


Thank you joefrey! Much appreciated! :)

Wonderful work as always , I’m not surprised :)
Wish you the best with sales Enabled.


Thanks Bedros! Much appreciated! Very glad you like it! :)


Thanks nextWPthemes! Much appreciated! :)

How does the bottom navigation work? Are those the only pages you can put down there? Can you choose icons or change to text?

The theme is one of the best I’ve seen visually though!


I know what you’re saying, but the purpose was to create something unique not copy something else! :)


Haha unique is always good, but that’s the best way of quickly navigating to all pages. You put that on there and I’m definitely buying.


How is interacting with something faster than something that’s always there! :P This item is final as is. :P

Should have mentioned this earlier, but this would be awesome if there was a menu icon that can go in top right or even bottom footer. The menu icon like the majority of new apps and mobile websites. Know what I mean? That way the user can easily navigate through the entire site.


Answered this question in your previous one! :) No worries about posting again! It happens, we all forget sometimes! :P

congrats, nice one, like it, wish u many sales :)


Thanks anariel7! Much appreciated! :)

Hello, I have tested this template as webapp and the photo gallery does not work in this mode. I am very interested in this template and also one of yours (side) ... I wonder if this can be resolved?. I mention that Safari works perfect … Thank you.


It’s an iOS bug. It’s not deploying the JavaScript. It works on some versions of the iPhone OS ( most of them ) it doesn’t work on others. These are phone limitations, sadly, I cannot fix what Apple broke! :)

It works perfectly in all mobile browsers though! :) Contact me via my profile if you have more questions! :)

Nice work, a couple of quick questions before purchase:

1) all images appear to have a circular affect applied to them; if I wanted them to be square (but the same approximate size), is this possible and are you able to assist?

2) can the front page slideshow slides link to pages

3) again on the front page, is the section underneath the slideshow fully customizable (i.e. can place own HTML )?



Hey there jon_b, you have an answer bellow this comment by CosminCotor, the WordPress developer!


Many thanks Enabled, CosminCotor!


No worries Jon! Feel free to ask if there is anything else you need help with! :)

@ jon_b

1) the thumbnails can be square if required (with minor modifications)

2) by default no

3) yes, you can add any content under the slideshow

Thank you for your compliments and interest.



I’m can this theme pull content from a WP existing site? I.e. can I set it to display a list of a certain subset of WP posts, and when the user clicks on a post via your webapp it takes them to a nicely formatted version of the page which keeps in with the theme?

Or is it just those 5 pages static pages only?



Please check your email.

The theme is not limited to 5 pages, you can remove them or add more if needed. You also have a blog section with posts and comments.



Can you add simple honeypot captcha to the contact page?

Will it support ios compliant videos?

hi, great job…

i was think of purchased it..but i was wondering can the gallery load up to 100 pics and the load waiting??



The gallery is divided into pages (automatically), you can set the number of items shown on each page, and you can have as many pages as you need.


Can I make it an app package for iphone app store?


I understand now!

I am unable to tell you what PhoneGap can do, because it’s currently out of my area of expertise. I had a customer who has done this to a page, and uploaded it to the AppStore. But, in order to do this, you must purchase a extended license! Please read the extended license agreement of the Envato Marketplaces.

If you feel the license is too expensive, please contact me through my profile and we can work something out! :)


Thanks for your patience replay. I will consider it.


No worries wesson818, please feel free to ask more questions if you require assistance! :)

Hello, I like your theme. I’m wondering how I can replace the menu icons that are displayed along the bottom of the screen, and the phone icon at the top…if I decide I want to do that. Also, I didn’t see an answer to the captcha question. Thanks!


You can replace the images for the existing ones or create new ones (new Css rules and icons).

Captcha is not available with this theme. You can disable the default form and use a contact form plugin if you want more settings.

Thank you for the fast response!

hello, I’m interested in your theme; just few questions: is it possible to use square thumbnails instead of circular ones? Is it an option of the theme or do I need to change something by myself? Can I use it only for mobile themes? Does it support nextgen gallery? Thanks Marco