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Hi, I cannot seem to get my posts seen on my blog page. This is the url Please help

Hi, what page template did you use for the page? if you use blog page template. then please PM me your site’s login detail in support forum

here’s the link to my forum profile

1) I have downloaded the current version of your theme, but the responsive mode isn’t working. The only thing that is responsive is the navigation. Please advise. 2) On the Category Post page, the sidebar does not show. 3) On the Category Post Page, and the Article/Blog page the entire post shows. I have chosen “Summary” in Settings>Reading, but it still shows the entire post. 4) Where can I make the Page title an H2, not an H3? Thank you.

coltranism Author Team


1. there is a custom css rule for #content-wrapper that set to 1040px width; if you remove that rule the page will be responsive or you can set media query with that css so the css will only be true for device with min width of 1040px.

2. I saw the page and the sidebar seems to be displayed correctly or maybe I’m mistaken ?

3. hi, the summary/full post in the settings>reading section is for rss feed and not for the actual blog display to show summary in the archive type page you need to alter the content type page template(content.php, content-audio.php etc)

4.depend on the page, which page did you want to change the title to? if it is regular page, you need to edit the page.php if it is blog template then you need to change the template-blog.php etc