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Nice and clean theme. Congrats!


First of all congratulations, great work love this theme

Before I purchase, I have 4 question:

- Is it possible to have the website in 2 languages (Portuguese, English) configurable in admin panel?

- Did the theme have a galery template?

- Is it possible to see a screen shot of admin panel?

- Is it possible to see a screen shot of Homepage 4 sidebar position

Many thanks



Thanks :)

Answering your questions:

- There is no 2 language option in the admin, but maybe there is a plugin for this

- This theme have portfolio template that you can use as gallery, please see the demo at http://demo.templatesquare.com/wordpress/centivio/?page_id=24

- Please see the admin theme options screenshot at http://demo.templatesquare.com/wordpress/centivio/themeoptions.gif

- To see the homepage sidebar, please see at http://demo.templatesquare.com/wordpress/centivio/ and you can see the sidebar title plus one right sidebar

Nice! Anyway of getting additional MENU TAB selection?


Thanks :)

Hmm… I don’t understand your questions…

digm Purchased

Great job on the theme. I’ve installed it and attempted to re-create the same layout for the homepage that is shown in the demo. However, I can’t seem to figure it out.

1. Do I need to create a new page for the homepage or can I somehow change setting so that the default page is the homepage. Right now, when I click on the company logo, I have a page that shows the scrolling image gallery with the text to the right and then all blog posts below it. That’s different than the demo. What I want for the homepage is the scrolling images with text to the right like you have in the demo and then those icons below it with text, etc.

2. I’ve created a separate page to test this out and set the template to “Home Template”. However, now I have the icons I mentioned above on the page, but no scrolling image. I can’t seem to get both to work at the same time.

What am I missing here?

Hi. A couple questions…...

1. Can the text box titled Welcome to Centivio be placed above the Sidebar Home Content 1 & 2 boxes? In other words just flipping them?

2. Also, is the widgetized footer a sidebar allowing me to drag and drop any widget I want?

Thanks in advance. Dave

How many MENU Tab/ITEM does it support. Can I add more menu tabs without breaking the look/design?


This theme support only maximum 5 menu/tab. We already limit only to get 5 menus, it only show 5 latest menus even if you put more than 5. We will consider to add option for the menus in the next update.


The theme looks great, but I have a few questions I was hoping to run past you before purchasing it:

1. Gallery: I noticed there is no ‘click for a larger view’ type functionallity. Is this just because you didn’t add a large version of the images, or because the template does not support that sort of functionality.

2. Logo Area: Rather than cycling between images, is it cablable of cycling between two ‘blocks of code’, such as videos or another custom object?

3. Drop Down Menus: Does this theme support any drop down menu’s for the top menu structure? If not, how is sub page navigation managed?

4. Adding a shopping cart such as e-Commerce: A particular use I had in mind for this theme would require me adding a shopping cart to part of it using a plugin such as the Wordpress e-Commerce Plugin. Am I likley to run into any major compatibility issues with this?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Hi, just answer your questions in email.

@digm – In the Admin section goto Settings >> Reading. From there select “Front page displays” and choose a static page, then select your page.

I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out the same thing ;)


Yes, you are correct…. thanks :)

I though this is default wordpress feature and everybody already know about this :)

I will update the help file to include this instruction in the next update…

I can’t figure out how to re-organize the menu items… any tips? I’ve tried ordering the pages by number (0, 1, 2, etc.). I’ve also tried removing/adding the custom fields to see if it would add the menu item to the end of the list, but no luck.

Figured out it sorted by Page ID in the database… I just deleted all the pages and added them in the order of right to left that I needed them. Perhaps adding an option to rearrange the pages for the future? By the way here’s the site I’m working on. I’m modifying quite a bit but it’s the same theme :)




The page is sorted by date descending, so you can change the date to order the page. I will check and add order in the next update.

Your site looks great, the cu3er feature is fit in that area, good idea :). Hmmm…. maybe I will consider to incorporate cu3er for this theme :)


woodsysa Purchased

I’m lost.

How/where do I add the top horizontal page menu?

I have widgets with empty space…how do I replicate your home page and add content to the widgets? My widgets are empty.

I’m new to wordpress but have successfully created a few, but this has me so lost.

Do I have to do all this in code…would have thought the widgets would be more user friendly and have areas to add text and images….but no just empty widgets.

Where do I get the computer envelope and phone image for the top right home page widget?

How do I add the sidebar content images?

Do I have a download that’s corrupt or what??

Urgent help please. Thought this would be a doddle but sadly no!

woodsysa Purchased

I’m sorry but your english is pretty poor and I’m not that impressed with your instructions.

Fighting with this in the dark to be honest.

woodsysa Purchased

Ok we clearly have a time difference here.

I’ve sorted out by myself how to add the menu and slider images.

Still clueless as to how to match your top right home page widget content.

Ditto for footer 1 and 2…..?

Where does the content come from…. a post…? A page?

Come on…..I’ve spent $27 here and getting fairly angry.

Can you update your documentation please, but would welcome your input before then, as I’ve wasted so much time on this.

We are not all living and breathing wordpress every day.

Should not be this hard. I’m not stupid.

Is your download working properly, or am I missing some really important data.

My widget areas are all empty…where does the info to fill them come from.

It’s nearly 11pm here….not sure what time it is with you but I can see me working on this till the small hours till I’ve had enough. Hope to hear from you real soon!!



Yes, I’m sure we have time difference.

What’s your site url? I need to see what the problem that you have.

Answering your questions: - About the menu You can see in the help file point #3 Main Menu Settings. The instruction is clear that you need to add custom field to activate page as menu.

- About top right icons You can put anything in the top right in widget named “Sidebar Top”. If you want to use the icons, they are in the “wp-content/themes/centivio/images/” folder.

- To add sidebar image You should put the image url in the text area of the sidget, example:

- Footer widget You can add content to sidebar footer1, footer2 and footer3 via widget, in the admin area go to “Appearance – Widgets” and find the Sidebar Footer1, Footer2 and Footer3 widget.

- All widget The first installation to the theme, all widget will be empty and you should add content to the widget via “Appearance – Widgets” and find the widget that you want to add.

I hope this help… if you still found a problem, please let me know…



woodsysa Purchased

I believe my problem is that I am trying to replicate closely your own template…...so I’ve used your own code as a guide and edited that now.

Widget content all very well, but I just thought it would be easier to develop my new site in keeping with yours. Seems there’s more code to it than I thought. That said, I’m making great headway…slowly.

I love the template…just more to it than some I’ve used.

I’m learning to ask many questions before I actually purchase….but this is workable, even if it’s taking a bit of time…sadly we are not all as good as you at things like this.

Like I said, getting there slowly. I’ll load finished work soon.

It’s gone 2.30am now – so a fresh head is called for – will continue once I’ve had some sleep…...



Hi, please send me a message via my profile then I will send you the sample data.

I also will include the sample data with the next update.



I had a pretty interesting time with this one, but managed to get pretty much everything sorted.

I’ll try and answer what questions I can.

Q. How/where do I add the top horizontal page menu? A. As per the help manual, when making a page, add a custom field called ‘menu’, add the value ‘yes’, then another one called ‘menu-details’ to add the subtext. The title of the page will be whatever title you give to that page.

Q. I have widgets with empty space…how do I replicate your home page and add content to the widgets? My widgets are empty. A. Make a page called ‘home’ or whatever you want your home page to be called, select the ‘Homepage’ option from the template box on the right. Make sure you add some random words to the content area of the home page as well (or it doesn’t appear). Create a page called Blog or whatever you want your blog page to be. Then go to Settings -> Reading. Go to ‘Front page displays’, and select ‘A static page (select below) ’. Set home page as your home page, and blog page as your blog page.

Note: if you only want your blog page to display certain categories (which you probably will), leave the blog page option as blank, and instead use the category-include custom field on the page you want to ‘blog’ categories x,y, and z on.

Q. Do I have to do all this in code…would have thought the widgets would be more user friendly and have areas to add text and images….but no just empty widgets. A. Pretty much every area to add text on this template is a widget. If the widget is empty, there is some default text (normally telling you what widget to play with). To add custom text/images, you add a text widget and code it accordingly.

Q. Where do I get the computer envelope and phone image for the top right home page widget? A. Keep reading. It’s in the useful code area.

Q. How do I add the sidebar content images? A. You want an image in the sidebar like he has on the contact page? Make a text field, use

<a href="#"><img src="image-location-goes-here" alt="my really cool sidebar image" border="0" /></a>
. Yes, that allows you to hyperlink it, which i’m assuming you will want to do.

Q. Is there any help included with this? A. Yes, there is a help folder that came in the template zip. It includes a web page that tells you some of the basics. It’s a little vague, but better than nothing.

The only bits that aren’t so straight forward is the top contact area, and the bottom footer areas. I made it look the same as the demo site by going to the demo site, ripping out the code, throwing it in a text area, and tweaking to suite.

Remember: If you are not sure where a sidebar is implemented – put a text area in and write some random crap! Then just go looking for where that random crap appears. This is a very powerful but complicated template, so just keep plodding away until you find what you’re after.

Useful Code for Text-Widgets: sidebar-top (contact area):

<li class="url">
<a href="#">
<li class="mail">
<a href="mailto:test@example.com">
<li class="phone">
(+61) 07 5555 5555

sidebar portfolio (this runs ABOVE the portfolio. Make the links go to sub pages of your portfolio page. both portfolio page and subpages need to use the portfolio template.)

<li class="page_item page-item-127">
<a href="#" title="Group 1">Group 1</a></li>
<li class="page_item page-item-112">
<a href="#" title="Group 2">Group 2</a></li>
<li class="page_item page-item-110">
<a href="#" title="Group 3">Group 3</a></li>

How to actually make the images on portfolio/homepage apear: You will need to make a few categories. 1 category for each sub page you want on your portfolio, and another for the home page rotator. In the template options tab, set the homepage rotator tab accordingly. In the portfolio page (and sub pages), use the ‘category-include’ custom field to select which category goes with which page. Make the main portfolio page include all the categories you use in your image portfolio.

When adding posts, use the ‘image’ custom field to specify the image location as mentioned in the help file, and add the post to the categories in question (homepage slideshow groups for portfolio). Be sure to set the DATE PUBLISHED on these waaay back so that the damn portfolio posts don’t appear in recent post lists, etc.

Shopping Cart: I;ve actually begun setting up e-Commerce with this template (on a store page), and it seems to be functioning pretty well. Just set your store page as Template1 or something so you can specify the widgets for it.

At first you will be thinking ‘what the hell was he thinking making 17 #$^&ing sidebars?!’, but after you actually start using them, you will find they’re actually pretty helpful and allow a LOT of micro management on what goes where.

Plugins I recommend for sidebars to be less hellorific: Duplicate Sidebar Widget Samsarin PHP Widget

They will make life easier when wanting to add some special widgets here there and everywhere that would otherwise not allow you to do so.

If you have other questions, ask nicley and either the author or someone who just figured it out themselves may help you out.

SIDENOTE : Make sure your uploads folder, and especially your centivio theme folder permissions are set to 777 (including sub directories), or several things will not work.. like the images for portfolio/homepage. lol.

Not knowing all the answers myself, I do actually have a question as well I figured I would throw out there:

Does anyone know how to get lightbox or something similar working on this? I want people to be able to click on one of the changing homepage slider images, or one of the gallery images (especially the gallery images) to get a larger view (it’s kinda a make or break feature for me, so I could really do with some help). Installing and activating Lightbox just breaks everything. lol.

I will probably be manually hacking away and hard coding the home page slider so that it will rotate dynamic content for me (videos or whatever)

*Edited to add those stupid < pre > blocks to the code..

woodsysa Purchased

Thanks Lazybear…I’ll read this in the morning. Too much for weary eyes at 3am.

I have actually fugured a lot out – just a time issue that I could well do with out…..templates I thought would make life easier not harder.

My feelings are that in order to get what you think you see on this template tin, requires a lot of work.

Many other templates on here have a very easy guide and I’m just struggling with this one.

Will be very cautious in future before parting with cash.

I would have thought that all the widget areas would have been filled with appropriate widgets ready for adding images/text etc, but sadly you have to seek code out and manually copy and edit code.

I’m for ma bed now…..till when I wake.

Night all Sxx

zaki_aut Purchased


how can I change the ‘menu-details’ – subtext to small letters instead of capital initial letters.

Thank you very much!

woodsysa Purchased

Well it’s now 1.45pm and I’m making headway. Most of it I’ve figured out but will read and re-read lazybear’s post as sure to help.

I’m almost there. Just more code than I liked and text in widgets.

I’m new to all this but how I see this template is it’s just an html template thrown into wordpress widgets, and as I’m not great on html bar copying previous code an editing it, it’s not my cuppa.

I do like the colours and layout, so am persevering. Too many templates in the early days are too dull and grey in text.

One last thing for now…where do I change the folder permissions to 777? Do I change the whole folder ie wp-content/themes/centivio to 777? I’ve just done so and messed the whole thing up, so have reverted to 755 which it is set to.



With different right sidebar widget for each page, you can have different right content for each page and you can incorporate sub navigations for each main navigation.

For all sidebar position, you don’t need to know html code to put content in there, you can choose the wordpress widget that you want to display such as latest post, recent comments, etc or you can put plugin widget. You also can put text widget to display information and you need to know html code if you want to display image, link, etc in the text widget area.

If you need sample data similar with our demo, please send me a message then I will reply with the sample data.

About permission, I think 755 is no problem.


zaki_aut Purchased

Please take a look http://fuer-eisenstadt.at

I have a problem with the border around the image in the slider.

What am I doing wrong?


We will check about this. But maybe it cause by the twitter code. Please try to put text widget to “Sidebar Footer3”, it will replace the twitter status in the footer. And see what happen…

We still find out better twitter status code.