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IRT Purchased

Hi there,

Is it possible to add a video to the homepage slider?


Yes, there’s no problem with that. Just use embed.

Pawhi Purchased


ronaldihno Purchased 2 years ago Flag

Hi, I just bought it because it looks so nice! Thank you for the great work.

But nearly all downloaded pics are white/empty. Is that correct? Live Preview works, but I can not see them when downloaded (neither Safari, nor Firefox) Thank you, Ronny

Vasterad Vasterad Author 2 years ago Flag

Hi, I can’t include these images. It would be against law… but if you want to buy one from PhotoDune I will give you links with pleasure!


Could you possibly give me the links?

Hi Vasterad,

We miss you!

OK, question. Have you developed any customizable map or “find a location” widgets that we could visually integrate into our Centum websites?

Thanks in advance,


boer025 Purchased

What an amazing great template! Thanks.

1 question. On my Android and iPhone the layerslider arrow stays active after pushing it.