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How can i set the height of the royalslider to 200 ?

Just a few lines above ;) Cheers

How to translate the word ‘testimonials’ that shows up adding the block in visual composer?

When you have the “wrapper” block for testimonials you have there “edit” icon (pencil) http://i.imgur.com/c4sRJ4c.png – click it and you’ll have a option box where you can set title and set delay value

I had some problem on my site, i reported it and Purethemes looked at it and fixed it within a few hours. I bought over 80 items so far here on Themeforest but i have never seen this kind of support before. Highly recommended!

Thank you!

yoq – How to translate the word ‘testimonials’ that shows up adding the block in visual composer?

When you have the “wrapper” block for testimonials you have there “edit” icon (pencil) http://i.imgur.com/c4sRJ4c.png – click it and you’ll have a option box where you can set title and set delay value

this theme is nice and clean, is it okay if i purchase and use as my theme for http://www.999webtemplates.com ?

Hi, you mean you want to switch your current theme to Centum? I don’t see any problem with that, that’s what it is for :)

Is it possible to have the latest articles from blog in home page, without the use of visual composer?

Of course, Visual Composer is optional, each element is available as shortcode, for blog posts it’s [recent_blog] – check more in documentation


Can i see RTL demo?

Thank you

Hi, unfortunately no, I don’t have RTL version of demo available, theme has some basic RTL styling included but it needs some improvements, so I can’t say it’s 100% RTL ready


I noticed a “bug” in the template-revolution.php file. I wanted to use this template (Revo+sidebar+content), but it didn’t show the sidebar, but the “whitespace” for it is there.

I looked into the file and noticed the following on line 26:

if($sidebar_side != "left-sidebar") {

I changed the “!” to “=” to make it work.

if($sidebar_side == "left-sidebar") {

Is this a bug or on purpose that the sidebar was disabled?

And will this be changed to “==” in the future updates, because I hardcoded it into the “Centum” map and not the Child. Will do it in the child (or make a own version), if updates will not include the sidebar fix.

Seems like a bug, sorry for that, it will be fixed, thanks for the letting me know!


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[list type=circle_list] is no longer working on my site. If I remove the ul tags then it does work. I’m reluctant to do this in case it causes other issues.

Just to check I pasted in the code that you said was correct in your reply to another similar comment three years ago.

[list type=circle_list] <ul> <li>list element</li> <li>list element</li> </ul> [/list]

The page is



actually in new update the “type” is “list-1”, “list-2”, “list-3” or “list-4”

Hi There, the site title and Tagline are not in line. how to fix? URL : www.zeroherotraining.com Thanks


Add to Custom CSS i Theme Options
h2.logo, h1.logo { margin-top:0px;}
#tagline { margin-top:10px;}

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I would like a Houzz icon to the social media icons in the header. Please advise how I would do that. I can’t find the icon file. Thank you.


There’s no Houzz icon available in that set. Those icons are font based so it’s not that easy to add new one. One thing you can do is to manually add in header.php right after the social icons loop but before closing </ul> your own <li> element but with icon from image instead of CSS. It will probably need some CSS adjustments.

Hi There, I want to have one more menu on footer bar. what should I do? please help thanks

but I need it to be vertical line, not horizontal line. Can I ?

That would require some customization, as theme doesn’t have that option for footer.

Could you help me create the simple one, please? or suggest plug-in to do, the simple one is good to me :) thank you in advance

Hi guys, I have recently purchased the Centum theme and I am interested in using the precise layout as shown on the live preview. I have followed instructions on www.docs.purethemes.net on how to import the themes ‘demo content’, however, when instructed to import the file “extras/import.xml” from the theme package, I am unable to locate the file indicated. I couldn’t help but notice that it is a documentation walkthrough for version 1.1.5 of centum and I am currently using 2.5.3. Could someone specify which file I would need to import into WordPress in order to acquire the Live Preview layout. Many thanks guys

Hi, I replied to your email about that, hope that helped. Thanks

Help please. The contact form form-tag generator doesn’t show fully. I am unable to create a custom form.

yes contact form 7

besides contact form 7, what are your recommendations?

I never used anything else, but all of them should work https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=contact+form

maybe try to reinstall your version or there’s a conflict with another plugin?


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When I activate WPML, the revolution slider on the first page stop working, it’s just a blank white area and asking “do you mean Slider1”. As soon as i deactivate the WPML plugin everything works ok again. Any ideas!?

If WPML is activated you have new options in Appearance -> Theme Options where you can set different slider for each language version, so you need to select the sliders again there and save settings


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Gaaahh!! So Easy! Anyway, thanks for quick response! :)


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I would like to change the total box width to maximal 960px. Like in this demo: http://centum.purethe.me/. Could you help me?



Change a content of your centum/css/skeleton.css with this http://centum.purethe.me/wp-content/themes/Centum/css/skeleton.css


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Thanks for the quick help. Inner-width matches now (header, slider,content), but not main container (wrapper) and footer. Which is too wide. That does not fit. Could you once again help?