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base96 Purchased

Another great theme from the Dutch! Keep up the good work and good luck with the sales.

Good design, but why so high header, did you check it on laptop.


Hi Mad_dog,

Thanks a lot for posting this comment. There are more interested among you? Then we soon build in extra features to customize the heading (per example a feature to remove the header image or build in a feature for an adjustable header hight), so everyone can choose his own and personal taste. We hope you are pleased with our response on your post. Thanks! Theme Dutch

Really liking it. few things would make it killer tho

- option to change the menu fonts through the admin - change the header around so its smaller, logo, then menu beside. It does take up a lot of space as it currently is.


Hello Canadapleco,

Thanks for buying the theme. The fonts for the menus, headings, paragraphs etc. easily can be changed via Cesare’s admin panel including preview selector. The main menu disappears if you hit the slide away button, right above the portfolio thumbs.

Best wishes, Theme dutch


I see where to change the headings and paragraphs but not the menu font. Only the menu size. I want to make it a nice font like the others :)


Hi canadapleco,

We just checked your comment and you are completely right about it. This will be fixed on monday! Thanks for letting us know :-)

Greetings, Theme Dutch

I am very interested in purchasing this theme but I have a problem with the height of the header. It’s just too deep. Can it be raised up a bit? As of right now, it cuts off more of the top of the scrolling images than I would prefer. Is there a possibility of adjusting this?


Hi RoyalKing,

Yes sure!

We just posted this message a few minutes ago to mad_dog.

“Thanks a lot for posting this comment. There are more interested among you? Then we soon build in extra features to customize the heading (per example a feature to remove the header image or build in a feature for an adjustable header hight), so everyone can choose his own and personal taste. “

We are coming up with additional features for the header on very short notice :-)

Thank you Theme Dutch

its very nice .. as always but pages are to slow to load for my liking


Hi Ants,

Thanks a lot for your post and remark. To speed up the loading time, you also can choose to change the jquery settings. Please keep in mind that Cesare runs on a Dutch server, and also depends a bit on the browsers and internet connection of the sites visitors.

Greetings, Theme Dutch

L-O-V-E this theme but here some first remarks while playing with it:

Menu: Possibility to use Google fonts and size settings for menu/submenu Drop down moves a little down when hovering even when you don’t have submenu’s

Posts: Date format -> same as wordpress settings. Google+ social icon (should be standard).

Bug? Cannot turn off live website preview…

That’s it for now! Hope you will update these things in the near future…



He Videopixel,

Thanks for loving our theme. After the weekend we’ll come with an update (fonts menu etc.) and incluse some additional features!

Thank you! Helen

Nice looking theme, Good luck with sales :)


Thanks a lot louiejie!

Theme Dutch

A BIG thanks to themedutch for the updates!

Keep going ;-)


Hi Videopixel,

Thanks for posting this!! We really appreciate it :-)


STBPhoto Purchased

Howdy Team Dutch…

Was wondering if you have released an update for this theme, and if so how are users of it going to be notified on how to download it. (I notice it has changed on the demo from yesterday)

I am enjoying the theme, but am having issues with the Header size (shrinking the logo did not change it)

And I am wondering if there is any easier way to build light boxes than cutting and pasting multiple photo URL ’s into the page window.

Otherwise it is a very cool theme, and am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.




Hi Steve,

You can download theme Cesare again on your own download page at Themeforest. Header is adjusted in our latest update. Follow us on twitter to keep posted about the latests updates!

Thanks! Theme Dutch

can we link slideshow image with some posts or category so clicking on front slideshow image take us to corresponding category or post?


Hi Munirkn,

Look at our Cesare’s preview website on themeforest. Look up the preview page Portfolio + text. Here you’ll find an example how to connect your portfolio image to a post page.

Best wishes, Theme Dutch

I am interested in this theme but would like to know how vertical images would be treated. Will they use the full height of the browser window but have space to the left and right or will they be blown up to be full screen as well?

Thanks, Martin

Hi mfuchs,

Thanks for your post. For Cesare we advice to use images with a size of 1280 px width x 1024 px high. You can read all about it on ’’the Faq page’’ of Cesare’s preview site. However, Cesare contains a resize script, so images always be seen completely full screen.

Thank you! Theme Dutch

Thanks. Can this resize script be modified so that images are not cropped but use the available height or width – depending on the image) instead? Thanks!


Hi mfuchs,

This is something which does not come with the theme and you’ll have to customize this. For more help or info, please register and submit a ticket to our helpdesk with ticketsystem. Thank you, Theme Dutch

zooid Purchased

HI i’ve problem with thumbnails in gallery. autocreation i’ts not working.

BTW great job!!!


Hello Zooid,

Did you use proper ‘URLS’ for your images at the home gallery? Like per example: http://theme-dutch.com/presents/cesare/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/9.jpg. Also read the ‘faq’ page at the preview website.

Thank you, Theme Dutch

zooid Purchased

Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /wp-content/themes/cesare/lib/imgthumb.php on line 8 ???


Hello Zooid,

If you want support, please register on our website www.theme-dutch.com/support. After that you can send a ticket right away and our support team will help you out.

Thank you very much in advance, Helen


I would like to purchase this theme but have a question about the 2 column portfolio. does it support pagination? I have a lot of images and I don’t want to display them all on one page. Thank you


Hello InfoworksMedia,

You can add different categories for your portfolio, so this is no problem at all. You certainly don’t need to place all images on 1 page ;-)

Best wishes, Theme Dutch

Pre-purchase question: Theme looks great and looking forward to jumping in. I’ve read comments, etc and wondering if javascript interferes with this theme, as there was a brief mention of it. Are you aware if installing WP plug in “Booking Calendar” would be an issue?

Thanks for your assistance!


Hi hornbymedia,

Thanks a lot for your post. The theme has not problems with javascript and using WP plugins (that are ok) should be no issue at all :-)

All the best, Helen

Hey guys!

I am wanting to purchase this – is it compatible with mobile browsers and iPads?

Also, are there any SEO benefits?

Thank you :-)


Hello Tayls13,

Thanks for your post. Yes this theme is compatible with mobile browsers and iPads. This theme also contains a built-in SEO module, which is really very easy to use.

All the best, Theme Dutch

hi, i got got this theme, when i try to install it, the system keep telling me the theme is too big, do you know how i can chenge the setting ot is it someother wey to fix?


Hi Gabriel1412,

The theme is not too big and there is nothing need to be fixed at the theme. Probably you do something wrong while installing it. Please register on www.theme-dutch.com/support. After that you can login and submit a ticket to our helpdesk. Our support-team will help you via our ticket-system. You also can hire us to install the theme for you. For more info please look at our website www.theme-dutch.com (installation plans)

Thank you, Theme Dutch

I really love this template can I still use it as an html template or is it just for wordpress?


Hi Mrodriguez77,

Thanks for loving the theme, but yes, its only available for Wordpress.

Best wishes, Helen