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Hello, just bought the theme and uploaded the zip. file called chance to my wordpress. Now my wordpress is totally empty and it’s just white. I can’t get into my dashboard (wordpress admin thing) or anything, everything is gone! WHERE IS MY STUFF? and what has happend?

So I removed the theme from my ftp so now the old one is up and running but i can’t get the Chance to work, pls help me. it just goes white when I install it. I have the latest wordpress!

Hello, please email me and I will help you.

Hey, Still not working? any progress? pls. answer my mail.


How do i create a link for the buttons?

I’ve tried this, but no luck so far:

[button text=”Download” icon=”icon-cloud-download” link=””]

Is there a way I could change the fonts?

Hi. The demo is really amazing and I am thinking of purchasing this theme, I just wanted to know if I had the option of disabling the hover effects on the portfolio home screen?

Hi there,

I’m wondering how it’s possible to get a title to appear on the zoom effect, similar to this site that was posted in the comments:


Support for this theme really sucks. I bought it some weeks ago and I sent some questions via email and via the contact form without any luck. They say “send an email to” but they never answer. Really awful from Themerain, I’ll probably send this theme to trash. And I’m not the only one with this problem, just read some commentaries here… Thanks.

If wanted are you able to remove the hover animation effects and just have a clickable thumbnail?

Hello, yes of course

Hello, this theme is exactly what i’m looking for, but it seems a bit buggy in Firefox. On mobile devices, the thumbnails on the homepage won’t be resized properly and there’s no margin between each item anymore. If you’d solve this issue i’d buy the theme today. Thanks in advance.

wordpress 4.0 compatible ?

Hello, we will release update on this week with WordPress 4.0 compatible.

How do you make the entire box clickable instead of just the words? Check my portfolio:


Hello, please check your mailbox

Is there anyway to get the Shake Effect back from the previous version? I loved this effect and after updating to 2.0 it’s gone. :(

Hi, can you please send me a message using my profile page contact form with the url of your site? Thank you.

Everything works now. Sorry. Great work!

Thank you, hope you enjoy the theme.

Pre Purchase question: Can i make as many grids as I’d like? For example, if I have a main grid, I’d like to click on a tile and have that lead to another grid. Is that possible?

Yes, you can add image galleries inside portfolio projects.

Love the theme and about to purchase it. I was only wondering if infinite scrolling on the front page is at all possible?

Hi, yes it’s possible :)

Hi ThemeRain,

I love this theme…I have two questions for you.

1. I wanted to know if it possible to add more than four pages on the menu? I want to add five pages on the menu.

2. Does the theme come with demo import files?



Hi Tosin, please check your email.

Hi Themerain,

How can I put text on the portfolio page. Similar to this site:



Hi ThemeRain,

I have a few request for you regarding this theme.

1. How can I change the font to the subtitles on each page? I like the font you use in your latest theme “SKILLs”

2. How do i add subtitles to category page?

3. How do I remove leave a comment form on my about page?

4. Do you have a page with all the short codes. i looking for short code for social media icons to add to my about and contact page.

5. Lastly, any news for another update to this theme.

Thanks again for great support and easy to use WP theme


Hi, replied to your email.

Hi, I am having issues with getting all the squares on the portfilio the same size. Is there a standard I need to set the ratio aspect to in order to get them all uniform? Thanks

Hi, your custom thumbnail image should be minimum 300px x 300px.

Can you walk me through creating a portfolio? Having issues.

Hello! Sorry for the late response, but as written on the main page, I didn’t work during 1-10 February. If you still have any questions please send me an email via profile contact form. Thank you.


wdub28 Purchased

Hi there. Great Theme. just purchased. Is there ANY way to add a filter for the front page portfolio? I.E. Logos, Digital, etc etc.



wdub28 Purchased

Actually never mind, I figured out a way. I just used my project categories as submenus in my portfolio section! Lovely Theme….....Can you tell me what Form you are using for your site. I like the layout.

Hi, replied to email.

:kiss: Love Theme. Big like!

Wow, thank you ;)

Is there any way to get rid of the dots (or change it to something else) between title and subtitle or posttitle and date and category?

I’ve solved it already myself, thanks! Great Theme! For everybody else it’s in the functions.php and it’s called ‘•’