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If you can do it on Wordpress, it could be great ! Nice work by the way !


Thank you Smikearts!

This is just my first template… But I’m planning to do a lot of them!

For sure that Wordpress-themes will be one of the goals I want to achieve. Maybe I’ll start by adapting ChapterOne.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Wonderful template. Clean, simple, amazing. Is ideal for any business.

I strongly recommend! Congratulations Peter ;)


Thank for all your support, partner!!

Hello mate. This template look seriously impressive. Very good work.

Might take lot of work, but it’s definitely made for Wordpress.


Hi bplsilva.

As I said to Smikearts, maybe some day later I’ll adapt Chapter One to wordpress. It’s a big challenge, so I have to take that step carefully!

Thank you for the incentive!

Hi, Nice theme looking at the screenshot, but unfortunately i am unable to see its preview. :)


I don’t what could be wrong. It seems to be everything ok! What happens to you? You are unable to see live-preview? Screenshots? Or both?

Nice work! it looks awesome :)


Thank you louiejie. I’ve already checked some of your work. Congratulations for them!!

Nice work oitentaecinco!

Boas vendas ;)


Obrigado designare.

E parabéns pelos teus trabalhos, que também já tive oportunidade de ver!

Your template has some really good bones! Would love to see it with a filterable feature added to portfolio section.

Is the contact form working? Congratulations and best of luck with sales.


Hi voodoogal.

Contact form isn’t programmed. It only has the HTML and CSS . But maybe tomorrow I will update the template to support that feature.

Thank you for your suggestion!!



I’ve already implemented email sending at contact form. Check update 1.1.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Really impressed this with. This has a lovely clean look which is perfect for the job I am about to start.

Great price too. Thanks!


Thank you very much rossdav.

Hope your work goes well. If you need my help, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Hi oitentaecinco,

Beautifull template indeed ! I agree Voodoogal regarding the portofolio: should be filterable by theme. Cheers

khadland Purchased


I’m trying to build a form with this template but when I use any of the button styles in a <button> or <input> tag the formatting doesn’t work. I’ve tried changing the CSS to take the ’.a’ prefix off the styles which helped a bit, but it’s still not right & I’ve run out of my current knowledge of HTML /CSS. Any advice?



Hi khadland. Thank you for your purchase!

The styles that I’ve created are supposed to be applied to hyperlinks () and not to <button> or <input> elements.

Then, for your form submission work, you should write something like this in your hyperlink element: Submit Where ‘myForm’ should be replaced by the ID of your form.

Try it, please. And let me know if you got it!

However, if you really need to use <button> or <input> I can help you to make the necessary adjustments.

Just let me ask you one question… The form that you are trying to implement is the contact form? If it is, you should re-download the last version of the template. I’ve already implemented it (with AJAX ) in the last update.

Kind Regards

khadland Purchased

Thanks for the quick response – and your work on the template! I was working on a simple Login form – your fix seems to have solved it thanks.


I’m glad you did it. If you need something else don’t hesitate!

kathery Purchased

I’ve purchased this lovely template about one week ago… And I’m right now finishing its implementation… I only have one thing to say: AMAZING WORK !!!

Congratulations Oitentaecinco. Keep going.


Thank you very much!!!

It seems do me That Navigation isn’t working properly in IE7 ..!?


Yes Maurer. Unfortunately InternetExplorer7 has seriously difficulties dealing with z-index property… what makes menu’s sub-levels appear behind the homepage’s slideshow in IE7 . Everything works fine only in InternetExplorer 8 and 9…


I’ve appreciated a lot this template… Looks really nice… So I’m thinking of buying it.  But before that I would like to know which PSD files are provided with this template?


Hi David

If you buy it you will have the following PSD Files at your disposal:


- homepage.psd
- about.psd
- news_list.psd
- news_details.psd
- portfolio.psd
- contacts.psd
- pricing_table.psd
- buttons.psd
- 404.psd


- bullet.psd
- search_box.psd
- calendar_icon.psd
- logo.psd
- princingtable_sprite.psd
- header_colorbar.psd
- header_colorbar_homepage.psd
- footer_colorbar.psd
- buttons/pager.psd
- buttons/search.psd
- buttons/icons.psd
- buttons/favorite.psd
- buttons/info.psd
- buttons/settings.psd
- buttons/share.psd
- buttons/back.psd
- buttons/continue.psd
- buttons/send.psd
- buttons/cancel.psd
- buttons/general.psd
- buttons/confirm.psd

All PSD files are properly organized through named folders and layers.


I love this Template, congrats. How can I make every img in the Slideshow clickeable? (It only gets the first url and uses in all of the images) Thanks!!


Hi chokochokorito. First of all, thank you!

If you want to make the slideshow’s images clickable, besides adding “a” elements to each “img” you have to make some adjustments in javascript chapter_one.js file…

1º – Find the method with the following name: “Setup_HomeSlideshow”

2º – At line 271,
instead of “var $photos = $control.find(‘img’);”
should be “var $photos = $control.find(‘a’);”

3º – At line 282,
instead of ”$label.text($photos.eq(_currentPhoto).attr(‘alt’));”
should be ”$label.text($photos.eq(_currentPhoto).find(‘img’).attr(‘alt’));”

4º – At line 339,
instead of ”$label.text($photos.eq(photoIndex).attr(‘alt’));”
should be ”$label.text($photos.eq(photoIndex).find(‘img’).attr(‘alt’));”

And I think that’s enough! Try it and let me know if you got it. If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to contact me.

SJENKI Purchased

Hello, Thank you for this template. I don’t want to appear to thick but I have read through the documentation and I am having trouble linking the style sheets to the html files. I can see them as they should be if I open your files but when I have added them to my public html and the css files acordingly I still don’t seem to have them right. Forgive me if Im having a blonde moment but please could you help. This how it appears now http://cilltd.co.uk Regards Sam


Hello sjenki

In the example you gave me (http://cilltd.co.uk) I see that the .css files doesn’t exist in your server. If I request the server for the following file “http://cilltd.co.uk/themes/chapter_one.css” (where your css should be) it retrieves me FileNotFound error.

Please confirm if you uploaded it to the server…

gplough Purchased
http://beta.swrionline.org (news button at top) menu seems somewhat goobered up in ie9. I don’t think I’ve done anything to the css which would have caused it. Seems to work fine in ie8. Do you mind taking a look?

Other than that I’m REALLY impressed with the code and the template. This saves me an amazing amount of time! :)


Hi gplough.

First of all Thank You very much for your observation about my code. I like to see it as poetry… ;) And its good to know that it helped your work!!

About your question…

I’ve taked a look in your demo, and I didn’t found anything wrong. Neither in IE9 nor IE8 .

Can you send me a print screen, so I can see where exactly you need help? If you want here is my email: pedro.oitentaecinco@gmail.com

Tell me one more thing. In my demo http://demos.oitentaecinco.com/themeforest/chapterone/green/ that problem also occurs? Or only occurs in your project!?


gplough Purchased

Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry, I figured this out.. It was a problem with my setup and not the template. Thanks again for the great work


just to tell you that I’ve decided to buy your template… For what I saw till now: excelent organization and elegant coding!! Congratulations.

Seems that PDS files also had everything I need…

So I’m excited to right now start working on it!!

If I need some tips, hope you can help me.


Thank you for your preference David!! Hope I gave you conditions to make a good work.

If you need something don’t hesitate!!


SJENKI Purchased

Hi, Yes I have tried uploading it several times in the public html and the css files on the server but still get the same myself?? Thanks


Probably you’re experiencing some problems with the uploading. If the .css file isn’t on your server, website can’t display any style!

When you run it from your local computer? Everything is alright?

Hi I love the template and its an excellent piece of work. it was very easy to implement and works a treat. I would highly recommend it


Thank you very much John!!