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Hi do you know why my social icons in my footer arent linking properly please? They have the websites domain before the url. You can see here www.weareatom.co.uk

Have you insert the full URL about your social profile?

Example: http://twitter.com/your_username

How odd, I put www. instead of just http:// and thats what was causing the issue. Thanks for getting back to me so soon. Is there a way to add the icon onto my contact page on the right column? http://weareatom.co.uk/contact-atom-studio-london/


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How do I get a background image in a page title like the one on your page?

I can’t seem to get it to work.



Below the wordpress content editor/page builder you find a metabox for the title header.


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Thank you.


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How do I recreate a section similar to the one above the footer on your demo page? (‘Are you Ready?’)

I did the following, but there is a space below the image, and I’d like it to touch the bottom like in your demo.

This is what I did:

– Added a section – Inserted Special Heading – Inserted text box, put image in there

Look at bottom of the page. There is a space below the image but I need it to touch the bottom of the section. There are no dividers in the section so that’s not it: http://paccell.com/new/

Is there another way to insert an image so it touches the bottom of the section?

Thank you.

Only way is to ovveride this with a css


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How come it works on yours and not out of the box in the theme? Did you override yours with css? If so, please can you let me know how?

Simple write your css into Chariot Theme Options Panel -> General Settings -> Custom CSS


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I’m having trouble making images responsive.

This is my setup and what I tried:

I have a Section, and inside that, a Special Heading and Text Box (text box contains the image).

I added .img-full-responsive to Extra Section Class name when editing the Section.

I added img-full-responsive (no dot) to my image within the text box:

<img class="img-full-responsive aligncenter size-full wp-image-289" src="http://paccell.com/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/PC_module_map.png" alt="PC_module_map" width="1090" height="570" />

But when I save the change to the text box and Update the page, when I check again, the change to the code didn’t save, and it reverts back to:

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-289" src="http://paccell.com/new/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/PC_module_map.png" alt="PC_module_map" width="1090" height="570" />

Can you help?

write this into your css:

img {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;
    vertical-align: middle;


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Perfect, thank you so much!

what gallery slideshow plugin would you recommend?

the usual NextGenGallery is not compatible with the page builder of your theme

You can use Revolution Slider integrated with the theme.


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The Testimonial Slider won’t show up.

I add a new section, add a Testimonial section, and in there, click on AZ Shortcodes, Testimonial Section, then add two testimonials and click the button ‘Add Shortcode’ and save, update the page, and nothing appears on my site.

Any idea what’s happening and how I can get it to appear?

See this video, first to click on AZ Shortcode Button, you need click to the content editor.

See this video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/23yh96c3pk9ux5n/acc_toggle_testimonial.mp4?dl=0

Hello Bluxart, on the Home-Basic , under “latest work” there are 3 columns for the works. Is it possible to make 2 or 4 columns? I have 4 categories to display, thats why. Regards, Felix

I am trying to use the ‘Visual Composer for WordPress plugin’ to add a lightbox image gallery to a portfolio project. The only way I can see of using a lightbox is with a single image, is this correct?

I have looked at the ‘Visual Composer for WordPress plugin’ page and it mentions an image galleries being included but I can’t find a simple way of incorporating them without creating a revolution slider for each project which isn’t an option really. A lightbox gallery would be my best option.

Please can you help? Many thanks!

Something like the example on your demo site here would be great! How are these different images linked within the lightbox? http://demo.alessioatzeni.com/chariot/portfolio/sketchbook-project/

Hello, your theme looks really nice! Before I purchase, I am wondering if it is possible to combine multiple filters in the portfolio masonry display?

For example, If I am displaying clothes, I could Have one filter that contains SIZES (S, M, L) and then another filter that contains COLORS (Black, Red, Blue), etc.

If I can add multiple filters, is there a limit to how many?

Thank you for your help!

No possible have a multi filter, only way for this is modded the portfolio file for have this features.

Hi! Great theme! One question, how can we turn off the icon rollovers? Our client thinks they indicate something is clickable. Can we remove a script or use some CSS to prevent this? Thanks!

With CSS, only way is to remove the hover effect.

Sorry, which CSS selector should I adjust? Thank you.

You can use the firebug or web inspector tool:

.box:hover .icon, 
.box:active .icon, 
.box:focus .icon {
    background: #e96045 none repeat scroll 0 0;

.box:hover .icon i, 
.box:active .icon i, 
.box:focus .icon i {
    color: #ffffff;

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Hi Bluxart!

I’d like to know if it’s possible to make portfolio items in the grid not to react on mouseover? Right now when I roll over an image in Portfolio grid it zooms and shows a magnifying glass icon on blue/green background. Is it possible to turn background/magnifying glass off and just leave the zoom?

Hi, only way is to modded the style.css


I Love you’re theme, would like to ask a presale question. Is it possible to have multiple portfolio pages? With each page their own subnavigation? For example:

Main navigation Home – Portfolio 1 – Portfolio 2 – Contact Portfolio 1 subnavigation: Item 1 – Item 2 – Item 3 Portfolio 2 subnavigation: Item 4 – Item 5 – Item 6

Would a construction like this be possible with the theme? Thanks!

You can split the portfolio posts in a different pages based on category, but all single portfolio posts is connected. ( if you navigate into the single portfolio posts ).