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First of all i want to thank you for this wonderful work. I would ask, is it possible to hide the option of changing the language in the upper bar? as I want to use the Arabic language only.


sure, it’s hidden by default

Okay, Thanks alot.

How can I change the home icon of the navigation menu?

- go to appearance -> menus -> your main menu

- click on “Screen options” at to top right corner and check class

- go to home menu item and insert “home” word in class field

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing the theme and I have a few questions

1) Can the social media share button appear within the post listing…...before opening the blog post? 2) Can I remove the language translation? 3) Can I remove views for each post? 4) How does related post functionality work? 5) For the ‘Share It’ feature listed with each article ..can it appear at the top of the article and at the bottom?

1) sure you can do this but it not option for now it need a little customization

2) by default you don’t see it at all

3) sure it depend on wp-postviews plugin if you don’t install it you will never see it

4) by tags or category – your choice

5) simple modification in single post template i can make it for you


jamil21 Purchased

I am unable to login to your support page (might be down?) so I will just post the question here. I recently upgraded to Charisma 1.5 and have a annoying issue I cannot figure out. The magnifying glass icon at the top of the menu is missing in Internet Explorer and a small square in Chrome. Also the scroll up arrow icon in the bottom right corner is missing. Both of the functions work but the icons are missing. Website is Please help! Thank you.

go to settings -> general : make sure about site url and home url they must be the same


jamil21 Purchased

Thank you for the fast response! Yes that solved the issue. I appreciate the great customer support.

The question and data through, is to fix the problems of a topic that I bought “Goodnews”.

I did not ask anything about license.

Please do not change the subject.

I await solution.

Note: I have been through all the data there forum.

we responded to your topic in forums

Hi Team, I would like to purchase this theme, Few Questions, I have both language, arabic and english, 1. Do I can add the Separate posts and menu items for both language, because the default translation may incorrect. 2. will the left sidebar moving to right side when I select the arabic.

sure you can but you need to use this plugin :

to create a multilingual website

wpml is for the translation.. right? I dont want the translation.. because i have both contents already translated. my question is do i can add separate posts for both languages as well as menu..

WPML not for Automatic translation by default wpml just give you access to add the content with many languages

all translations for posts, pages and menus will be manually


stratix Purchased

HI, I attempted to update my theme from 1.4 to 1.6, and after uploading the new theme files via FTP, my site is now a blank white screen. I’m going to try and revert to a backup, but can you please let me know what may have happened, and how to update if that isn’t the preferred method?

Thank you.

is this fixed ?


stratix Purchased

Yes thank you, it appears to be.

But I’m still having some issue adjusting copyright and footer link and link hover colors. Setting them in theme options does not seem to affect the live site, and the CSS I entered didn’t work either. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you.

i need to your live url to debug the problem


stratix Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to adjust the color of the overlay on the featured slider? I’m referring to the partially transparent box that displays behind the text of the slider.


are you want make the dark background less opacity ?


stratix Purchased

Correct. I’d also like the option of changing its color if possible.

It’s also important for us to be able to adjust the text and link color on top of the background overlay. But I hope to adjust this text without changing all text across the entire site.

sorry for late,

to make the background darker add this code to options -> custom css
.featur_posts .caption {
background: rgba(0,0,0,0.8);

you can change the value from 0.1 to 0.9 or 1 to make it black with out any opacity

to adjust the slider link color add this :

.featur_posts .caption h2 a {
color: red;

Hi! I discovered that there are no proper Open Graph tags in Posts. This results in facebook crawler not picking up the correct thumbnail or no thumbnail at all when I try to share post using the Share it button. Any updates or solutions for this?

if you install wordpress seo plugin or any seo plugin this open graph tags will embed

the reason of i don’t add it is most of people use SEO plugins and in this case it will be duplicated

Thumbnails do not show !! in Related posts

i need to see your live url