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Good morning, I purchased the theme, and like it very much. I can not figure out how to add a “Slider” to a page. Under Appearance/Customize, I set a static front page to a page I created called “Homepage”, and a Posts page to a page I called “Blog”. I would like to add a slider to “Homepage” (or any other page). Thanks.

God willing i can add this as shortcode in next version


Thanks for the great work, I have just Two question: 1- how I can pattern such as the live preview 2- what is the best size for the logo and menu if i want to make the main page like your page header 2

3- is there any way that i can put the social buttons a side from the main menu just like the footer

Really appreciate your support

1- go to theme options -> colors -> body upload any pattern you want you can download patterns from here

2- our logo size is 164×67 you make little bigger or small as you like, the menu must be smaller than the rest space of header

3- make a screenshot for this and i will send the proper code for you


I can’t change the background. When I upload a pattern such as the live preview. The background stay grey. When I change it to another color like purple or red it doesn’t change at all. How can I fix it?

I purchase your template and it’s really awesome thanks!

Greetz, Jafeth

see my website;

you must upload the pattern in colors -> body


When i put in my social media outlet information, the theme is still putting in my domain name+the social media outlet which is causing a 404. How can I fix this?

you must insert you social url like this : must start with “http://”

Thinking in buy this theme…

Are there any changes in last update? Changelog is not updated…

change log and the demo site is now updated

Hi momizat, It is a great theme.

I need to purchase the plugin WPML, can I also use alternatives such as qTranslate? and how can i change the slider image size?


the theme is fully compatible with wpml, you can use qTranslate but it require extra work to get the best results

I recently purchased the Theme. Great job!

Hi, great theme! I have wordpress 3.8, and the last version of Charisma. Social Counter Widget doesn’t work, number of fans and followers doesn’t appear (the links to twitter and facebook work correctly, but doesn’t show the number).

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Momizat Facebook Likebox Widget doesn’t work neither. It doesn’t show anything..

Momizat Twitter Widget doesn’t work neither. It doesn’t show anything..

Sorry… that was my fault.. I have already solved. It was twitter token..

When you click anywhere on my page it adds a tint to my page and wont let you click on anything. I have tried it on 3 different browsers and on different computers, and they all do the same thing.

i need to live example, your site don’t use charisma theme

How would I center the image in the slider on the frontpage? Right now it’s left aligned and the images from previous posts aren’t the max slider width, so there is extra spacing to the right of images (and not uniform amount either).

Any suggestions for what to do in the meantime? Maybe any plugins you recommend that would work with this, or anything similar?

And update: I edited the file “feature-slider” where “get_the_content” was to read “get_the_excerpt” and it appears to be working now.

very nice, good luck

hi. i just bought the theme and i’ve a problem with the featured slide. i can’t make it word if i choose the category option. it only loads one post of the selected category.


you must set the number of posts

and another thing. if i want to add another social icon in the footer of the page, like pinterest or instagram, how ca i do it?

thanks again

not available for now you can add it manually but, i will add this feature in next updates

Hi – I really like the theme. Just have 2 questions/concerns.

1. I’m using the “gallery” posts – I input the caption and it does not appear anywhere. How do I get the captions to show?

2. I set the home page to show my posts. However, i would like the posts to just show summary, and then link to the full post. I don’t see where I can set it to show summary or control the amount of characters.

Any help on these 2 things is appreciated. Thank you! Stephanie

1- sorry this is my fault, i fix this in next update 2- in post editor you will find more button under your summary text look here

Hi, I have the same problem as jafethh. I am trying to change the bodyground color and it´s impossible. There is an overlap between colors > body > body bg and generals colors > color schemes. I try to change the second but the schemes are in charge. I tried as well to change the main.css in the line: /* ========================================================================== * Body ========================================================================== */ html { background: #ffffff url(../images/pattern.png) repeat;

including #ffffff , but nothing changes.

Could you explain me what to do? Also to upload an image.


to make this work you must remove the image it will look like this :
 html { 
background: #ffffff;

the image was repeated on the #fff color so it disappear, God Willing i will fix this in next update

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. For the moment your command has worked, and I got the background white, but just when I choose the brown color where the color schemes (not overlap with that combination I believe).

My other inquiry was what I need to do if a want to upload a picture, whether as a pattern that can be repeated or able to be seen the whole picture; both in the body background. Do I need to upload the picture to the ftp folder: charisma > css > images? Then choose it in the theme options > colors > body? Or do I need to write something in main.css? In the last case could you show me what commands should I write, please?

Thanks a lot for you help. Appreciate it.

sorry for late, God willing i will fix this in next update

Very happy with this team, great value and well documented. Thanks!

Problem & Question: I have turned off comments. However, at the end of posts etc there’s still the link saying “No Comments”. How do I remove that “globally” from the theme?

in custom css insert :
.comment_count {

I can’t log in to the support blog. I have requested reset the password but never received an email for reset the password.

email me with your user name and purchase code

I emailed you but didn’t get response yet

i replay with login data

Full RTL Support:

Would the theme support RTL without WPML? If so, how is it done? There’s a good example of RTL switch here: Check the Customise button on the far right. The RTL switch is at the very bottom. Is there anything similar on your theme?

Please advise.


just use wordpress with any rtl language such as Arabic


I would like to know if the Arabic version is exactly similar to the English one. Actually I did not see the gallery in the Arabic version. So is it included ?

Many Thanks .

this is the arabic version of charisma

I know but as I told you I did not find the gallery.

is it included ?

if you mean the gallery post sure it included and it in the demo

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template Contract Utilization


1. How do I choose to show a summary of the post on the blog rather than the whole post? I went into General -> Reading and changed it to summary but it shows the whole post still. I only want to show a few lines from the blog.

2. Also the mobile version of the logo graphic is not there eventhough I uploaded a logo for mobile.

I tried going into Momizat support for help but I can’t access it and no password has been sent to my email.


about the forum check your spam if you don’t found the password send your username and purchase code and i will send the password for you


My website is

I also think my username is daniellechong for the forum.

Please also check my website in mobile. It isn’t showing up properly. Only works in desktop

the missing look only on ipad, this is quick fix till i fix it in the update, add this to theme options -> custom css -> tablet css
.responsive_sidebar, .side_arrow {
display: none !important;

Is it possibile to show blog list pages as picture next to except?