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is there any problem with the today first update, why 2 in one day? Thanks, great theme

Really? That should be a bug, we put only one update. Sorry for confusion :/

Theme looks great. Pre-purchase questions;

1. Does the theme provide unlimited color options?

2. Can I use a static image on the home page instead of a slider?


1. yes

2. yes, you can actually set one slide ;)

Greetings! I love this Theme and want to purchase it. Does the June 20th update include the ability to set up recurring donations?


Yes we already added that ability ;)

Hi there!

We’re very interested in purchasing your theme for a charity that we are helping to establish. Just a few questions:

1. Does this theme work well for just one charity? The demo seems to focus around many different charities, we’re just looking to promote one.
2. Can the “Donate Now” button appear easily on the home page without it being part of a campaign? We’re just looking to receive donations, not have any publicly displayed goals or countdowns.
3. For the donation pop-up, can we customize what suggested donations are featured as well as what we collect for donor information?
4. How customizable is the overall layout? We’d like to adjust the size of the slider images on the home page to possibly be a full-page background image sort of thing.
5. Are the donations through PayPal Standard? I just want to make sure that users won’t need a PayPal account to donate as that can be a big barrier to some people.

Thank you for your help!

3. – will let you know later

4. Yes we can point how to do that easily ;)

5. No users don’t need to register, they can make a donation right away. Nope we’re not planning for Stripe :(

Cheers! :)

3.) Those 3 number can be changed directly in the shortcode

[gdlr_paypal user=”sandbox1@goodlayers.com” action=’https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr' val_1=”10” val_2=”20” val_3=”30” ]

Normally, the customization service isn’t included in the support, but it depends. We usually give a suggestion to small question. ( or at least the location of the file you should modify )

Ok great! Thank you for your answers! We’ll probably be making our decision in the next few days so we really appreciate your help!

Hello is possible using bank transfer for collect the fund?


Sorry it supports only Paypal :/

Thanks for interest by the way :)