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Very nice! Good job. ;-)

This is the nicest template I have ever seen and sooooo perfect for what I need on an upcoming project. Awesome job!

Will you be making it in a wordpress version?

I hope so :)


I wish you lots of look with it.


Thanks for kind words :)

WordPress version depends on success of HTML template. If you see this file selling good you can be sure that WP edition will come too :)

Wow! Amazing theme! Can’t wait for a Wordpress version when it comes along… :)

Love it, except some of your links seem to be down.


I know, the review went so quickly I didn’t have enough time to ready the demo :) I’ll fix it tomorrow, thanks for letting me know. :)

Love the name – very original :P


Thanks, I originally wanted to name it Apptastic, but discovered that there already is a template with similar name, so I had to think of something different. CheerApp is better, I think. :)

I am so close to buying this, however I wish all of these application templates including yours would also take into account a registration and login page, as well as a simple user account management page. All online applications share these three things in common; registration, login and manage my account.

Any chance you would considering adding these things in? I am waiting to buy it!


If some more people need this feature I’ll be happy to release update. I’m not sure about admin area though, as it’s a lot of work and it would be probably suitable to be released as a separate admin skin.

If you, however, don’t want to wait CheerApp offers complete set of tools to create login form, for example. Input fields are there, buttons too. :)

this is very nice. does the font in the logo come with it? Or can you download it for free somewhere?


Sure, you can download the Lobster font from Google Web Fonts library for free.

The logo for CheerApp is just a text with some warp applied to it, so once you have the font installed on your computer you can just replace text and be done with it. :)

silly question here….how does the blog work if it’s not wordpress? I have only ever used wordpress for this feature.


Blog area is bundled with the template in case someone wants to hook it up to some CMS . Right now the blog consists only of static pages to be used as templates for WordPress or Joomla.

Conversion to WordPress should be fairly easy if you know basics of WordPress theming.

CheerApp has been pretty successful for now so I think I’ll be releasing it as fully-featured WordPress theme in the near future too. You can either buy HTML version and convert blog area to some CMS yourself or wait some time for WP edition. :)

Still getting 404 when clicking on the top level features link.


Try now.

It would be great to see a version where the header nav was a drop down rather than having the sub links appear beneath the top level links.


Noted. Thanks for feedback. :) Probably coming in the nearest update. :)

Would love to see log in and registration widgets and pages. other than that, love your work!

nice stuff there mate :) good luck!


Thanks Daniel :) I think I forgot to reply to your email the last time, sorry for that. :)

Hey PogoKing,

Great theme.

Some of the images are not included in the psd’s, for instance the mac computer etc. Can you put these into an update? Or maybe I am looking in the wrong place.


Hello exposuredesign,

the OSX windows PSD can be found along with other PSDs. The iMac, however is a bit different story. I’ve drawn it myself but I was basing the drawing on an asset that’s free for non-commercial use. Since I’ve drawn it myself I think I could use it in the demo, but since it was based on someone else’s work I’m not sure I can include it in the download file. I’ve decided not to, to avoid any copyright infringements.

There are several places where you can find similar iMac PSD , on of them is here: http://wordrom.com/resources/psd/freebie-imac-psd-file/.

Hope this helps! :)

I second the request for login etc pages. They are becoming very common. I usually work them out with elements from the contact page but a native one would be nice.

tekiki Purchased

When I use our logo instead of the CheerApp logo, there are weird shadows on the image of the logo. How do I eliminate these shadows? Our logo is nothing but text.



add this to your stylesheet:

#logo a { text-shadow: none; }

Hope this helps! :)

tekiki Purchased

Hi pogoking, this did not work.

You can see a test page here: http://www.tekiki.com/default/test

Two problems:

1) Shadow in the header with the logo

2) Cannot get the Cheer App background to display



1. The shadow is on your image (image file). Remove the shadow from your logo in photoshop. Template styling has nothing to do with it.

2. You can’t get any elements from CheerApp to display because you’ve changed/removed every single element on your page and replaced them with your own elements. Once you get rid of the IDs and classes on elements from downloaded example pages the styling is gone. Please learn how HTML and CSS work.

Best wishes, Mateusz

tekiki Purchased

Thanks for the response. We only wanted the body, header, and footer background images from CheerApp. We imported the CheerApp style into ours rather than the other way around.

If you look at the body element with Firebug, we tried to use your image for the background, but it failed.

Sorry if the question wasn’t clear. Any clues?

We’ll look again at the logo. It didn’t have a shadow against other background images. Plus, if you remove the -moz-linear-gradient attribute from your styling, the shadow vanishes (i.e., just use the beige/white version). This is why we’re confused. We’ll check again in PS, though.



I’ve seen that the background images display properly. On the body element, however, you’ve set the background image to repeat-x, so now it’s ‘hidden’ behind your header.

You can clearly see that the drop-shadow on your logo is a part of your image. Just place the image itself on any other background, in photoshop or on any website.

Please keep in mind that while I support my themes and will fix any occurring bugs, I can’t assist you in heavy customizations, especially when my theme has been torn down to pieces and there’s actually nothing left from my theme in your website.

Best regards.

Currently downloading the file (which btw says its 46MB?! – most template sites i’ve downloaded are >1MB – why is that?)

Also, I STRONGLY second two of the previous comments for feature updates:

1. a user registration and login

2. drop down menus in the navigation.

This template is beautiful. Job well done. I think w/ the addition of these 2 things it will be even more of an attractive buy for guys like me.


Hello zachlipson,

the download size is 46MB due to PSD files being that big. With the download you get all the PSD files that I’ve used to create CheerApp.

As for the features you’ve requested – they are almost ready and I’ll upload the update once I finish everything. I’ve already done dropdown menu and another – compact menu option. There is also a login widget in the page header now and it looks pretty cool so far. What needs to be done yet is registration form, I’m now in the process of writing some javascript for it to replace the default ugly select and checkbox elements.

I’ll post here, in the comments and on my Twitter once the update is ready. :)

Hey, just wondered if the wordpress version was in the pipeline yet?




WordPress version is still in development unfortunately. I have some other client projects going on at the time, so finishing CheerApp can take some time. WP version will have some cool features like knowledgebase live search, support forums etc. so I think it will be worth waiting. :)