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I sent you an email, didn’t get any reply yet.

How do you enable the Sign in and Register buttons at the top right?


I can’t see your purchaser ribbon. Please make sure that you post with the account that has purchased the item.

Loving the theme great stuff, a few questions if you dont mind…

1. Can you tell me how to edit the contact page email reciepient etc..?

2. How could I change the ‘call to action’ button for a png image?

Thanks in advance


Hi Matt,

you have purchased WordPress version of CheerApp and this question is posted under the HTML version. Please post here next time as to not confuse other buyers.

To answer your questions:

Emails form contact form will be sent to the address you specified as admin email address during the installation process of WordPress. You can change your admin email by going to Users -> Your Profile.

If you want to swap a button for an image you will either have to edit the HTML code in action.php file, line 16. You could also target the button directly via CSS , reset its styles and set a background image to your desired graphic.

Hope this helps!

Sorry one last thing, I have changed the color of the ‘header-texture.png’ and it seems the texture is slightly off -


Again, please post in the WP CheerApp. :)

I can’t help you with customizations. You have probably exported the slice improperly so the background pattern is not seamless. Just count the pixels again and you will be good. Here is how the slice should look like and its dimensions.

Thanks for the response, the emails are not being sent to the admin email address I’m afraid?

Also with the header I didn’t export the slice I just changed the color in the style sheet….maybe it’s the logo size that is throwing it slightly out what is the reccomended logo size?


Please double check if you have set the correct email address. Also check if you get emails form WordPress at all (like notification emails about new users registered or new comment).

As to the header texture – you’re right. I thought that you have exported the whole header since the color was changed. The texture is indeed not seamless but it’s really hard to notice on the dark background. I’ll fix the texture in the nearest update. You can also fix it yourself by cutting 1 pixel from the top or bottom of the texture, I believe.

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Hi, with FF you can see the shadow in text, with IE cannot. How to fix the issue?


Unfortunately no current version of IE currently supports text shadows. It will probably come in IE10 .

ninjaweb Purchased

I didn’t know it, thanks.

Hi, Based on this page’s example: http://demos.pogoking.net/html/?theme=cheerapp

How can I make INSTALLATION a working link? We use your theme, but not always need the subcategories like ‘Installing themes via…’ ‘Getting started…’, ect.

If we make INSTALLATION a link it doesn’t work in the browser.

Any advice is very much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Trying to do a .change() function on a select, but it doesn’t seem to play nice with the replaced items, as the actual select is hidden in the replacement, so the change function is never called.. Is there a workaround for this?

You didn’t reply to this intersesting question:

“How do you enable the Sign in and Register buttons at the top right?”

I use Worpress version .

Why is the WP version no longer available?

Hi, I am trying to implement a



1. Conflicts with js/royal.js (the dropdown list is not visible) 2. The Rate button, goes under the select list. I would like to be inline.

Any ideas?


For the drop down selection list, there is an error when there is a list with countries, for example. The list will show, and it´s height will be basically as long as the country list is. No scrolling is applied to it… any idea for a fix?

see image:


Hello What about Cheerapp for Wordpress. You removed it from themeforest. What about support for people who bought it? Do you plan to update it for WP3 .4 – bbpress?



You said you want to see websites using your theme. I worked a few days to implement it:


I still need to do a few fixes (slider 2 will use a clickable world map for regional listings). And, I need the Wp theme, of course. I made a custom theme based skin till it will be available again.

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I was wondering if you have any plans on adding a mobile version of this template?

Hi pogoking, Could you reply my question I did in your profile support email about width & height =”1” in featured images WP version please?

Hi pogoking,

I found the issue: widht=”-1” is not allowed, I changed it by ’’ (empty).

$args = array( ‘image_sizes’ => array( array( ‘name’ => ‘featured-image-small’, ‘width’ => 520, ‘height’ => ’’, ‘crop’ => false ), array( ‘name’ => ‘featured-image-full’, ‘width’ => 840, ‘height’ => ’’, ‘crop’ => false ) ) );

Thanks and regards

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Just updated my layout in a few days http://www.bilderbob.de , good work!

When is the WP version coming?